Safaree ShesAlmostaPandaBear

Katie's main photo taken at a year old. (She is not groomed for the show ring). We sincerely hope that she will be shown in 2014.
M.D.B.A. Trophy- Safaree Shetland Sheepdogs- Master Dog Breeder of the Year 2013.

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Pedigree for Safaree ShesAlmostaPandaBear
Sire : Ch Learick Liquorice Allsorts S: Sup. Ch Deerod Rich Reward S: Ch Nigma Namatjira
D: Ch Deerod The Bitch is Blak
D: Ch Learick String of Pearls S: Ch Kismet Tartan
D: Learick Ace Constellation
Dam : Safaree Shesmi Bi Bear S: Almaroy The Stockbroker S: Abbeyhome Kashro Black Prince (IMP UK)
D: Almaroy Miss Money Penny
D: Safaree Pure X Citement (IMP NZL) S: Wipmill's Gorgeous Quintus (NDL)
D: Safaree White Diamons (IMP NZL)