Lukius No Rest For The Wicked

Abigail is the keeper from my litter from Mysty (Ch Yarrowfell Keep on Looking RN ET) and Saffron (Ch Vizualimpact Saffronrice). She is a pretty liver spotted girl, with a fabulous topline and tailset, lovely balanced angles, pretty markings and a lovely temperament.

She won Best Baby Puppy in Show at the Dalmatian Club of NSW show (11 October 2015) under specialist judge Mrs Ilex Whiting (UK) of Cragvallie Dalmatians. Abigail's critique from this show:-
What a little sweetie this liver baby is, just oozes personality. A bit sparsely spotted but has nicely broken ears. So well balanced for age with a lovely outline and steady sound movement. She really shouldn’t look so good at this age, just hope she grows in the same proportions in which case she should easily reach the top.

Abigail has the follow health test results:-
BAER bi-lateral hearing
Clear heart certificate
Hip score is 6 (R2:L4)
Elbow score is 0.

Abigail has been DNA tested, with the following results:-
Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear (has two copies of the "normal" allele)
Coat Length - Clear (has two copies of the "normal" smooth coat allele)
Lemon "E" Locus - Clear "EE" (has two copies of the "normal" allele - can never produce lemon)
Agouti "K" Locus - Clear "KBKB" (can never produce anything other than a solid colour - ie no brindles or tri-colours)
Tri-Colour "at" Locus - Clear "awaw" (can never produce tri-colour)

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Pedigree for Lukius No Rest For The Wicked
Sire : Ch Visualimpact Saffronrice S: Gr Ch Ozzispot Wicked T Xtreme CDX ADO ADM JDO JDM SDX GDX SPDX ET S: Ch Jentily Nelson Be Ce
D: Gr Ch Brewen Wicked Waze CD ADX JDM GD SPD SD ET
D: Ch Swiftgait Enter The Night ET S: Ch Firencoach Sioux Chief
D: Ch Swiftgait Queen Othenite
Dam : Ch Yarrowfell Keep On Looking RN ET S: Ch Gentry Frost At Midnight ET S: Gr Ch Starswept Just a Gigolo
D: Ch Gentry Bohemian Rhapsody ET
D: Ch Yarrowfell Fyrebird CD RN ET S: Ch Lukius Draco Malfoy ET
D: Yarrowfell Youre On Next ET