Natebit Cherry Blossom

Well ...... what can I say about this little girl except that she's beguiling and an angel. One look in that little face and you hooked and you're probably already being presented with a fat little tummy to rub.

Always, and I mean, always ready for a smooch and a cuddle, little Cherry can most likely be seen snuggled up, upside down, on the very suitable and ample boosum of Lorna Eadie, who is caretaker and shower of this little gem.

Cherry recently made her debute and made Bev Hamilton proud with her Best Baby Puppy in Group result.

We're all looking forward to many more like results from this little charmer in the future. Cherrry, on the other hand, cares only that her huge appetite for love and cuddles (and food, let's not forget food) is amply catered for. Life is grand.

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Bev Hamilton (Member Details)
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07 40912005
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Pedigree for Natebit Cherry Blossom
Sire : Australian Champion Baiya Gser Cun-Wa Druk (Imp NZ) S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Australian Champion Natebit Dancing Princess S: S:
D: S:

Recent Results

  • 27-Jun-2015 Group Baby Puppy

    Gympie District Kennel Club Show [CH] (Judge was Mr B James)

  • 13-Jun-2015 Baby of Breed

    Isis District Canine Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr R Watsohn)