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Dognyty King of Gods
(Elisa Lewis)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

QLD 17-Jul-2012Ozmyte The Deeds Done ((BIS, Multi RUBIS) Aust. Supreme Ch.) (N Keedle)
QLD 8-Aug-2012Dinamyte Chace The Ace E.T. ROH - NCL - A Clear (Multi BIS RUBIS RUBISS Supreme CH) (Mrs J. McKay)
QLD 21-Oct-2014Dinamyte Big Bang (MBIS MBISS MRBISS MRBIS Supreme CH) (J. McKay)
NSW 30-Oct-2014Orion Red Mist King Of Rings (Imported Serbia) Ataxia Clear (BIS BISS Serb Ch. Ukr Ch. Cy Ch. Md Ch. Phil Ch. Bg Ch. Aze Ch. Mtn Ch. Aus. Ch) (J & A Martiniello)
NSW 28-Jul-2015Ironklad Bark At The Moon (BIS RUBIS BISS RUBISS Supreme Ch) (K Oseckas & B Stark)
QLD 25-May-2017Dinamyte Stop The Clock (MBIS, MBISS, MRBIS, MRBISS Supreme CH) (Jodie McKay)
NT 22-Oct-2017Ravinboutya TwentyFour Seven CA.JC.ET. (RBIS. MBIG. SUP. CH.) (M.Boucher)
NSW 27-Jan-2019Redplatinum Let There Be Rock (AI) WPD JC (BIS MBISS AUS SUP CH) (Cassie Caple)
WA 24-Jul-2019Dinamyte Depth Charge (BIS, BISS, RUBIS, RUBISS Supreme CH) (E. Williamson & J. McKay)

Australian GRAND Champions

NSW 1-Jan-1990Quatroniko Black Ice (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (L & L Nikolovski)
WA 1-Jan-1990Anican Chance Encounter (BISS RU BISS RU BIS GRAND CH) (Anican Kennels)
VIC 1-Jan-1990Amstafomine Against All Odds JC (Multi BISS Multi RBISS Aust Grand Ch.) (Deb Hughes & Bree Sturrock)
VIC 1-Jan-1990Rythmnblu No Fluff N Stuff (A.I.) (Aust Grand Ch) (Mr L & Mrs S Dowdell & Ms B Taylor)
NSW 12-Feb-2002Attomoy Cruise Control (AI) (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Sue Patterson & Leisa Hodder)
QLD 25-Sep-2004Dinamyte Shakhira (Multi BIS RUBIS BISS Grand CH) (Mrs J. McKay)
VIC 29-Jun-2006Newbelle Blues Brothers E.T. (Aust Grand CH) (Rythmnblu Kennels)
NSW 19-Jul-2006Attomoy Blue Sky Mine (Multi BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW 18-Dec-2009Mischiefmaka PrettyVegas (RUBISS GrCh.) (K. Oseckas)
VIC 14-Mar-2010Anican Weapon X (Multi BIS BISS RU BISS GR CH.) (Anican Kennels)
QLD 12-May-2010Amerotic Miss Indiana (BIS RUBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Beth Walker)
NSW 16-Nov-2010Newbelle Howz Zat (Aust GR Ch) (Mr Malcolm Anderson)
VIC 31-Dec-2010Tarandu Endofdiscussion (BIS.BISS. GR CH) (J Thomson)
NSW 10-Jul-2012Skylarulz Hell Razor (Aust. Grand Ch.) (A & J Martiniello & N Zullo)
NSW 15-Sep-2012ProAmstafs Bound For Glory (BISS RUBISS Grand Ch) (L & L Nikolovski)
QLD 16-Sep-2012Staffwild Rising Power (RUBIS BISS Aust Grand Ch) (F Raaen/K Gordon)
NSW 6-Nov-2012Attomoy Rock A Fella (Aust Grand Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW 30-Oct-2014Amstafican Return Of D Goddess (BIS RUBISS Aust Gr Ch) (Adrian Martiniello)
QLD 10-Mar-2015Firewalk Influential Miss (Multi BISS,RUBIS Aust Gr Ch) (B. Walker)
VIC 19-May-2015Anitefire The Main Event ( AI ) (MBISS RUBIS GRAND CH ) (Ryan Eddy and Christina Tschutura)
QLD 7-Jul-2015Dinamyte Shez Da Bomb (RUBIS Grand CH) (J. McKay)
NSW 23-Sep-2015Amstarfx Perfect Crime (BISS Grand Ch) (K Oseckas & B Stark)
WA 19-Feb-2016Iroq In Harmony (Grand Ch) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
NSW 15-Mar-2016Newbelle ACDC ET. WWPD. JC. WPD. (RUBIS RUBISS Grand Ch) (T Talbot)
TAS 4-Aug-2018Amseraphs Highway Of Dreams (AI) (Grand Ch) (K Taylor/ F Wiltshire)
NSW 4-Mar-2019Nikar New Begining (GR CH) (Karen Sloane)
VIC 28-Jun-2019Dinamyte Whos The Boss (Aust. Grand Ch.) (J & M Mouratidis & J.McKay)
NSW 23-Aug-2019Pradakka Pure Elegance (AI) WPD. (MBISS Aust Gr Ch. CIB.) (T Talbot)
SA 14-Jan-2020Manfreds Queen Of The Night (Aust Gr Champion) (J Watson)

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