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Swedish Champion Zilk's He's Got The Look. (Imp.Sweden)
(Gail C Lovett)

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SA Azel Always Bet On The Black AOM (Nordic Ch/NW Ch/PT Ch/Sw Ch/DK Ch/Am Ch/Australian Supreme Champion) (Erin Carter)
SA Azel Always Gotcha Thinking (Monika Purdie)
NSW Azel Deal Or No Deal (Azel Kennels)
SA Azel Don't Believeme Just Watch (Aust Ch) (John / Valerie and Erin Carter)
SA Azel Dont Call My Bluff (Aust Ch) (Azel kennels)
SA Azel Let the Games Begin (Aust Ch) (Azel kennels)
SA Azel moments like this (Supreme Ch) (John / Valerie and Erin Carter)
NSW Azel Onyx Isthe New Black (Aust Ch) (K Holtkamp)
NSW Azel Playing With Fire (K Holtkamp)
SA Azel Show Some Class (Aust Ch) (Azel Kennel)
VIC Beachstone's All American Girl (Imp USA) (MBIS Am Gr/Can/Aust Ch) (Pauline Grutzner/Marjory Adkins)
NSW Boxcrest Making Waves With Occuli (DC Mahoney & R Pandelis)
NZ Ebonn Tis An Addiction (NZ Ch) (Debbie Hull)
NZ Ebonn Tis Back In The Black (NZ Grand Ch) (Debbie Hull & Delwyn Barnett)
NZ Ebonn Tis Walk'n On Ice (AI) (NZ Ch) (Debbie Hull)
SA Galaksi I Have A Dream IMP Denmark (US SE WW18 PL NL USA NORDIC CH INT CH) (Valerie and Erin Carter)
TAS Highgatte Dark Knight (Aust Gr Ch) (Pauline Grutzner)
TAS Highgatte Reindeer Games (Aust Ch) (Lacey Wiltshire)
NSW Javalin's Get On Up (IMP USA) (AM. CH.CH) (Glenyce Cooke)
NSW Jettz American Flyer (Supreme Ch) (Victoria Masterfield)
NSW Jettz American Romance (Aust Ch) (Victoria Masterfield)
NSW Jettz Pretty In Ink (Victoria Masterfield & Delwyn Barnett)
NSW Jettz Whos That Girl (Sup CH) (Victoria Masterfield & Rebecca Pandelis)
ACT Landmark Bradley Cooper (AI) (Suzana Styles)
NSW Landmark Catching Fire (Aust Ch) (Casey & Rhonda Wagland)
ACT Landmark Oceans Eleven (AI) (BIS Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Tango De La Flamenco (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Tango De La Roxanne (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Thors Hammer (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark XXS Sweeter Than Wine (AI) (BIS Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
WA Light Dream's Bring It On (Imp Swd) (Supreme Ch) (Paul & Debbie Wilkes & Paige Hopkins)
WA Light Dream's Copacabana (imp Swd) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Paul & Debbie Wilkes)
VIC Ltrend Crazy For You (AI) (Champion) (Glenn Gillan)
NZ Ltrend Knock Your Spots Off (Imp Aust) (NZ Sup Gr Ch) (Debbie Hull & Delwyn Barnett)
NSW Makin Dreams Come True CCD RN (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Rebecca Pandelis & B Goyen)
WA Mar-k N Parkavon's Midnight Eclipse (imp Usa) (AM/CAN/NZ GRD CH/AUST SUPREME CH) (Paul & Debbie Wilkes & Keith Brown)
NSW Parkavon Coco-Wears-Chanel (Aust Sup Ch) (MRS M Hanley)
NSW Parkavon Gorgio-Wears-Armani (Aust Sup Ch) (B & M Hanley & Miss J Morse-roberts)
QLD Parkavon Midnight Zorro (Imp NZL) (Ch   ) (Gillian Lazar)
VIC Quirentia Where's Norma (Deborah Alford-Kerr)
NSW Samamari's Wonder Women (IMP USA) (AUST CH, AM CH,RU BISS) (Victoria Masterfield)
NSW Samamari’s Golden State Warriheir (IMP USA) (American Ch, Aust Ch) (Victoria Masterfield & Stephanie Kaul)
VIC Scottfree Wizard of Wall Street (Australian & American) (E Smith K Hollingworth & P Grutzner)
VIC Sharnbrae Czech Mate (Australian Champion) (Helen Pereyra)
QLD Silverhall Hang Em High (Australian & American CH) (Smith/Hollingworth/Grutzner/Adkins)
NSW Sinderby Black Or White (AI) (Aust Ch) (B R & M L Hanley)
NSW Sinderby Man In The Mirror (AI) (Aust Ch) (B R & M L Hanley)
NSW Sinderby Simply Sassy (Imp NZ) (Aust Sup Ch) (B&M Hanley & C Hatzikiriakos)
VIC Staryanks Greatest Showman (P & D Wilkes, P Hopkins & M Clarke)
NSW Staryanks Hall Of Fame (Aust Supreme Ch) (K, J & P Hopkins and P & D Wilkes)
NSW Staryanks Only Girl In Th World (Aust Sup Ch) (Paul & Debbie Wilkes & Paige Hopkins)
VIC Staryanks Stole The Show (Sup CH) (P & D Wilkes, P Hopkins & M Clarke)
WA Staryanks Sweet Child Of Mine (SUPREME CH) (Paul & Debbie Wilkes)
VIC Staryanks Sweetest Sensation (Aust Sup Ch) (P & D Wilkes & P Hopkins & M Clarke)
VIC Staryanks Take A Chance On Me (Aust Ch) (Debbie & Paul Wilkes / Paige Hopkins/ Ma)
VIC Sunfire Champagne Charlie (Champion) (Deb Alford-Kerr)
VIC Sunfire Dallas Cowboy (Pauline Grutzner/Marjory Adkins)
VIC Sunfire Hershey Kisses (Pauline Grutzner/Marjory Adkins)
QLD Sunfire Lack of Black (Pauline Grutzner/Marjory Adkins)
QLD Sunfire No You Carnt (Champion) (Pauline Grutzner/Marjory Adkins)
VIC Sunfire Thunder Downunder (Aust & Neut Ch) (Glenn Gillan)
QLD Taryk Take A Chance On Me (Karen Gay & Linda McGregor)
QLD Taryk The Winner Takes It All (Aust Ch) (Linda McGregor and Tanya Smith)
QLD Truly Yours Black Breaking Records (Imp Dmk) (MBIS, MRUBIS, MBIG Aust Supreme Ch) (Gillian Clubb)
VIC Zivv Texas Legend (Aust Ch) (Mr M & Mrs R Clarke)

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