Leegaz Bruno Mars

HD 0:1 ED 1:1

Critique 15th September, 2019: Judge Renee Kennedy


3 year old male. Correct scissor bite, full dentition. Two testicles. Medium sized male. Good sized male. A bit stretched in body. Very good muzzle. Correct stop. Large almond shaped eyes. Medium to dark. Mostly dark mouth pigmentation. Lower lips could be tighter. Medium sized ears, well set should be carried more forward Slight wrinkling on forehead. Stands mostly straight in front. Very good chest proportions. Slightly short in upper arm. Medium neck a little long in loin. Tail is well set and carried. Coat is a little short. He has a little bit of sooty markings on his front feet but very good colour. Friendly and attentive when it suits him. Slightly close going and correct coming. Good free movement, should have a little more drive from the rear. Dips slightly behind the wither.

Frozen semen available.

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Pedigree for Leegaz Bruno Mars
Sire : Darkgypsy Da Mighty Angus (AI) S: Gonzzo Earl Antonius (YUG) S: Noris Von Der Alten Festung (HRV)
D: Ria-Flach Rosse (USA)
D: Darkgypsy Vanquisher S: Nico Crni Lotos (IMP SRB)
D: Fahra De Breogan (IMP PRT)
Dam : Leegaz Amber (AI) S: Bomber Od Lovrica (SRB) S: SRB. JR Ch. Very Von Haus Drazic (SRB)
D: Afa Vom Beni (SRB)
D: Neut. Ch. Hegestrauch Neri S: Oberschoen Black Ash
D: Loanic Koxie Siann

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