Ch. Count Rimski Of Mayvale

Rimski is a fine example of breed type, exuding elegance with soundness. Rimski is a real croud pleaser always receiving cuddles and admeration at shows. His temperament is gentle & loving. His head is exquisite with excellent black pigment, full mouth, veining, tiny ears, good debth of jaw and under jaw, large black nose, dark kind eyes with correct expression. His neck is of correct lenght, crested and well set on. His sholder & return of upper arm is excellent and ballanced with his well let down hind quaters. He has powerful running gear with well formed 1st & 2nd thighs, strong broad hocks and good, well knuckled up feet. He has good width in front and great debth of chest with good tuck-up. He has a typical topline with good lenght of loin and correct croup angle. Excellent tail set & carage. His movement is ground covering, effortless and displays the desired daisy cutting action. He has an excellent coat with correct coat patern and texture. Rimski is a joy to have at Mayvale, a pleasure to show & greatly loved. At five years of age he has matured into a most desirable Borzoi.

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Pedigree for Ch. Count Rimski Of Mayvale
Sire : Ch. The Sun Dance Kid Of Mayvale S: N.Z. Ch. Mistraka Jesse James (Imp. Aust.) S: Ch. Podarn The Mikardo
D: Leicros Zilver Lining Of Mistraka (Imp. Swd.)
D: N.Z. Ch. Mistraka Nurse Betty (Imp. Aust.) S: Ch. Rothesby Swift Of Sholwood (Imp. U.K.)
D: Mistraka Hey Good Lookin
Dam : N.Z. Ch. Leicro's Russian Zellawie (Imp. Swd.) S: Ch. Leicro's Russian Ztorm Eagle S: Ch. Leicro's Russian Zandstorm
D: Ch. Leicro's Russian Zvoja
D: Ch. Leicro's Russian Ztepponova S: Ch. J'Youri Des Princes De Kazan
D: Ch. Sholwood Shot Silk