Armahani Heliodorr Haave

Topsy... Lil Miss Topsy Turvy

is fun loving, wonderful and full of life!

*** Lovely head, coat and construction ***

A beautiful girl from UK International and Finnish Champion Glenchess Revontuli (UK). Rev is a truly incredible boy.

Lovely mum Mutkis has wonderful type and has so much to offer.

INCREDIBLE ANGULATION of Stifle and Hock Joint


Topsy has so much love to give

Much appreciation to breeder Jacqualine Lincoln for allowing us to share our lives with this gorgeous girl who we treasure!

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Sharon (Member Details)
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0400 87 11 34
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Pedigree for Armahani Heliodorr Haave
Sire : UK Ch Int Ch Fin Ch Glenchess Revontuli (UK) S: Fin Ch Himmelriks Mahti-Joiku of Glenchess S: Fin Ch Staalon Lapinjoiku
D: Fin Ch Lecibsin Herratar
D: Lumiturpa Seita of Glenchess S: Fin Ch Stenseitens Otso
D: Lumiturpa Pihla
Dam : Lapinlumon Muotkakukka HT (Imp Dmk) S: Lecibsin Saarto S: Fin Ch Lecibsin Hukkaputki
D: Lecibsin Challa
D: Dmk Ch Lapinlumon Runo S: Sw Ch Girongårdens Tjuorrie
D: Lapinlumon Jutlandia