Ch Orical Mystery Wish TDX ET RN

Gorgeous and intelligent, Annika demonstrates the versatility of this wonderful breed. Possessing the perfect Lapphund temperament, Annika is calm yet playful, loves working but is happy to rest. From recent Sami lines, she has a precious pedigree.

Annika had a good show career at breed level, consistently being awarded reserve bitch within NSW. Now focusing on performance sports, Annika has proven an aptitude for tracking and enjoys partaking in rally obedience and herding.

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Pedigree for Ch Orical Mystery Wish TDX ET RN
Sire : Aus Ch Magpielane Call of the Wild S: Fjallfarmens Raimo (imp Sweden) S: Fjallfarmens Janos
D: Fjallfarmens Girjes
D: Terhakan Utu Leena (Imp Fin) S: Taapanterin Hulivili
D: Kuurakuonon Bomperibossa
Dam : Aus Ch Articmal Dynamic Mystery S: Aust Ch Teelikamentten Iikka (Imp FNL) S: Int Ch Fin CH Dk CH Lumiturpa Api
D: Staalon Hurlumhei
D: Aust Ch Viksalan Jiella (Imp FNL) S: Jakalakummun Lemminkainen (Fnl)
D: Fin Ch Viksalan Agga (Fnl)

Recent Results

  • 15-Jun-2013 Tracking Trial- Test 3 passed

    Bendigo Obedience Club [TR] (Judge was Robert Tester)

  • 10-Jun-2013 Rally Obedience Trial- Novice pass- score of 86

    Gippsland Obedience Dog Club [TR] (Judge was Mr. R. Carlson)

  • 9-Jun-2013 Tracking Trial- Test 2. Passed with a very good grading.

    The German Shepherd Club of Victoria [TR] (Judge was Ute May)

  • 13-Apr-2013 Tracking Trial- Test 1 passed with very good grading

    The Tracking Club of Victoria [TR] (Judge was Mrs J. Pillinger)

  • 30-Jun-2012 Herding Instinct Certificate

    Border Collie Club of NSW Inc [TR] (Judge was J. Kimpton)