Ch Moloscyg Vintage Rose

Vanity's PennHIP result was beyond excellent with her hips currently rated tighter than any other Dogue de Bordeaux tested to date. She has a Distraction Index of 0.28 for each hip (the breed average was 0.69 per hip with a total of 413 DDBx scored) with the PennHIP method being the only scientifically proven means of evaluating the hips with regard to producing real genetic improvement over generations. To date her ranking has not changed.

Vanity was a compact but solid bitch with a deep, broad and full chest with correct elbow placement. Unfortunately many mistake being out at elbow as having a broad chest but this little girl showed just where they should be. She also showed a bitch can have bone and substance and still be feminine!

She always lived life in fast forward - cheeky, showy and on the go. Vanity's pedigree clearly shows through in both her type and construction - a Mandi (our founding bitch and one who has proven herself world wide) grand-daughter who can compare to Tazz in many ways. She was also one whose conformation changed little as she grew. She is 2 yrs and 7mths of age in the above photos.

Vanity was now Mandi's only living grand-daughter world wide - like a little piece of history but she sadly passed away with lymphoma earlier in 2011. Her dam Briana is still living on at the age of 11 1/2 years. Both have been DNA profiled for lymphoma and longevity studies in the USA.

At 4 1/2 years of age Vanity produced her first litter by George. The line-up of outstanding producing and just plain outstanding bitches in this pedigree make this an extremely interesting breeding with her tail line from Minnie del Pardo being one which has produced outstanding dogues for many generations. Lets hope good things come to those who wait!

DV method Hip score 0/0 (Aust Grade 0, Int Grade A), Elbows 0/0

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Pedigree for Ch Moloscyg Vintage Rose
Sire : CH Bakervill's Style Valton (Imp NLD) S: Temple Felson S:
D: Brandoux Calaix S:
Dam : Moloscyg Briana S: Laruscades Monet (Imp UK) S:
D: Tanakajd Szepe Mandi (Imp HUN) S: