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Ch. Staffwild Iron Horse
(K. Gordon)

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NSW Adoralink Sheza Peach (S.Linek)
NSW Alsoloyal Genetic Flames (Aust Ch    ) (Jody Goodwin)
NSW Amdea Royal Assassin (D. Blackwell & R. Gambino)
NSW Amdea Royal Guardian (D. Blackwell & R. Gambino)
QLD Amdea Royal Obsession (Fiona Skews)
VIC Amdominus Eye Of The Tiger (BISS RUBISS RUBIS AUS CH) (Mr Paolo Gibilisco)
TAS Amseraphs Highway Of Dreams (AI) (Grand Ch) (K Taylor/ F Wiltshire)
WA Amseraphs Keepsake (Stocker/Taylor)
QLD Amseraphs Live Your Dreams (AI) JC (Aust Ch) (Fiona Skews)
QLD Amseraphs Majestic Ruler CAX (Aust Ch) (F Skews)
NSW Amseraphs My Obsession (AI) WPD (Rachelle Gambino)
NSW Amseraphs Royal Defender (AI) JC WPD (Ch) (K Taylor)
NSW Amseraphs She Would Be If She Was (Taylor/Steen/Grice)
NSW Amseraphs Thru The Looking Glass (Taylor/Steen/Grice)
NSW Amstafican Return Of D Goddess (BIS RUBISS Aust Gr Ch) (Adrian Martiniello)
VIC Amstafomine Against All Odds JC (Multi BISS Multi RBISS Aust Grand Ch.) (Deb Hughes & Bree Sturrock)
SA Amstafomine Double Or Nothing (Gr Ch) (Deborah Hughes)
SA Amstafomine Frozen Assets (Deborah Hughes)
SA Amstafomine Heads I Win (CH) (Deborah Hughes)
SA Amstafomine Play To Win (Deborah Hughes)
SA Amstafomine Winning Assets (Deborah Hughes)
QLD AmstarFX I Got It Frm My Daddy DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (AUST CH) (AmstarFX - Kelly McBride)
QLD AmstarFX Marvel In The Making (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (MULTI BIG, RUBIG, JIS, PIS AUST CH) (AmstarFX - Kelly McBride)
NZ Amstarfx Mission Complete (imp aust) (NZ CH) (S Dennis)
NZ Amstarfx Party At Opourere (Imp Aust) AI (Sue Dennis)
NSW Amstarfx Perfect Crime (BISS Grand Ch) (K Oseckas & B Stark)
QLD AmstarFX Street Outlaw (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (AUST CH) (A and H Driver & Kelly McBride)
QLD AmstarFX Swipe Right (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (Kelly McBride - AmstarFX)
NZ AmstarFX Tassie Magic (IMP AUST) (NZ CH) (Sue Dennis)
NSW AmstarFX Thanos The Immortal (AI) DNA, Ataxia Clear By Parentage (AUST CH) (L McCormack & Kelly McBride)
WA Anican Calendar Girl (Anican Kennels)
VIC Anican Fire Starter (Anican Kennels)
VIC Anican Winter Soldier (Anican Kennels)
QLD Anitefire Party in Paradise (AI) (BISS) (C Tschutura)
QLD Anitefire Playtimes Over (AI) JC (AU CH) (C Tschutura)
VIC Anitefire The Main Event ( AI ) (MBISS RUBIS GRAND CH ) (Ryan Eddy and Christina Tschutura)
NSW Bellawest American By Design (Aust Ch) (Alsoloyal Kennels)
NSW Bellawest Man In Black (Miss Leisa Hodder)
NSW Blupride Last Hurrah (Aust Ch) (Lydia Jones)
VIC Bondurant Southern Gent (AI) (Miss C Virt)
QLD Dinamyte Big Bang (MBIS MBISS MRBISS MRBIS Supreme CH) (J. McKay)
VIC Dinamyte Dinamis Girl (Mr A & Mrs C Vassilou, Mrs J. McKay)
NSW Dinamyte Havn A Blast (Aust. Ch.) (G. Howley & J. McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Let The Party Begin (J. McKay)
WA Dinamyte Nobel Prize (Aust. Ch.) (E. Lewis & J.McKay)
QLD Dinamyte Shez Da Bomb (RUBIS Grand CH) (J. McKay)
VIC Dinamyte The Party Never Ends (S. Marcucci & J. McKay)
VIC Dinamyte Whos That Girl (Aust. Ch.) (J & M Mouratidis & J.McKay)
VIC Dinamyte Whos The Boss (Aust. Grand Ch.) (J & M Mouratidis & J.McKay)
WA Dognyty King of Gods (Elisa Lewis)
WA Dognyty Poseidons Pearl (Elisa Lewis)
QLD Dognyty Whos Your Daddy (Aust Ch) (E. Lewis & R. Purdy)
NZ DryCreek Fire Ball (NZ Ch) (Amanda J Lucas)
WA Elisabeth of Skywalkeramstaf (Imp Serbia) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
VIC Farfromova Idols And Anchors (G.Ward & B. Taylor)
VIC Farfromova Lil Abner Yokum (Aust Ch) (G. Ward, B. Taylor & M & M Young)
VIC Farfromova Romance Is Dead (Aust Ch) (G. Ward & B. Taylor)
QLD Firewalk Influential Miss (Multi BISS,RUBIS Aust Gr Ch) (B. Walker)
VIC Forevapals Arizona Desert CA (Ch) (E Perry)
VIC Forevapals Born Entertainer (E Perry)
VIC Forevapals Texas Bull (E Perry)
NZ HeavyFuel Hyjak My Heart (Catherine Turbitt)
NZ HeavyFuel Torch (NZ CH) (Catherine Turbitt)
NZ Heavyfuel Wahine Toa (A Rivalant)
NSW HotAsHell Boom Boom Bang (Luke & Melanie)
NSW HotAsHell Cranking Up Da Heat (BISS Aust Ch) (Martiniello/Zullo)
QLD Hotashell Got Ya Burnin Up ET JC (Aust Ch.) (H. Petersen/J. Martiniello)
NSW Hotashell Heir To The Throne (BISS Ch) (M Beregshasi & A Martiniello)
NZ Hotashell Picture Me (AI) (imp-aust) (NZ Platinum Merit Ch) (Amanda Lucas & Julia Martiniello)
VIC Icerainstafs Cindi With Tarandu (AI) (Vanessa Torney)
VIC Icerainstafs Knuckle Head (AI) (Mr J & Mrs V Torney)
SA Innacovenant Winner Takes All (AI) (Ch) (Deborah Hughes)
NSW Ironklad Bark At The Moon (BIS RUBIS BISS RUBISS Supreme Ch) (K Oseckas & B Stark)
NSW Ironklad Shepherd Of Fire (Aust Ch.) (K Oseckas)
WA Iroq Cause For Concern (AI) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Code Of Honour (Aust Ch) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Dare To Dream (AI) (Steve & Marion Green)
WA Iroq Gentle On The Eyes (AI) (Aust CH) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Gladiator of Long Step (Mr S V & Mrs M Green)
VIC Iroq Heaven On Earth (CH) (Miss T Staszek & Mr S & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq In Harmony (Grand Ch) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Linking It Together (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Miss Independence (Aust Ch) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Second Edition (AUST CH) (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq Trump That (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
WA Iroq You Aint Seen Nothing Yet (Mr SV & Mrs M Green)
NZ Kelmoblues Lock Em Up (A Rivalant & J Wedding)
NSW LBK's My Name Is Ned (IMP USA) (RUBISS Am Ch / Au Ch) (Rachelle Gambino)
SA Manfreds Acting Like U Dont No (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Born To Be Wild (Aust Ch) (J Watson)
VIC Manfreds Damage Done ET CA WWPD WPD (Ch) (E Prerry)
SA Manfreds Diamond In The Rough (J Watson)
NSW Manfreds Ebonynivorys Harmony (Aust Ch) (Ms cheryl Rea & Mrs Cassie Caple)
SA Manfreds Envy Me (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Guess Whos Back (J Watson)
SA Manfreds little devil (J watson)
SA Manfreds Queen Of The Night (Aust Gr Champion) (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Sweet But Psycho (J Watson)
SA Manfreds Tabels Have Turned (J Watson)
NSW Newbelle ACDC ET. WWPD. JC. WPD. (RUBIS RUBISS Grand Ch) (T Talbot)
NSW Newbelle Kanahooka Kid (Aust Gr Ch) (Anderson/Primmer)
NSW Newbelle Live Wire JC. (Aust Ch. Neut.Grand Ch.) (T Talbot)
NSW Newbelle Nitika (Aust Ch) (Karen Sloane)
NSW Newbelle Queen Bey (Mr M Anderson)
VIC Newbelle Spot The Dot (Mr B Matthews & Ms N Quinlan & Mr M Ande)
NSW Nikar Are You Ready For This (ai) (Karen Sloane)
NSW Nikar Deeds Never Done(AI) (Aust CH) (Karen Sloane)
NZ Nikar Good Deed Done (AI) (IMP-AUST) (Amanda Lucas)
NSW Nikar New Begining (GR CH) (Karen Sloane)
NSW Nikar She Not The End (ai) (Karen Sloane)
QLD Nikar This Deed Rocs (AI) (BIS, Multi RUBIS Aust Ch) (Nicole Keedle)
NZ Opourere Calm Befor Da Storm (NZ CH) (Kirsty Lamberton & Sue Dennis)
NZ Opourere Chasing The Dragon (NZ CH) (S Dennis)
NSW Orion Red Mist King Of Rings (Imported Serbia) Ataxia Clear (BIS BISS Serb Ch. Ukr Ch. Cy Ch. Md Ch. Phil Ch. Bg Ch. Aze Ch. Mtn Ch. Aus. Ch) (J & A Martiniello)
VIC Party Breaker’s Arya Stark (IMP SRB) (Aust CH) (Ryan Eddy / Deb Hughes)
WA Pawtucket Sudden Impact (BISS Aust. Ch.) (Brad Hutchinson)
NSW Portizon Chisled From Stone (AI) (Mrs R Harrison)
NSW Portizon Gatesof Elysium (AI) (Aust Ch    ) (Mrs R Harrison)
NSW Portizon Jewel Of Indianna (Aust Ch. Neut Ch.) (Mrs R Harrison)
NSW Portizon Rocks Your World (Mrs R Harrison)
NSW Portizon The Ban Dido (AI) (Aust Ch) (Rachel Harrison)
NSW Pradakka Dark Elegance (AI) (Aust Ch.) (T Talbot & J Kostava)
NSW Pradakka Elegant Storm (AI) WPD (BISS Aust Ch.) (T Talbot)
NSW Pradakka Pure Elegance (AI) WPD. (MBISS Aust Gr Ch. CIB.) (T Talbot)
NSW Quatroniko Black Ice (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (L & L Nikolovski)
NSW Quatroniko Maximum Turbulance (BIS. MBIG. Aust Ch.) (S.Linek)
NSW Quatroniko Miss Dolly (Aust Ch.) (S.Linek)
NSW Quatroniko The Replicah (BIS. MBIG. Aust Ch.) (S.Linek)
NT Ravinboutya Marlyns Mayhem (Australian Champion) (M.Boucher)
NT Ravinboutya Split Decision (Aust Ch) (M. Boucher)
QLD Ravinboutya Total Pandamonium (M. Boucher & N. Keedle)
NT Ravinboutya Total Pandamonium (M Boucher)
NSW Redplaitnum Queen Of Peace (AI) (Miss H Manihera & Mr G Hourigan)
NSW Redplaitnum Vodoo Child (ai) (Jody Goodwin)
VIC RedPlatinum I Shot The Sherriff (ai) (Aust Ch) (Anthony Marinos)
NSW Redplatinum Let There Be Rock (AI) WPD JC (BIS MBISS AUS SUP CH) (Cassie Caple)
NSW Redwhitenblu Destinys Warrior (Aust Ch) (Lydia Jones)
NSW Redwhitenblu miss american pi (Lydia jones)
QLD Robsar Whiterock Ima Poser (Ch) (Tredanky)
VIC Rythmnblu Belle Starr (A.I) (RBISS Aust Ch) (L & S Dowdell)
VIC Rythmnblu Lil Hawaiian Kuma (A.I.) (RuBIS MultiBISS MultiRuBISS Aust Ch.) (Rythmnblu Kennels)
VIC Rythmnblu No Fluff N Stuff (A.I.) (Aust Grand Ch) (Mr L & Mrs S Dowdell & Ms B Taylor)
NSW Saintsoilder Rising Revolution (S.Linek)
VIC Saintsoldier All Eyes On You (Mr Paolo Gibilisco)
VIC Saintsoldier Eyes On The Prize (D Heath, R Moss & P Gibilisco)
VIC SaintSoldier War Lord (Anthony Marinos)
VIC Sentima By My Side (Mr B Matthews & Ms N Quinlan)
VIC Sentima Shine Like It Does (Brett Matthews & Nicole Quinlan)
NZ Shasta First Lady (AI) (NZ Platinum Merit CH.) (Amanda Lucas and Sonya Kooiman)
NSW Skylarulz thanx for comin (Hera Manihera)

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