Steadfast X Marks The Spot (A.I.)

Louie was the only black and white pup in a litter of 7 pups (6 blue and whites) so he was probably destined to be a keeper. However when my son's mates would come over to view the litter, one of them fell in love with this guy so it was natural progression that he be retained to be shown. So my son's mate Liam and his girlfriend Miranda became his new owners. They are very fit, healthy and loving owners and they often bundle up their car with all my big dogs and take them for a run on the beach whilst leaving Louie at my house for a play with his sister Haven. When Louie is old enough, he will also enjoy a jog on the beach. Liam has taught him lots of tricks: play dead-bang, high five and of course all the old favourites. We look forward to watching this young dog mature as he comes from "Tullaview", the breeder of my very first Border purchased in 1989.

DNA Profiled 15-061066 CLEAR of CEA, TNS and CL
CARRIES Red and Blue gene
HIP SCORED (26/8/15) Case: 9028 R:3, L:3 Total: 6

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Pedigree for Steadfast X Marks The Spot (A.I.)
Sire : Aust CH Tullaview Take Your Mark (A.I.) S: Aust CH Tullacrest Ice Man (AI) S: Aust CH Tullacrest ThiefA Hearts
D: Aust CH Tullacrest Insatiable
D: Aust CH Tullacrest Devil InPrada S: Aust CH Tookurra Catch A Star
D: Tullacrest PlayMisty FMe
Dam : Aust CH Sashdan Blues Th New Blak E.T. S: NZ CH/Aust CH NZTazmanTrekker O Clan-Abby (Imp NZ) S: NZ Grand/Aust CH Clan-Abby Hiland Trekker (Imp NZ)
D: NZ CH Trumagik To ClanScott (AI)
D: Sashdan Rising Spirit S: Aust CH Shezilson Spirit Travler
D: Gremaric Bear All

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