Ch. Tivertongaye Glorys Theo

APRIL2016 THEO is 9 weeks of age...and already a very special boy full of fun and just soaking up anything we teach him. He is energetic and affectionate and fully socialised with people. The next step is his socialisation with many other dog achieved via puppy school and then Basic OBEDIENCE classes once he is sufficiently immunised.
WELL! THEO wriggled and winged the whole time he attended puppy classes at Dogs' Victoria...telling me he wanted to go go go! Finally he accepted that I required his co-operation! He can wait at the door and comes when called. He can sit on command as well as stand and shows a good degree of confidence. I still have my work cut out to enforce that he does not pull on his street lead....essential since I have two new knee joints!
MAY 2016 thru JUNE Thanks to HANDLERs Emilia,Maree and Brooke for so skilfully introducing Theo to show competition.... Theo is very happy exploring the rings and judges because his handlers understand the needs of such a baby. THANKYOU LADIES.
SEPTEMBER 2016....Theo has adapted to many different handlers and is currently offering HANDLER KATE RAVEN his very best. Kate is concentrating on making all ring experiences FUN whilst assisting Theo to SELF STACK. He mostly competes against litter sister LEENA for Baby of Breed and has now moved on to MINOR OF BREED wins. Immature and needing better co-ordination we have reason to hope for good things from this lad once he finishes growing.
UPDATE April 2016 THEO has finally got past that gawky baby boy stage...he now knows where his feet are and has begun to offer good self stacks in the ring. Always up against more mature males and litter sister leena he is yet to earn himself show points...but Gee he HAS beaten Leena on occasion and has given us some exciting ringside pleasure. LOVE this boy.
UPDATE 27/5/17 BEST OF BREED & 11 pts. Beat Litter sis Leena Bitch Challenge 7 pts same event....Caulfied and Dist Ch Sh. KCC PK. ALWAYS up against the Titled and accomplished I am so proud of this boy's development. FTHEO FINISHED OFF his 2017 Year with a THIRD in Intermediate Dog at ROYAL MELB SHOW. Thankyou Handler KATE RAVEN. UPDATE 21st & 22nd April regularly competing in the OZ Bred class ( leaving the Intermediate class for Leena) Theo gained a huge 16 point BEST OF BREEDat Bulla on 21st and then a very pleasing 10 point Challenge on Sunday 22nd. UPDATE July 2018 CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE GAINED followed by another BEST OF BREED 17pts26/8/18 Theo will continue Showing and will also indulge in some DOG SPORTS ...Rally O & Tracking
UPDATE 10/11/2018 10 Point Challenge win under International Judge at Morwell/Traralgon KC.
WHAT A NICE WAY to START 2019 4/1/2019
Dog Challenge, Best of Breed and Runner up best in Group at Central Gippsland K C.
Among recent wins one stands out.....BORDER COLLIE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW THEO AWARDED a 22 Point DOG Challenge..... Judge Mr John Mitchell (QLD)

HEALTH STATS:- Parentage Profiled CLEAR CEA/Ch, Cl, TNS by parentage GONIOSCOPY ...A Turner UNAFFECTED.
DNA GLAUCOMA gene test...Florida... Carrier******.
Hip & Elbow Scored. International grade B
.***** THEO is therefore a suitable mate for ALL save for those who are affected by or are CARRIERS of the Glaucoma gene. Please note; MATING REQUESTS must include document evidence of Bitch DNA CLEAR bloodtest for Glaucoma and Clear or carrier but NOT AFFECTED DNA status for all recognised BC disease. Above that the Bitch must display a great Temperament and carry a detectable microchip. Her owner must have a Membership and Breeder PREFIX Registered with Dogs Victoria and be able to demonstrate how they would be a responsible Breeder.

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Pedigree for Ch. Tivertongaye Glorys Theo
Sire : CH Steadfast That ol' Black Magic S: Steadfast Chick Magnet S: CH. Tookurra Catch a Star
D: Ch. Steadfast Dark Intrigue
D: Sashdan Blues Thnew Black ET S: Nz CH. Ch. nztazmanntrekker O Clan-Abby
D: Sashdan Rising Spirit
Dam : CH Tivertongaye Time Spirit S: Sashdan Spirit Of OZ S: Ch. Yeleek Wizard Of Oz
D: Sashdan Rising Spirit CCD. ET
D: Khayoz Perfect Timing S: Am Ch, GR CH, Borderfame Heart n Soul
D: Ch. Camwyn Sice Girl

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