Aust CH Toukon Samurai Shinichi

Proudly, Owned & Handled by Nicky Edwards

Ronin is shown very sparingly: In 2017, 2018 & 2019 he has only been entered in half of the available SA shows each year. Here are some of his highlights:

***Newsflash – 1 JUNE 2019***
FIRST Akita (Japanese) in Australia to Qualify for CRUFTS with BOB. (2020 International Show)

***Newsflash – 1 JUNE 2019***

*** NUMBER 1 AKITA (Japanese) AUSTRALIA 2019 - Breed Challenge ***
*** NUMBER 1 AKITA (Japanese) SOUTH AUSTRALIA 2019 - Breed Challenge ***

*** NUMBER 1 AKITA (Japanese) AUSTRALIA 2018 - Breed Challenge ***
*** NUMBER 1 AKITA (Japanese) SOUTH AUSTRALIA 2018 - Breed Challenge ***

***23 NOVEMBER 2018***
- Judge: Mr D Sales (TAS)

***FIRST SHOW for 2018***
- Judge: Mrs Carol Eastley (TAS)

*** NUMBER 1 AKITA (Japanese) AUSTRALIA 2018 – Rising Star ***
*** NUMBER 1 AKITA (Japanese) SOUTH AUSTRALIA 2018 – Rising Star ***

BEST of BREED – Akita Japanese
PUPPY of BREED – Akita Japanese

Adelaide Royal critique: Excellent head and ears, good neck, good chest, enough angulation. Could move better in front, good movement behind and an excellent tail ( Mr K. Nilsson).

Note: Along the way Ronin has continually received many favourable comments about his Head, Ears, Expression, Substance, Coat, Type and especially his Temperament. These comments have come from State, Interstate and International Judges including Japanese Judges.


About the Owner & Handler:

In the early 1990s I attended the South Australian Judges training lecture on the Akita. Two Akita Inu were presented. One was an American Import the other was a Japanese Import (1 of 2 imported before the breed was officially recognised). I was drawn to the Japanese boy who exhibited the type and characteristics attributed to the, now recognised, Akita (Japanese). This is when I first admired and started to study the breed that I now own.

Although I am a new owner of the Akita (Japanese) breed I have been involved with Siberian Husky (since 1989) and Japanese Shiba Inu (since 1994). I have handled multiple breeds from every group. I have participated in Showing, Obedience, Sled Dog Racing, Weight-pull, Endurance Trial, Public Promotions along with being a Show Trainer and Show Secretary/Manager.

About the Breeder:

RONIN was bred by Justin & Clare Tartaglia of Toukon Kennels the driving force behind the introduction of the Akita (Japanese). Thanks to their dedication and hard work the Akita (Japanese) Inu was Officially Recognised in Australia. This has enabled others to breed officially recognised and registered Akita (Japanese). The True Pioneers of Akita (Japanese) in Australia. Their focus was the preservation of the true breed type and temperament not to profit from the breed.

About Ronin:

Ronin still has to mature and body up as he is currently going through the gangly teenage phase.

Breeding: Ronin is the result of a combination of bloodlines that include Japanese Akiho Champions along with International Champions. When looking at photos of his ancestors there is a consistency of type.

Conformation: He is a lovely red fawn male with the required Urajiro. He is large, sturdily built, well balanced and has the required substance. He has a straight topline, deep chest and well tucked up abdomen. His angulation is moderate in both the front and rear. He has a strong masculine head. Dark, well shaped eyes. Thick, pricked ears that incline forward. He has the required 3 lengths and 3 grades of coat.

Weight - 34.50 Kgs
Height - 68.5 cms
Akita Japanese Height = Dogs 67cms (tolerance 3cms more or less)

Character/Temperament: Ronin is already exhibiting the qualities that make him a great ambassador for the breed. He has a gentle, docile disposition and friendly, receptive attitude towards people and dogs.

Health Testing (To Date).
Heart - Normal.
Patella – Normal.
Eyes – Clear (2018).

**Note: Photos Courtesy Shadow’s Farm Photography and Di Pudney Photography

For further information contact:

Contact :
N. J. (Nicky) Edwards (Member Details)
Phone :
0419 815 268 (or) 0416 657 663
Email :
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Pedigree for Aust CH Toukon Samurai Shinichi
Sire : BIS Bra Grd CH / Int CH / Aust CH Daiyuu Go Isehara Futami (Jpn) - (Imp Esp) - AKIHO 08-673 S: Hakuhou Go Musashi Aiwa (Jpn) - AKIHO 06-542 S: Bandou Tarou Go Saginuma Kensha (Jpn)- AKIHO 04-1576
D: MEIYOSHOU (2006) Awa Aihime Go Musashi Aiwa (Jpn) - AKIHO 01-780
D: Maikohime Go Tateyama Matsunaga (Jpn) - AKIHO 05-1998 S: Suikoen Go Musashi Aiwa (Jpn) - AKIHO 04-2008
D: Awa No Miyako Go Shirai (Jpn) - AKIHO 03-2694
Dam : Aust CH Harumi Go Tatsuya Kensha (Croatia) - (Imp Hrv) S: AKIHO CH / Bulg CH Kankuhomare Go Senshuu Takashihamasou (Jpn) - AKIHO 07-876 S: Ryuugoku Go Matsusaka Yamanaka (Jpn) - AKIHO 04-2014
D: Sora Go Senshuu Takashihamasou (Jpn) - AKIHO 02-621
D: Lumi Go Du Temple De Todai Ji (Belg) S: Int CH / Grd CH Bulg Mikunihomare Go Kagano Yaoya(Jpn) - AKIHO 07-2026
D: AKIHO CH / European CH Mayahime Go Shirai(Jpn) - AKIHO 11-455

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