NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imported Sweden

The 2nd Swedish import in NZ, he had already won a Best Puppy of Breed while in Sweden and multi class of Group awards since arriving in NZ.

His proven bloodlines in conformation, agility, obedience and herding, will be a huge asset to Australasia. Dexter is extremely intelligent & friendly with an exceptionally outgoing personality.

We were very proud of Dexters win of Junior of Group at the NZKC National Dog Show 2011

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Pedigree for NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imported Sweden
Sire : Pihlspetsens Abbe S: Sanningegardens Brynolf S: SWE N CH Skogsbygdens Otto Wimse
D: Skarsjotorps Alma
D: Tridents Tina S: Gotagardens Ivanhoe
D: Kamimilla
Dam : SWE CH Skogsbygdens Irma Virvelvind S: Vesboge Faxe S: INT NORD SWE DK N FIN CH KBHV-00 Lejondalens Cornelius Rex
D: Nissagardens Esmeralda
D: SWE CH Skogsbygdens Ursula Vargtass S: INT NORD CH NORDV-98 NV-96 Karradalens Artiga Arne
D: INT SWE N CH NORDV-94 NV-91 LP Skogsbygdens Haxan Hedvig