Seigen Freya AZ. CCD. CD. RA. TDX.

5 performance titles gained between 1 and 2 years of age proving her working ability and temperement ( Obedience CCD & CD, Rally O RN & RA and Tracking TD titles.

Even hip elbow scores; better than the average for GSD's.

Baby in Group at OUR 2nd show ever.
Best Intermediate in group award.

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Pedigree for Seigen Freya AZ. CCD. CD. RA. TDX.
Sire : SEIGEN HERES MY NUMBER 'A' 'Z'6100083268 S: CH. SEIGEN SURIS ALFIE 'A' 'Z' 6100069967 S: SEIGEN VANTAGE POINT 'A' 'Z'6100048154
D: KAZKIRI SURI 'A' 'Z' 3100189754
D: ICCARA RUMER HAS IT 'A' 'Z' 6100060277 S: KAI VOM GRUNDEL 'a' ED H-Neg SCHIII (Imp Deu) SZ2129644
D: ASTASIA NARA 'A' 'Z' 4100106224
Dam : SEIGEN CRUNCHIES AVA 'A' 'Z” BSC1 6100065470 S: Nord CH. FASTIE'S ELLE WILLY WONKA (IMP Nor) H-Neg N08343/06 S: SOLO VOM TEAM FIEMERECK 'a' GER. BH GER.AD. SchH3 (Deu) SZ 2125600
D: Nord CH. FASTIES VIENNA (Nor) 19938/01
D: SEIGEN BOBBY SOXER 'A' 'Z' 6100037168 S: TROY VON DER NORISWAND (Imp Deu) 'a' 'Z' H-Neg SZ2040827
D: SEIGEN B BOY FLY GIRL (IID) 'A' 'Z' 6100022167

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