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Aust Ch Dognyty Whos Your Daddy
(E. Lewis & R. Purdy)

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NSW Amseraphs Dare To Dream (AI) JC (BISS Ch) (K Taylor)
QLD Amseraphs Majestic Ruler CAX (Aust Ch) (F Skews)
NSW Amseraphs My Obsession (AI) WPD (Rachelle Gambino)
NSW Amseraphs Royal Defender (AI) JC WPD (Ch) (K Taylor)
VIC Amstafomine Against All Odds JC (Multi BISS Multi RBISS Aust Grand Ch.) (Deb Hughes & Bree Sturrock)
QLD Anitefire Honey Honey CA (AU CH) (C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Lovin This Party (AI) JC (AU CH) (C Brickland/C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Playtimes Over (AI) JC (AU CH) (C Tschutura)
VIC Anitefire Winner Takes It All JC. (RUBISS Aust CH) (Miss C Virt / C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Written In The Stars (A.I.) JC (C Tschutura / A Bianchi)
VIC Forevapals Arizona Desert CA (Ch) (E Perry)
VIC Forevapals Super Trouper ET WWPD (Ch) (C Barclay)
QLD Hotashell Got Ya Burnin Up ET JC (Aust Ch.) (H. Petersen/J. Martiniello)
VIC Manfreds Damage Done ET CA WWPD WPD (Ch) (E Prerry)
VIC MBIS MBISS Roadhouse’s Life Of The Party CGCA CA Dn Rati Rato (GCHP) (Greg Roadhouse, Ellen Bannin & Kim Rudzik)
NSW Newbelle ACDC ET. WWPD. JC. WPD. (RUBIS RUBISS Grand Ch) (T Talbot)
NSW Newbelle Live Wire JC. (Aust Ch. Neut.Grand Ch.) (T Talbot)
VIC Newbelle Spot The Dot (Mr B Matthews & Ms N Quinlan & Mr M Ande)
NSW Pradakka Elegant Storm (AI) WPD (BISS Aust Ch.) (T Talbot)
NSW Pradakka Pure Elegance (AI) WPD. (MBISS Aust Gr Ch. CIB.) (T Talbot)
NT Ravinboutya TwentyFour Seven CA.JC.ET. (RBIS. MBIG. SUP. CH.) (M.Boucher)
NSW Redplatinum Let There Be Rock (AI) WPD JC (BIS MBISS AUS SUP CH) (Cassie Caple)
QLD Staffwild Lightning Crashes CA (Ch.) (K. Gordon)
QLD Staffwild No Remorse JC (Staffwild Kennels)
QLD Starsdelight Born Ruler (AI) CA (Aust Ch) (Fiona Skews)
QLD Tredanky Twilight Time (AI) JC CA (Ch.) (Tredanky Stafs)
VIC Winyahart Mack Attack WWPDX (E Perry)
VIC Zforce Rock Ina Frock (Dual Ch (Neuter)(T) Dual Grand Ch (Neuter)(TS)) (Lisa Staszek)

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