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NSW Adoralink Sheza Peach (S.Linek)
NSW Alsoloyal Caramel Sundae (Jody Goodwin)
NSW Amdea Royal Assassin (D. Blackwell & R. Gambino)
NSW Amdea Royal Guardian (D. Blackwell & R. Gambino)
QLD Amdea Royal Obsession (Fiona Skews)
VIC Amdominus Eye Of The Tiger (BISS RUBISS RUBIS AUS CH) (Mr Paolo Gibilisco)
QLD Amerotic Miss Indiana (BIS RUBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Beth Walker)
NSW Amorphix Nitro Nyx (Mr B Guest)
NSW Amseraphs Color My Dreams (AI) (K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs Dare To Dream (AI) JC (BISS Ch) (K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs Divine Temptation AOM (BIS BISS RBISS Aust Ch) (T Steen)
NSW Amseraphs Highest Power (AI) DNA (BISS/MRBISS Aust Ch) (T Steen)
VIC Amseraphs I Will Do It My Way (AI) (R Moss, D Heath & T Steen)
VIC Amseraphs Ina League Of Her Own (AI) (Aust CH) (D Heath, R Moss & K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs Kalessi Zade (Aust. CH) (K Taylor)
WA Amseraphs Keepsake (Stocker/Taylor)
QLD Amseraphs Majestic Ruler CAX (Aust Ch) (F Skews)
NSW Amseraphs My Obsession (AI) WPD (Rachelle Gambino)
NZ Amseraphs Raise The Stakes (Imp Aust) (BIS, RBISS, MIIS, MJIS, MPIS, PlatinumPlusNZ CH) (Z.Jordan (Zaliamstaff))
NSW Amseraphs She Would Be If She Was (Taylor/Steen/Grice)
NSW Amseraphs Shine In The Darkness (ai) (K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs Sweet Dreams (AI) (Ch) (R. Gambino & K. Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs Sweet Dreams (AI) (BISS AU CH) (K Taylor R Gambino)
NSW Amseraphs The Force Awakens (Ch) (K Taylor / D Blackwell / R Gambino)
NSW Amseraphs The Power Of Dreams (AI) (K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs The Power Of Passion (AI) (Aust Ch) (T Steen)
NSW Amseraphs Thru The Looking Glass (Taylor/Steen/Grice)
NSW Amstafican Return Of D Goddess (BIS RUBISS Aust Gr Ch) (Adrian Martiniello)
VIC Amstafomine Against All Odds JC (Multi BISS Multi RBISS Aust Grand Ch.) (Deb Hughes & Bree Sturrock)
SA Amstafomine Cotton Kisses (Ch) (Deb Hughes)
SA Amstafomine Frozen Assets (Deborah Hughes)
SA Amstafomine Hard Act To Follow (AI) (Mrs D Hughes)
SA Amstafomine In your Dreams (Aust Champion) (J Watson)
SA Amstafomine Winning Assets (Deborah Hughes)
QLD AmstarFX Google That (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (Kelly McBride - AmstarFX)
QLD AmstarFX Heidi Ho E.T. (Aust Ch) (J. McKay)
QLD AmstarFX I Got It Frm My Daddy DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (AUST CH) (AmstarFX - Kelly McBride)
QLD AmstarFX Marvel In The Making (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (MULTI BIG, RUBIG, JIS, PIS AUST CH) (AmstarFX - Kelly McBride)
NZ Amstarfx Party At Opourere (Imp Aust) AI (Sue Dennis)
QLD AmstarFX Swipe Right (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (Kelly McBride - AmstarFX)
NZ AmstarFX Tassie Magic (IMP AUST) (NZ CH) (Sue Dennis)
QLD AmstarFX Trixi Firecraka DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (AUST CH) (AmstarFX - Kelly McBride)
VIC Anican Breaking Dawn (Aust CH RBISS) (Anican Kennels)
WA Anican Calendar Girl (Anican Kennels)
VIC Anican Heavenly Bliss (Ch) (Anican Kennels)
WA Anican Justa Lil Tease (RU BISS CH) (Chris Shaw & Anican Kennels)
QLD Anitefire Cinnamon Mist (Aust Ch) (C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Honey Honey CA (AU CH) (C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Lovin This Party (AI) JC (AU CH) (C Brickland/C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Party in Paradise (AI) (BISS) (C Tschutura)
VIC Anitefire Winner Takes It All JC. (RUBISS Aust CH) (Miss C Virt / C Tschutura)
NSW Attomoy Blue Sky Mine (Multi BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Attomoy Dark Horse (Aust Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Attomoy Desert Rose (Aust Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Bellawest American By Design (Aust Ch) (Alsoloyal Kennels)
NSW Bellawest Blue Velvet (Aust Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Bellawest Deja Blue (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Bellawest Miss Indiana (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Biotite Rumours (Aust Ch) (Miss Hera Manihera)
NSW Bludozertank Polar Bear Huntr (Brian Guest)
NSW Blupride Last Hurrah (Aust Ch) (Lydia Jones)
NSW Brizegar Forever Mine (Nicole Tetley)
NSW Brutefoce Stormi (Mr Brian Guest)
NSW Bruteforce Medusa (Mr B Guest)
VIC Cierrasedge Enough Said (J Thomson)
VIC Concise Black Velvet (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Exquisite Exhibit (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Fancy Pants (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Little Black Button (Michael Grima.)
VIC Concise Million Dollar Baby (Paolo Gibilisco.)
VIC Concise Moonlight Shadow (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Wild Fire (Michael Grima)
VIC Crazy Cry's Xolina Sexygirl Pawtucket imp rom (Barry Wickers)
VIC Crazy crys xolani sexygirl (Champio) (Barry wickers)
VIC Crystal Rock's American Made (Imp USA) (J Thomson)
NZ Cuchelaine Clothra (NZ BRONZE CH) (Sonya Bennett)
TAS Decenjer Pocket ov Dynamite (Sharon Sulman)
QLD Dinamyte Billie Jean (Aust Ch) (Mrs J. McKay & M. Blake)
QLD Dinamyte China Rose C.D. E.T. (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Mrs J. McKay)
VIC Dinamyte Dinamis Girl (Mr A & Mrs C Vassilou, Mrs J. McKay)
NSW Dinamyte Havn A Blast (Aust. Ch.) (G. Howley & J. McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Hyperillusion (RUBISS Aust Ch) (J. McKay/D. Hanson/D. Dale)
WA Dinamyte Nobel Prize (Aust. Ch.) (E. Lewis & J.McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Shakhira (Multi BIS RUBIS BISS Grand CH) (Mrs J. McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Shez Da Bomb (RUBIS Grand CH) (J. McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Stop The Clock (MBIS, MBISS, MRBIS, MRBISS Supreme CH) (Jodie McKay)
VIC Dinamyte The Party Never Ends (S. Marcucci & J. McKay)
VIC Dinamyte Whos That Girl (Aust. Ch.) (J & M Mouratidis & J.McKay)
WA Dognyty Poseidons Pearl (Elisa Lewis)
NZ Elcarimblu Onetoremember (IMP AUST){Silver Merit} (NZ Ch) (S Dennis)
WA Elisabeth of Skywalkeramstaf (Imp Serbia) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
VIC Farfromova Romance Is Dead (Aust Ch) (G. Ward & B. Taylor)
QLD Firewalk Influential Miss (Multi BISS,RUBIS Aust Gr Ch) (B. Walker)
QLD FireWalk Miss Poppilicious (Beth walker)
VIC Forevapals Arizona Desert CA (Ch) (E Perry)
VIC Forevapals Born Entertainer (E Perry)
VIC Forevapals Fire N Ice (E Perry)
VIC Forevapals Regin of Fire (Corey Barclay)
QLD Havfun Hot Gossip (Aust. Ch.) (Mrs Zdenka Dunbar)
NZ HeavyFuel Hyjak My Heart (Catherine Turbitt)
NZ HeavyFuel Torch (NZ CH) (Catherine Turbitt)
NZ Heavyfuel Wahine Toa (A Rivalant)
VIC Highkalibre Block Kingz Maya (Anthony Marinos)
NZ Hotamstaff Saphire Gizmo (Bronze Ch)(Imp Aust) (BPIS, NZ CH) (Z Jordan & J Klenner)
NSW HotAsHell Cranking Up Da Heat (BISS Aust Ch) (Martiniello/Zullo)
QLD Hotashell Goddess Of An Empire (AI) (H Petersen/J Martiniello)
NSW Hotashell Icing Off The Cake (Luke and Melanie)
NSW Hotashell She Takes The Cake (RUBISS Aust. Ch) (J. Martiniello)
VIC Icerainstafs Cindi With Tarandu (AI) (Vanessa Torney)
VIC Icerainstafs Keona (AI) (Australian Champion) (Mrs & Mr Torney)
NSW Icerainstafs Red Duchess (Rob Clay)
VIC Ilprimo Blue Angel (CH) (Amanda Thomson)
QLD Iminawe Zhelian Bronze (Aust Ch) (Rizenstar Staffords)
NSW Ironklad Excuse My French (Aust Ch) (K Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad La Gloire (Aust Ch) (K. Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Las Vegas Showgirl (Aust Ch) (K. Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Miss America (Aust Ch) (M Difford & K Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Original Sin (Aust. Ch) (J.Martiniello & K.Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Pump Up The Jam (K Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Rainbow In The Dark (Aust Ch) (K OSeckas)
NSW Ironklad Shake Ya Bon Bon (Aust Ch.) (K Oseckas)
WA Iroq Cause For Concern (AI) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Dare To Dream (AI) (Steve & Marion Green)
WA Iroq From Serbia With Love (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Gentle On The Eyes (AI) (Aust CH) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq I B Trouble (AUST CH) (Steve & Marion Green)
WA Iroq In Harmony (Grand Ch) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq In Vogue (AUST CH) (Steve & Marion Green)
WA Iroq Indecent Proposal (Mr SV & Mrs m Green)
WA Iroq Miss Independence (Aust Ch) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Montana Storm (CH) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Mother of Dragons (Mr S V & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Reckless (AUST CH) (Steve & Marion Green)
WA Iroq Second Edition (AUST CH) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Show Girl (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Skyes the Limit (Mr Sv & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq You Aint Seen Nothing Yet (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
VIC Kutastaffs Dark illusion (Paolo Gibilisco)
NSW LBK's Cookies N Cream (Imp USA) (Multi BISS Multi RBISS Ch) (T & K Steen)
NSW LBKs Alice In Wonderland (Imp Usa) (K Taylor & T Steen)
VIC Mamba Eliksir Mkillkea (Imp Serbia) (Concise Kennels)
SA Manfreds Acting Like U Dont No (J Watson)
VIC Manfreds Damage Done ET CA WWPD WPD (Ch) (E Prerry)
SA Manfreds Diamond In The Rough (J Watson)
NSW Manfreds Ebonynivorys Harmony (Aust Ch) (Ms cheryl Rea & Mrs Cassie Caple)
SA Manfreds Envy Me (J Watson)
SA Manfreds little devil (J watson)
SA Manfreds Queen Of The Night (Aust Gr Champion) (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Sweet But Psycho (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Tabels Have Turned (J Watson)

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