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Majomarc Dartagnan V Kazari
(Ven Grasso)

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TAS Baerentatze Being Harriet (Aust Ch) (Ian and Katherine Davey)
NSW Fairy Fauna V. Tani Kazari (Imp Nld) (BIS BISS Supreme Ch) (Robert Clark)
TAS Favreau My Little China Girl (Australian Champion) (Karin and Rebecca Maxwell)
TAS Favreau Notorious Iggy Pop (Karin and Rebecca Maxwell)
TAS Lecasa Leal Lenna (L M Cashman)
NSW Majomarc Archie (AUST CH) (Mrs Kerry Rolfe)
QLD Majomarc Bogart Kazari (Aust Ch) (Ven Grasso)
TAS Majomarc Dartagnan V Kazari (Ven Grasso)
QLD Marty McFly V Tani Kazari (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Ven Grasso)
NSW Minsmere Maltese Falcon (IMP USA) (BIS Aust Ch) (Gish Lesh & Kerry McKinnon)
TAS Riogaioch Fizz Gig Favreau (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Ms Karin Maxwell)
VIC Simias Black Berry Trifle (Grand Ch) (Sally Stewart)
NSW Simias Cool Papa Bell (Mrs K A Rolfe)
TAS Simias Satchel Paige (BIS / BISS Ch.) (L.M.Cashman)
VIC Strongfort Que Será Será (Multi BIS / Multi BISS Aust Supreme Ch & South African Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Swayd I Call Fowl Play (Aust Ch) (K McKinnon & S Squires)
VIC Swayd Lights Camera Action (Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Swayd Reign On Your Parade (BISS Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Swayd Running With Scissors (C.I.B Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon & Emma-Lee Slavin)

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