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Karakush Sassenach
(G Donoso-Lopez& T Gardiner L & H Gibson)

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NSW Aboukir Highest Priority (Mr R Sinclair, Johansen & Murdoch)
NSW Aboukir Toughen Up (Aust Supreme Ch) (Day, Sinclair & Johansen)
VIC Alaqadar Wellington (SUP. CH) (Carolyn Mibus)
NSW Aviva Glorious (P & RM Bacich)
SA Aviva Mirror Image (AI) (A&J Janonis, R&P Bacich)
NSW Aviva Thera (AI) (Ch) (Ros & Peter Bacich)
QLD Bayan Norse Maiden (Aust Sup Ch) (DC & CA McGreevy)
QLD Calahorra Ava Gardner (Champion) (Jacky Harnett & Nico Meyer)
NSW Calahorra Queens Ransom (Aust Champion) (Tanara Craig)
NSW Coviter Cup of Ambition (AI) (Coviter)
NSW Coviter Humble and Kind (AI) (Coviter)
NSW Doyen Time To Harvest Appals (CH) (Debbie Tidey)
NSW Enarki Twinkle Twinkle Rocksta (Aust Ch.) (M Dwyer and C Clowes)
VIC Jsan CK Obsession (Carolyn Mibus)
NSW Kalutara A Chill In The Air (Ch    ) (Eather/Harbutt/Jones)
NSW Kalutara Sister Soprano (AI) (Ch) (Eather/harbut)
NSW Karakush Double Malt Over Ice (Sup Ch.) (G Donoso/ T Gardiner/ L&H Gibson)
NSW Karakush Hemsworth (Miss N Archer & Mr L & Mrs H Gibson)
NSW Karakush On The Road Again (L & H Gibson)
QLD Karakush Rumour Has It (Miss Tiffany Heares/ L & H Gibson)
NSW Karakush Sassenach (G Donoso-Lopez& T Gardiner L & H Gibson)
NSW Karakush U Know Nothin Jon Sno (Aust Ch) (L & H Gibson)
QLD Khandhu Lyka Prayer (Supreme Ch) (M J Tonks & K Bathgate)
QLD Khandhu Mamma Mia (Aust Ch) (Jill Harvey & Dr P L & Mrs P E Hewitt)
NSW Khandhu Marisha (AI) (Aust Champion) (D Tidey)
QLD Khandhu Mister Darcy (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Mr J Nommensen & Ms J Spreadborough)
QLD Khandhu Plastic Fantastic (Australian Ch.) (P & P Hewitt and Kristofer Crane)
WA Khandhu The Beat Goes On (Supreme Grand champion) (Lynne Fenwick)
VIC Kjavu It Tells (Aust Ch) (Colin & Helen & Brett Hamilton)
QLD Lijolba Love In The Dark (AI) (Gail Wood)
VIC Qashmir like a flash (AI) (Aust Champion) (Geire Heaton-New & A Jones)
VIC Qashmir Like A Flash (AI) (Geire Heaton-New & Andie Jones)
NSW Qashmir Tick Tick Boom (AI) (P & RM Bacich)
VIC Qashmir Va Va Voom (AI) (Ms A Jones & Ms T Frith)
NSW Stonecrest Divine Decadence (Aust Ch) (M & K Stone)
NSW Suliman Af Finnity (L & H Gibson and K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman Cut From Marble (Aust Ch) (K, K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman Da Finnci Code (K, K & R Hutchings)
NZ Suliman Moment Youv Waited For (J & J Vuleta)
WA Suliman my Delirium (Aust Gr Ch) (L Fenwick)
SA Suliman Poetic Justice (Supreme Ch) (Kerin, Kerry & Rachel Hutchings)
SA Suliman Rewrite The Stars (AI) (Aust. Ch) (K, K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman The Greatest Showman (AI) (K, K & R Hutchings)
NSW Taejon All About Eve (AI) (Int & Aust Sup Ch) (Paul & Lyn Britza & Julieanne Laws)
QLD Taejon all About The Dress (Ch) (Mr S Bennett & Mr B Green)
NSW Taejon Electric Horseman (AI) (Aust Ch) (Paul & Lyn Britza & Julieanne Laws)
SA Tahkira Affogato (Aust Ch) (B Ferguson)
VIC Tahkira blaze in blu (ai) (Aust Champion) (Geire Heaton-New)
QLD Tahkira Blu Belle (AI) (Aust Ch) (Miss J Gibson)
SA Tahkira Blue Wizard (AI) (Christine Faint)
SA Tahkira Burn Baby Burn (B Ferguson)
QLD Tahkira Knockin On Heavns Door (ai) (Aust Ch) (Mr S Bennett & Mr B Green)
NSW Tahkira Manhatten Moccha (Aust Ch) (Miss E Bray)
SA Tahkira Perfect Illusion (AI) (Aust Ch) (P Turner)
SA Tahkira Take A Chance On Me (SUPREME CH) (B Ferguson)
SA Tahkira Who Needs A Halo (B Ferguson)
SA Tahkira You Should Be So Lucky (Aust Ch) (B Ferguson)
NSW Takira Steel Doll (AI) (Aust Ch) (Day, Sinclair, Murdoch and Faint)
QLD Tianze Diamond In The Rough (Champion) (Jacky Harnett)
QLD Tianze Frozen In Time (AI) (Champion) (Jacky Harnett)
QLD Tianze Jewel Inthe Crown (Champion) (Jacky Harnett)
QLD Tianze Mystify Me (Supreme FCH Champion) (Jacky Harnett)
QLD White Infinity's Diablo ( Imp Hun) (Ch) (Penni Smith)
WA Zazzera My Heart Skips Abeat (Grand Champion) (L.M & R.A Fenwick)

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