Australian Champion DeSaix Miss Fortune

We proudly present "Penny" who has now been retired from showing to prepare for motherhood.

A vibrant gal to say the least who titled with ease.

The saints at "DeSaix" located in Australia's beautiful west are always selectively bred from quality imported American and European bloodlines and are occasionally available for conformation, obedience and as family companions.

To date at "DeSaix" 17 St Bernards have achieved CHAMPIONSHIP status with 14 proudly carrying the "DeSaix" prefix and with all having received higher awards.

We are very proud of our achievements here at "DeSaix" and we look to the future with set goals and measurable outcomes.

We are always available for breed information, advice or assistance and wish everyone success in their endeavours.

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Kevin & Donna Frizzell (Member Details)
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08 9455 1536
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Pedigree for Australian Champion DeSaix Miss Fortune
Sire : Surik: Merlin S: GR CH DeSaix: Kodak Moment S: CH DeSaix: Electrifyin' Mojo
D: Edelweiss: Vant Hof Ter Quinni (Imp Nway)
D: Milkwood: Kool Knection (Imp NZ) S: CH Bernegardens Joker Adamson (Imp Swe)
D: Milkwood: Kwite by Chance
Dam : CH Reyer Friends: Brooke (Imp NDL) S: CH Always Friends: Gozer Onslow S: CH Bernegardens: Onslow
D: INT CH Bernegardens: Ivory
D: Angelika od Strazcu hor S: CH Always Friends: Don Duke Lafeyette
D: Greta Z Rubaniciek