Aust GRCH Bustabones Bet Ya Bippy L2-HGA & HC Clear / DNA profiled

Meet our "Norty" Florence
Florence is the beautiful daughter of our Harry and Lolly and during her career notched up a most enviable show record.
Grand-daughter of the magnificent ENG/IRCH Wyrefare Prince Naseem (UK) and our own CH Reference Point (Imp UK) she has a pedigree sure to impress the "purists" of our breed, incorporating the success and experience of Eastaff and Wyrefare.
Florence at the tender age of 10mths gained the 100 points towards her title,then gained the required 25 to make her Championship status official at not quite 13mths with a Best Exhibit In Group. She then claimed her GRCH title with ease and the only Stafford Bitch in Tasmania to do so.

Florence is a Multi Best and Runner Up In Group winner as well multiple "in group" and "in show" wins to her credit, including Runner Up Best In Show at Launceston Royal. Always handled by Justine, Florence was quite the "showgirl" when it suited her and enjoyed some very nice wins under Terrier Specialists, Internationals and respected All Rounders.

Florence is genetically clear of HC and L2-HGA, by DNA profiling and parent tested.

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Pedigree for Aust GRCH Bustabones Bet Ya Bippy L2-HGA & HC Clear / DNA profiled
Sire : GRCH Bustabones Wots Ya Point L2-HGA & HC Clear S: CH Reference Point (Imp UK) S: Euphemia Earl Of Eastaff (UK)
D: Rum Truffles (UK)
D: CH Knockon Moon Maiden (Imp UK) S: Eastaff Watchman (UK)
D: Loyal Uptown Girl Of Eastaff (UK) L2-HGA clear
Dam : Wyrefare Whirling Dervish (Imp UK) L2-HGA & HC Clear S: ENG/IRCH Wyrefare Prince Naseem (UK) HC & L2-HGA clear S: Wyrefare Midland Sureshot (UK)
D: Fromestaff Extravaganza Of Wyrefare (UK)
D: Wyrefare Gorgeous Gussy (UK) S: Wyrefare Tearaway Jake (UK)
D: Wyrefare Izzy Wizzy (UK)