Awesamshep Alf 'A''Z'

"Billy" is from the stunning "Astasia" bitch line and BISS * Zony v Haus Gerstenberg Kkl.1 SchIII a N. ED N. (Imp Gmy) & Astasia Carma 'A''Z'.
Litter brother to "Anna" (Awesamshep Anna 'A''Z' BSCl.1) and "Ari" (Awesamshep Aristotle 'A''Z'), and big brother to "Betty" (Awesamshep Babette) the LSC Challenge Bitch winner at the 2012 German Shepherd Nationals

"Billy" is the constant companion & much loved pet to my brother Matthew.

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Samantha & Tony Jones (Member Details)
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0435 828 935
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Pedigree for Awesamshep Alf 'A''Z'
Sire : BISS * Zony v Haus GerstenbergKkl.1 SchIII a N. ED N. (Imp Gmy) S: * Sony von der Neudenauer Holzsteige Sch III. ED Normal (Gmy) S: * Ando vom altenberger Land Sch III (Gmy)
D: * Yana vom Schloss Rosenfels SchI (Gmy)
D: * Daulokke's Yaffa Sch III (Gmy) S: * Apso vom Lechtal Sch III IPO I (Gmy)
D: * Daulokke's Yuppie BHP 3 (Gmy)
Dam : Astasia Carma 'A''Z' S: 2008 NSW Seiger * Cayos von der Noriswand (Imp Gmy) 'a' normal ED normal Sch I H-Neg Exc Merit S: * Janos v d Noriswand Sch III
D: * Babette v d Noriswand Sch I
D: * Astasia Grayce 'A''Z' Exc Merit S: * Astasia Keeton 'A''Z'
D: * Astasia Ginger 'A''Z'