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Hotashell Icing Off The Cake
(Luke and Melanie)

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VIC Admiralis Dues (Marcus Cam)
QLD AJ Artillery's Party Boy (SVN) (MBISS/BIS AKC GR CH) (Mrs C Tschutura)
VIC Alcapone of Flightstaff (Imp. Serbia) (Concise Kennels)
VIC Alpine's Highwayman Cgc,Rati,Ratn (FROZEN SEMEN) (MBIS. MBISS PLATINUM. AM CH. CAN CH.) (Ryan Eddy - Rydoc Amstaffs)
SA Alpines Rio Grande (Ch) (Deb Hughes)
NSW Alsoloyal Genetic Flames (Aust Ch    ) (Jody Goodwin)
VIC Ammorado Awesome As (Adam Morgan)
VIC Ammorado Eightball (Adam Morgan)
NSW Amorphix Rumbling Thunder (Mr B Guest)
NSW Amseraphs Back To Wonderland (K Taylor)
TAS Amseraphs Highway Of Dreams (AI) (Grand Ch) (K Taylor/ F Wiltshire)
QLD Amseraphs Live Your Dreams (AI) JC (Aust Ch) (Fiona Skews)
NSW Amseraphs Royal Colors (AI) (K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs Royal Defender (AI) JC WPD (Ch) (K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs Royal Dream (K Boughton/K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs Strike Force (Ch) (Rachelle Gambino)
NSW Amseraphs Strike Force (BISS RBISS Aust Ch) (R Gambino)
VIC Amseraphs White Rock Royalty (AI) (Aust Ch) (K Taylor, D Heath & R Moss)
SA Amstafomine Double Or Nothing (Gr Ch) (Deborah Hughes)
SA Amstafomine Heads I Win (CH) (Deborah Hughes)
SA Amstafomine Play To Win (Deborah Hughes)
NZ Amstarfx Mission Complete (imp aust) (NZ CH) (S Dennis)
NSW Amstarfx Perfect Crime (BISS Grand Ch) (K Oseckas & B Stark)
QLD AmstarFX Street Outlaw (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (AUST CH) (A and H Driver & Kelly McBride)
NSW AmstarFX Thanos The Immortal (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (AUST CH) (L McCormack & Kelly McBride)
WA AmstarFX The Force Awakens (AI) Ataxia Clear By Parentage (B Maher & Kelly McBride)
WA Anican Chance Encounter (BISS RU BISS RU BIS GRAND CH) (Anican Kennels)
VIC Anican Cut to The Chase (Aust Ch) (Amber Frankland & Anican Kennels)
VIC Anican Fire Starter (Anican Kennels)
QLD Anican Lethal Weapon (Charlene Beattie & Anican Kennels)
VIC Anican Spartan Warrior (Ch) (Anican Kennels)
VIC Anican Weapon X (Multi BIS BISS RU BISS GR CH.) (Anican Kennels)
VIC Anican Winter Soldier (Anican Kennels)
QLD Anitefire Cant Deny It (C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Life of The Party (A.I) (AU CH) (C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Playtimes Over (AI) JC (AU CH) (C Tschutura)
VIC Anitefire The Main Event ( AI ) (MBISS RUBIS GRAND CH ) (Ryan Eddy and Christina Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Written In The Stars (A.I.) JC (C Tschutura / A Bianchi)
NSW Attomoy Cruise Control (AI) (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Sue Patterson & Leisa Hodder)
VIC Attomoy Mercury Rising (CH) (J Thomson)
NSW Attomoy Rock A Fella (Aust Grand Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Bellawest Apache Boy (Aust Ch) (Miss Nicole Tetley)
NSW Bellawest Blood Sweat N Tears (Aust Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Bellawest Man In Black (Miss Leisa Hodder)
NSW Billsamstaff Gorilla (Elena Bosworth)
VIC Bondurant Southern Gent (AI) (Miss C Virt)
NSW Bruteforce Morpheus (Brian Guest)
QLD Castle Rock - Sbigstaff's Gun Powder N Lead (USA) (AKC CH) (Mrs C Tschutura)
VIC Concise Black Jack (Michael Grima & Koksal Alsin)
VIC Concise Black Rain (NZ.Ch.) (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Bouncing Tick Tock. (Michael Grima.)
VIC Concise Genesis (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Ginger Bread Man (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Im Elvis (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Running Bear (Michael Grima.)
VIC Concise Smashing Bull (Michael Grima.)
TAS Decenjer Prince ov Dynamite (Sharon Sulman)
QLD Dinamyte Big Bang (MBIS MBISS MRBISS MRBIS Supreme CH) (J. McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Chace The Ace E.T. ROH - NCL - A Clear (Multi BIS RUBIS RUBISS Supreme CH) (Mrs J. McKay)
WA Dinamyte Depth Charge (BIS, BISS, RUBIS, RUBISS Supreme CH) (E. Williamson & J. McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Dirty Deeds - NCL - A Clear (Aust Ch) (Mrs J. McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Let The Party Begin (J. McKay)
VIC Dinamyte Whos The Boss (Aust. Grand Ch.) (J & M Mouratidis & J.McKay)
WA Dognyty King of Gods (Elisa Lewis)
QLD Dognyty Whos Your Daddy (Aust Ch) (E. Lewis & R. Purdy)
NSW Don King Of Rings (frozen Semen) (BIS World & Euro Ch.) (L & L Nikolovski)
NZ DryCreek Fire Ball (NZ Ch) (Amanda J Lucas)
NZ Elcarimblu In The Makin (IMP AUST) (NZ CH) (Sue Dennis)
VIC Farfromova Idols And Anchors (G.Ward & B. Taylor)
VIC Farfromova Lil Abner Yokum (Aust Ch) (G. Ward, B. Taylor & M & M Young)
QLD Firewalk Breakin The Rulez (Aust Ch) (Adam Major)
VIC Forevapals Super Trouper ET WWPD (Ch) (C Barclay)
VIC Forevapals Texas Bull (E Perry)
SA Grimloc Aces High V Stafface (imp USA) (Aust CH) (Whitehorn)
QLD Havfun All Wired Up (Aus.Ch.) (Mrs Zdenka Dunbar (Havfun Amstaffs))
QLD Havfun Bad Habit (Aust Ch) (Staffwild Kennels)
NZ HeavyFuel Saturn Whisper (Catherine Turbitt)
NZ HeavyFuel Silver Surfer (Catherine Turbitt)
NSW HotAsHell Boom Boom Bang (Luke & Melanie)
QLD Hotashell Got Ya Burnin Up ET JC (Aust Ch.) (H. Petersen/J. Martiniello)
NSW Hotashell Heir To The Throne (BISS Ch) (M Beregshasi & A Martiniello)
NZ Hotashell Picture Me (AI) (imp-aust) (NZ Platinum Merit Ch) (Amanda Lucas & Julia Martiniello)
SA Hyper Fianna Lines Of Daftrapters (JCH) (Amstafomine Kennels)
VIC Icerainstafs Knuckle Head (AI) (Mr J & Mrs V Torney)
SA Innacovenant Winner Takes All (AI) (Ch) (Deborah Hughes)
NSW Ironklad Bark At The Moon (BIS RUBIS BISS RUBISS Supreme Ch) (K Oseckas & B Stark)
NSW Ironklad Double Or Nothing (Aust Ch) (A Stahl & K Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Orlando Show Ya Bloom (Aust Ch) (W Wilkinson & K Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Packed With Peanuts (A & K Stahl & K Oseckas)
VIC Ironklad Pretty Boy Floyd (Aust Ch) (J Urch & K Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Shepherd Of Fire (Aust Ch.) (K Oseckas)
NSW Ironklad Upping The Ante (Neut. Ch.) (K. Oseckas)
WA Iroq Magnum Force (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Barely Legal (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Code Of Honour (Aust Ch) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Cut Above (Aust Ch    ) (Mr SV & Mrs m Green)
WA Iroq Cutting Edge (Mr SV & Mrs m Green)
WA Iroq Gladiator of Long Step (Mr S V & Mrs M Green)
VIC Iroq Heaven On Earth (CH) (Miss T Staszek & Mr S & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Just Cruzin (AUST CH) (Steve & Marion Green)
WA Iroq Linking It Together (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
SA Iroq Made You Look (AI) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green & Mr B Holden)
WA Iroq No Limits (Mr SV & Mrs M Gren)
WA Iroq Pure Steel (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Steel City (AUST CH) (Mr SV & Mrs m Green)
WA Iroq Trump That (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Twist of Fate (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Weapon of Choice (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
VIC Jeremamstafs Blue Levi (Miss Nikita McGrath)
NZ Kelmoblues Lock Em Up (A Rivalant & J Wedding)
SA Khaotic Princess Magena (Aust Champion) (J Watson)
TAS LaExotica Latino Heat DNA, Ataxia Clear (AUST CH) (Kelly McBride)
NSW LBK's My Name Is Ned (IMP USA) (RUBISS Am Ch / Au Ch) (Rachelle Gambino)
SA Manfreds Big Chief (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Born To Be Wild (Aust Ch) (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Doublblastfromthepast (Aust Champion) (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Guess Whos Back (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Red Gangster (J Watson)
VIC MBIS MBISS Roadhouse’s Life Of The Party CGCA CA Dn Rati Rato (GCHP) (Greg Roadhouse, Ellen Bannin & Kim Rudzik)
NSW Mischiefmaka Reloaded (Aust Ch) (K Oseckas, B Stark, S Reynolds)
VIC Mystaffsblue Big Ouzo (Igor Ruzanji)
NSW Newbelle ACDC ET. WWPD. JC. WPD. (RUBIS RUBISS Grand Ch) (T Talbot)
VIC Newbelle Blues Brothers E.T. (Aust Grand CH) (Rythmnblu Kennels)
NSW Newbelle Howz Zat (Aust GR Ch) (Mr Malcolm Anderson)
NSW Newbelle Kanahooka Kid (Aust Gr Ch) (Anderson/Primmer)
NSW Newbelle Power Of One Ai (Karen Sloane)
NSW Newbelle The Lonestar (Aust Ch) (Newbelle Kennels)
NSW Nikar Are You Ready For This (ai) (Karen Sloane)
NSW Nikar Deeds Never Done(AI) (Aust CH) (Karen Sloane)
NSW Nikar Kratos God Of Strength (Karen Sloane)
QLD Nikar Strike Force Delta Blue (AUS CH) (Karen Sloane)
QLD Nikar This Deed Rocs (AI) (BIS, Multi RUBIS Aust Ch) (Nicole Keedle)
NZ Opourere Calm Befor Da Storm (NZ CH) (Kirsty Lamberton & Sue Dennis)
NZ Opourere Chasing The Dragon (NZ CH) (S Dennis)
NZ Opourere Dubble Take {Gold Merit} (NZ CH) (Sue Dennis)
NZ Opourere Hit The Whickett (Sue Dennis)
NZ Opourere The Unforgiven (CH) (P.Clarke & S.Dennis)
NSW Orion Red Mist King Of Rings (Imported Serbia) Ataxia Clear (BIS BISS Serb Ch. Ukr Ch. Cy Ch. Md Ch. Phil Ch. Bg Ch. Aze Ch. Mtn Ch. Aus. Ch) (J & A Martiniello)
QLD Ozmyte The Deeds Done ((BIS, Multi RUBIS) Aust. Supreme Ch.) (N Keedle)
NSW Paton King of Ring's WW.RWW.MULTI BIS (Frozen Semen) (L & L Nikolovski)
WA Pawtucket Sudden Impact (BISS Aust. Ch.) (Brad Hutchinson)
NSW Pirouettes Sorcery Of Fire (Imp USA) (Craig and Tracy Phillips)
VIC Playmakers Cotton Dragon (FROZEN SEMEN) (JBISS. AM CH.CRO CH. SLO CH.) (Ryan Eddy - Rydoc Amstaffs)
QLD PNX Cimar Champion Of Rings (Imp USA) DNA, OFA Hips (E), Cardiac, Patellas, Thyroid, Ataxia Clear (AM CH) (AmstarFX - Kelly McBride)
NSW Portizon Chisled From Stone (AI) (Mrs R Harrison)
NSW Portizon Shadow of Sterling (Rob Clay)
NSW Portizon The Ban Dido (AI) (Aust Ch) (Rachel Harrison)
NSW Pradakka Dark Elegance (AI) (Aust Ch.) (T Talbot & J Kostava)
NSW Pradakka Elegant Storm (AI) WPD (BISS Aust Ch.) (T Talbot)
VIC Praetorian Staff Born To Crush You (FROZEN SEMEN) (MULTI GRAND CH, BIS, JBISS) (Ryan Eddy - Rydoc Amstaffs)

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