Aust Ch Atrigema Dare To Defy

a girl with her mother's personality.
currently following in her mother footsteps in the ring
winning classes in group regularly
just into adult classes and already getting 100 points reached 100 points by December 2015, only just into puppy classes
a bitch that is correct as per breed standard - slightly less than 25cm (10 inches) at the withers.

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Contact :
Michelle Cook (Member Details)
Phone :
02 4262 0387
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Pedigree for Aust Ch Atrigema Dare To Defy
Sire : ch teschi hurryupnwait S: ch teschi josephson S: ch teschi joseph bank
D: ch teschi wyhurry S: ch teschi wykikabowow
Dam : ch atrigema defy the odds S: ch rebelglen poker face S:
D: ch & Neuter ch atrigema takabowow S: ch teschi wykikabowow
D: ch teschinwaitnsee