Aust. Ch. Kirkdell Frankie

Frankie is the newest member of our family, we thank Bev Jones of Kirkdell Labradors for letting us have Frankie. He is a delightful puppy, great topline, good bone, lovely true labrador coat and is a delight to have in our family of dogs.

**Frankies first show - Baby Puppy In Group**

7-4-13 ****FRANKIE - BEST PUPPY IN SHOW ****
Canine Museum Foundation judge: Mrs. S. Mashford

21-6-14 ****FRANKIE - BEST IN SHOW ****
Victorian Gundog OPEN show judge: Dr. Linda Beer

Frankie's hips 1-1, elbows 0-0, PRA & EIC clear.

Photo: Frankie 21 months old.

**Thank you Helen Green Photography for the great photos**

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Pedigree for Aust. Ch. Kirkdell Frankie
Sire : Supreme CH. Driftway Aussie Rulz S: Driftwayt Blue Print S: CH. Driftway Black Power
D: CH. Gallybob Inca (Imp UK)
D: Grand CH. Driftway Serenade S: Grand CH. Driftway Regal Oak
D: Driftway Savanah
Dam : CH. Kirkdell Destinys Child S: CH. Driftway Special Vintage S: CH. Driftway Front Runner
D: CH. Driftway Silky Oak (AI)
D: Grand CH. Kirkdell Destiny S: CH. Driftway Foreignaffair
D: CH. Driftway Magnetic Charm

Recent Results

  • 10-Oct-2015 Res DCC

    Ballarat Dog Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs A Sorraghan)

  • 5-Oct-2015 DCC & Best of Breed

    Kerang & District Agricultural Soc (AM) [CH] (Judge was Mr Vern Malloy)

  • 5-Oct-2015 DCC & Best of Breed

    Kerang & Dist. Ag Soc. (PM) [CH] (Judge was Mr Arthur Fry)

  • 24-Sep-2015 3rd Open Dog

    Royal Melbourne Show [CH] (Judge was r R Oliveria (Portugal))

  • 28-Jun-2015 DCC & Best of Breed

    Redcliffs Ladies K C [CH] (Judge was rs S Taylor (Tas))

  • 8-Mar-2015 Res DCC

    Noorat & District K. C. AM show [CH] (Judge was Mr. A. Brown (Qld))

  • 8-Mar-2015 Res DCC & Austbred of Breed

    Noorat & District K.C PM show [CH] (Judge was Mr. A. Fry)

  • 8-Feb-2015 DCC & Best of Breed. Open of Breed

    Ballarat Dog Club. [CH] (Judge was Mr. K. Lovell)

  • 1-Feb-2015 DCC, RUBOB & Aust.bred

    Lady Bay Kennel Club. [CH] (Judge was Mr.A.Jones (Tas))

  • 31-Jan-2015 DCC, Best of Breed & Australian bred

    Warrnambool & District K & O Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs.D.Jovanovic (Qld))

  • 15-Nov-2014 Dog Challenge & Aust. bred.

    Kyneton Agricultural Soc. [CH] (Judge was Mrs. C. Stoate)

  • 25-Oct-2014 Res DCC, RUBOB & Aust. Bred in Group

    Bendigo Agricultural Show Soc. [CH] (Judge was Mrs. Diane Lee)

  • 6-Oct-2014 Dog Challenge

    Kerang & Dist. Agricultural Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs. B. Doyle)

  • 8-Sep-2014 1st Intermediate Dog

    Royal Adelaide Show [CH] (Judge was Dr. J. Reeve-Newson (Canada))

  • 16-Aug-2014 Dog Challenge & RUBOB

    Horsham Wimmera K.C.. [CH] (Judge was Mr. Tony Syme)

  • 9-Aug-2014 Dog Challenge, RUBOB & Australian Title

    Lillydale K.C [CH] (Judge was Mr. J. Hodgkinson (Canada))

  • 2-Aug-2014 Dog Challenge & Inter of Breed

    Ladies Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Dr. D.R. Barclay)

  • 26-Jul-2014 Res DCC & Inter of Breed

    Heidelberg & District K.C. [CH] (Judge was Mrs. Ines Dawes (Qld))

  • 20-Jul-2014 Res DCC & Inter of Breed

    Dandenong Poulty & Kennel Ass. [CH] (Judge was Mr. John Canellis (Qld))

  • 19-Jul-2014 Dog Challenge

    Dog Stewards Ass. [CH] (Judge was Mrs. Maureen Gostelow)

  • 21-Jun-2014 Best Exhibit in Show

    Victorian Gundog Open Show [OP] (Judge was Dr. Linda Beer)

  • 6-Jun-2014 Intermediate of Breed PM show

    West Gippsland Kennel Ass. [CH] (Judge was Ms. T Mol (WA))

  • 25-May-2014 Res. Dog Challenge & Intermediate of Breed

    Geelong & District K.C. [CH] (Judge was Mr. N. Strathdee (NSW))

  • 18-May-2014 1st Intermediate Dog & Opposite Intermediate in Show

    Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria [CH] (Judge was Mr. Max Martin (ACT))

  • 4-May-2014 DCC & Best Of Breed

    Colac K.C [CH] (Judge was Mrs.S.Packer (S.A))

  • 3-May-2014 Res DCC

    Colac Ladies K.C (am) [CH] (Judge was Mr. C. Hamilton)

  • 29-Dec-2013 Dog Challenge

    Centyral Highlands Dog Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs. E Ruskovaara (FL))

  • 24-Nov-2013 RUBOB & Res DCC

    Sovereign City K.C. [CH] (Judge was Mrs. N. Harris)

  • 5-Nov-2013 1st Junior Dog, Junior of Breed & Res DCC

    Sunbury Canine Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. C. Liepmann (USA))

  • 18-Oct-2013 1st & Junior of Breed

    Royal Geelong A&P Society [CH] (Judge was Mr. Keith Lovell)

  • 7-Oct-2013 DCC & BEST OF BREED

    Kerang & District Agricultural Soc [CH] (Judge was Mrs. J. Harvey)

  • 29-Sep-2013 Junior of Breed

    Kyneton & District K.C. [CH] (Judge was Ms. J. Stewart)

  • 24-Sep-2013 1st Junior Dog

    Royal Melbourne Show [CH] (Judge was Mr. Pedro Delerue (Portugal))

  • 6-Sep-2013 1st Junior Dog

    Royal Adelaide Show [CH] (Judge was Mr. K. Edh (Sweden))

  • 18-Aug-2013 Dog Challenge, Best of Breed & Junior in Group

    Horsham Wimmera K.C [CH] (Judge was Mr. J. Black)

  • 17-Aug-2013 Res DCC & RUBOB

    Horsham Wimmera K.C [CH] (Judge was Mrs. L. Black)

  • 11-Aug-2013 Junior of Breed, Res DCC & RUBOB

    KCC Park Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs. J. Gotch (NSW))

  • 4-Aug-2013 Res DCC & RUBOB

    Werribee Barwon Canine Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. R. Besoff (NSW))

  • 14-Jul-2013 2nd Puppy Dog

    Sth. Aust. Labrador Retriever Club [CH] (Judge was Dr. Guillermo Carrillo (Mexico))

  • 6-Jul-2013 BEST OF BREED, Dog Challenge & Puppy of Breed

    Victorian Poultry & Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs. S. Crozier (NSW))

  • 7-Jun-2013 Puppy of Breed

    West Gippsland Kennel Ass. [CH] (Judge was Mr. T. Stacy (USA))

  • 7-Jun-2013 Dog Challenge & Puppy of Breed

    West Gippsland Kennel Ass. [CH] (Judge was Mrs. D. Lane (Qld))

  • 2-Jun-2013 PUPPY IN GROUP & Res DCC

    Western Suburbs All Breeds K.C [CH] (Judge was Mrs. R. Ralphs (NSW))

  • 26-May-2013 PUPPY IN GROUP & Res DCC

    Geelong & District K.C [CH] (Judge was Mr. Alexander McQuire (Qld))

  • 19-May-2013 2nd Puppy Dog

    Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria [CH] (Judge was Caron Morton (UK))

  • 11-May-2013 Res DCC & RUBOB

    Shepparton & District K.C. [CH] (Judge was Mrs. J. Blyth (TAS))

  • 27-Apr-2013 Minor of Breed & Res Dog Challenge

    Colac Ladies Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms. S. Lancaster (NSW))

  • 13-Apr-2013 Best Of Breed & DCC

    Central Victoria Canine Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. F. Hession (NSW))

  • 7-Apr-2013 Puppy in Group & PUPPY IN SHOW

    Canine Museum Foundation [CH] (Judge was Mr. S. Shen (Singapore) & Mrs.S.Mashford)

  • 31-Mar-2013 Res DCC, RUBOB & Minor in Group

    Easter Festival K.C [CH] (Judge was Mr. J. Camac)

  • 29-Mar-2013 Minor Puppy of Breed

    Dogs Victoria Amenities Show [CH] (Judge was Mr. G. Gaut)

  • 2-Mar-2013 Minor Puppy of Breed

    Metropolitan Canine Ass. [CH] (Judge was Ms Julie Bedford-Pope(NZ))

  • 25-Jan-2013 Baby Puppy In Group

    Australia Day International Dog Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. M. Woods (Canada))

  • 23-Jan-2013 Res DCC & Junior of Breed

    Daylesford & Dist. Ag. Show [CH] (Judge was Mr. P. Watson)