Am/ Can Gr Ch. Kedwell's Eine Reise Mache CGN

The only German Pinscher to date that can boast a Best in All Breed show in North America, Reise has been an important part of the breed globally. Selective and careful breeding to produce top quality offspring that provide generations of outstanding progeny put Reise into the important catagory of a 'once in a life time dog'.

Always maintaining the #1 position in the breed for his entire show career in Canada, as well as 100 group placements and never beated at the breed level, he set the bar for others to get over when it came to the quality of this breed in Canada.

Shown in the states when they finally recognized the breed with the AKC, Reise easily obtained his championship title with multiple Best of Breed wins over specials.

He set records in competition that only his offspring were able to break and continues to be featured in pedigrees around the world providing sound structure and amazing temperament.

Angelsun was honoured to raise, train and campaign this dog as well as include him in the breeding program which allowed for amazing results even now, long after his passing.

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Pedigree for Am/ Can Gr Ch. Kedwell's Eine Reise Mache CGN
Sire : Kyloe Classic Aire S: S:
D: S:
Dam : The Canadian Pagan VD Leland S: S:
D: S: