Vanharley Thunda N Hail 'A' 'Z' B.S. CLI

Hailey is a stong substantial bitch, with strong but femanine head, with very good expression.
She has a friendly outgoing character, and is calm and confident.
She has successfully been Breed Surveyed CLASS I

Hailey has now retired from Show and Maternal duties, and will enjoy her well earned retirement.

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Debra Colson (Member Details)
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Pedigree for Vanharley Thunda N Hail 'A' 'Z' B.S. CLI
Sire : Vanharley Hail N Thunda "A""Z" BCCLI - Exc Grd. S: Kwint V. Juerikstall 'a' S: Levis Di Fossombrone 'a' KKLI
D: Perry V. Arjakjo 'a' KKLI
D: Vanharley Yenta "A""Z"BCLI Multi EXC Grd/ S: Dellaress Armagedon
D: Vanharley Unlawful
Dam : Vanharley Deja Vu "A""Z" BSCLI S: Dellaress Armagedon "A""Z" BSCLI Mult EXC Grd S: Leitungen Prince Rowdy
D: Allinka Rakish
D: Vanharley Quanta "A"Z"Z BSCII S: Iwan V. Lechtal 'a'
D: Vanharley Tramps Harmony