Neut. Grand Ch. Spalpeen Highland Girl JD. SE.

Kirah is an energetic, fun and very cheeky Aussie. It took only 6 months to gain her Neuter Championship title at the age of 5 years and we're enjoying our time in the show ring.

When not strutting her stuff in the show ring, Kirah also has fun competing in agility. Her enthusiasm for the sport and ability to clear her 300mm jumps by well over 600mm high has fast made her a crowd and fellow competitor favourite -- everyone loves watching her boing!!

Kirah finally attained her Neuter Grand Champion title in April and the 2021 Sydney Royal marked her retirement from the show ring.

At 10 years old, we still dabble in agility, but our main focuses are now on Trick Dog, Noseworks and continuing our successes in Earthdog.

This year, we are hoping to finish off Kirah’s Master Earthdog and Trick Dog Starters titles.

Kirah becomes possibly the first Australian Terrier in NSW to attain -- on the same day -- both her Earthdog Instinct Certificate and Junior Earthdog titles.

For a dog who has never liked leaving my sight, she has overcome this fear and now just loves diving into the burrows!! I am so proud of all we've achieved together!

Kirah has become the FIRST Australian born Aussie Terrier to gain not 1 but 3 Trick Dog Titles through Do More With Your Dog (AKC affiliated).

My little star has successfully completed her Novice Trick Dog, Intermediate Trick Dog and Advanced Trick Dog titles and we are currently working towards attaining Kirah's Expert and Champion Trick Dog titles soon.

In ADAA (Agility Dog Association of Australia), Kirah has achieved her BAAD (Beginner Australian Agility Dog) TITLE!!

In ANKC, Kirah has achieved her JD (Jumping Dog Novice) TITLE!!

We are also *still* perfecting the tricky weave poles in the hopes of also gaining our AAD (Australian Agility Dog) title in ADAA and our AD (Agility Dog Novice) in ANKC title in the near future!

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Pedigree for Neut. Grand Ch. Spalpeen Highland Girl JD. SE.
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