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Airebury EagleHawk
(Mr O Wieczorek & Ms V Lee)

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SA Airebury EagleHawk (Mr O Wieczorek & Ms V Lee)
VIC Belairedales Captain America (AI) (Diana Kasal)
NSW Belltirna Believeitornot (Supreme Champion and Neuter Champion) (Susan Jolly & Wayne Lewis)
QLD Bristolian Prestigious Archie (Aust Ch) (S Thomson & J Thomson)
QLD Burfield Big Bang (Aust Ch) (A Dopking)
VIC Clydebrook Gaelic Star (Ch) (Robert Brooks)
VIC Clydebrook Spiced Rum (Sup Ch    ) (Bob and Nessie Brooks)
VIC Clydebrook The Jacobyte (Ch) (Robert Brooks)
WA Clydebrook the jacobyte (Australian) (S & D Rogers)
NSW Driesdale Edge of Reality (Mrs M A Fittler)
QLD Driesdale Jackson Mississippi (Aust CH) (Adam Hodgens)
NSW Driesdale Playing to Win (Martin Allatt)
VIC Est Etium Ore Uno (IMP UKR) (UA & MD Australian Supreme Champion) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Feuerdorn Boot Camp (Ch) (Mr M Hill & Ms K McFarlane)
VIC Ingalou Press Release (Ch) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
NSW Joval This Ain't No Disco (IMP USA) (Am Ch, Am Gr Ch, & Aust Ch) (Mrs Margaret Fittler)
VIC Lovedale Attracting Attention (Mr M Hill & Ms K McFarlane)
NZ Lovedale Take Over Bid IID USA (Aust) (NZ CH) (J Parr, D Price, John Heron, Jean Heron)
QLD Lovedale Tick All The Boxes (IIDUSA) (Julianne Thomson)
VIC Old Iron Just Awesome (Grand Ch) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Oldiron Boomerang (Champion) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
NZ OldIron Drive Time (Imp Aust) AI (NZ CH) (Janice Parr and David Price)
VIC Oldiron Icing on the Cake (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Oldiron Who's 0n First (Aust Supreme & International Ch) (Anne & Ron sorraghan)
NSW Stirling Wild Side Eclipse (IMP USA) (Am Grand Ch & Aust Supreme Ch) (Susan Jolly)
VIC Terrorific The King's Legend (USA Ch) (D & D Barclay)
VIC Tjuringa Apollo (Diana Kasal)
NSW Tjuringa Navajo Warrior - Hip & Elbow Score 0/0 (Aust Ch) (John Heron)
NSW Tjuringa On Target (Aust Champion) (Mrs Margaret Fittler)
SA Tjuringa Quite So (AI) (V) (Ch) (R&W Baker/K&T Lovell)
VIC Trumps Road Tripper (Aust Ch) (Sue Wilson)
VIC Yeloman Fergus Of Carrick (SUP.CH) (Suzanne Tennant)
SA Yeloman Just William (Aust Supreme Ch) (Suzanne Tennant & Megan McWaters)
VIC Yeloman Kangaroo Straight (Suzanne Tennant)
VIC York Park Zorba Zopoulos (Aust CH) (David & Dianne Barclay)
VIC Yorkpark Trillion Aire Ted (David & Dianne Barclay)

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