Stolzsein Just After Midnight

One of 7 pups in her litter of 4 females and 3 males.

Sari has tonnes of attitude and drive as well as the looks to match. We look forward to watching Sari mature and what the future may bring.

The two photo's of Sari front on taken Feb 2014 @ 17 months.
The one with the ball taken at 7 months of age.

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Samantha Bradley (Member Details)
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03 9436 1659
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Pedigree for Stolzsein Just After Midnight
Sire : V Rated, Stolzsein Ets EJ Whitten (AI), CCD, HT S: Multi V1, Multi V rated, Nico Crni Lotos, SCG (Imp PRT) S: Multi V1, SLV/SVK Champion, Brando vom Kelemen, IPO1 (SRB)
D: V rated, Roma Crni Lotos (SRB)
D: V1, Multi V rated, Ludendorf Imogene S: Multi V1, Multi V rated, RUBISS, NRCA Champion, Australian Champion, Ludendorf Erik
D: Multi V rated, Ludendorf Fallon (AI)
Dam : VP Rated, Blakesims Oncruz Control S: V rated, Stolzsein JQ Urthe Bosch, HT S: Multi V1, Multi BISS, Australian Champion Jenecks Quik BH, Ztp (IMP USA)
D: Multi V1, Multi V rated, RUBISS, '98 RCV Siegerin, Australian Champion, Linbedach Twist N Shout
D: V Rated, Blakesims Petra v Gowenhaus (USA - Imp via UK) S: Dolf von Bickesheim Multi-Sieger, SchH 1 (GMY)
D: Gina vom Gowenhaus (USA)