Australian Champion Runningwater Mysticmoon

Lutana was a very beautiful lady, admired by all who saw her. She had the most beautiful face and expression which was very hard to capture on film because as soon as she saw a camera pointing her way she would immediately leave the area.
She achieved a 13 point challenge at her first show and it didn't take many shows before she had her title.
Although she had a very ladylike air about her she was also very strong and determined which was very apparent at our outings to the river where I would throw a stick for the pack to retrieve. She would usually get there first but if she didn't she would always manage to wrestle the stick off whoever had beaten her to it no matter how much of a struggle was involved. Many times she would be under water for quite a while in her struggle but would always surface with the stick grasped firmly in her jaw looking quite bedraggled but also with a look of both victory and determination in her waterloged eyes.
Her most endearing trait though was her wonderful mothering instinct. She was the perfect mother and would even spring a small amount of milk when she wasn't pregnant or had no puppies herself and jump in another other bitch's puppies' pen and feed them. Once I found her in the middle of a particularly fierce storm (which is the one thing she was terrified of) in a kennel, curled up with another bitches puppies even though much further from the house than she would normally be in a storm because she thought they needed to be protected.
It was a very sad night when I went out to feed the dogs and found her dead on a trampoline bed at our back door, a dead brown snake only about 4 metres away. I had just weaned her last litter by Ch. Silverstream Riverdance. She was only 6 years old.
I had kept back 2 dogs and 2 bitches from that litter and was going to choose one of each over the coming week to keep but once I lost her I couldn't part with any. I also have her first beautiful daughter, S. Moonsprite, by S. Brave Oak.

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Pedigree for Australian Champion Runningwater Mysticmoon
Sire : Aust. Ch. Silverstream Dancingoak S: Aust. Gr. Ch. Driftway Regal Oak S: Eng. Sh. Ch. Rocheby Royal Oak (UK)
D: Aust. Ch. Driftway Sailors Lass
D: Gooniwiggal Firedancer S: Aust. Ch. Cambewarra Fire Watch
D: Driftway Waltzin Matilda
Dam : Ostaromeo Yellow Rose S: Barcaldine Lars S: Aust. Ch. Cottonwood Defender
D: Barcaldine Easter Star
D: Jaerobini Margeurita S: Aust. Ch Gunnislake Modish Gent
D: Aust. Ch. Glenstowe Copper Sunset