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VIC Admiralis Dues (Marcus Cam)
VIC Alcapone of Flightstaff (Imp. Serbia) (Concise Kennels)
NSW Amorphix Rumbling Thunder (Mr B Guest)
SA Amstafomine Double Or Nothing (Gr Ch) (Deborah Hughes)
NSW Amstarfx Perfect Crime (BISS Grand Ch) (K Oseckas & B Stark)
NSW Attomoy Cruise Control (AI) (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Sue Patterson & Leisa Hodder)
NSW Attomoy Rock A Fella (Aust Grand Ch) (Leisa Hodder)
NSW Billsamstaff Gorilla (Elena Bosworth)
NSW Bruteforce Morpheus (Brian Guest)
VIC Concise Black Rain (NZ.Ch.) (Michael Grima)
VIC Concise Running Bear (Michael Grima.)
VIC Concise Smashing Bull (Michael Grima.)
QLD Dinamyte Big Bang (MBIS MBISS MRBISS MRBIS Supreme CH) (J. McKay)
WA Dinamyte Depth Charge (BIS, BISS, RUBIS, RUBISS Supreme CH) (E. Williamson & J. McKay)
VIC Dinamyte Whos The Boss (Aust. Grand Ch.) (J & M Mouratidis & J.McKay)
WA Dognyty King of Gods (Elisa Lewis)
VIC Forevapals Texas Bull (E Perry)
NSW Hotashell Heir To The Throne (BISS Ch) (M Beregshasi & A Martiniello)
VIC Icerainstafs Knuckle Head (AI) (Mr J & Mrs V Torney)
NSW Ironklad Bark At The Moon (BIS RUBIS BISS RUBISS Supreme Ch) (K Oseckas & B Stark)
VIC Jeremamstafs Blue Levi (Miss Nikita McGrath)
VIC Mystaffsblue Big Ouzo (Igor Ruzanji)
NSW Newbelle ACDC ET. WWPD. JC. WPD. (RUBIS RUBISS Grand Ch) (T Talbot)
NSW Newbelle Kanahooka Kid (Aust Gr Ch) (Anderson/Primmer)
NSW Nikar Are You Ready For This (ai) (Karen Sloane)
NSW Nikar Deeds Never Done(AI) (Aust CH) (Karen Sloane)
QLD Nikar This Deed Rocs (AI) (BIS, Multi RUBIS Aust Ch) (Nicole Keedle)
NZ Opourere Dubble Take {Gold Merit} (NZ CH) (Sue Dennis)
NSW Orion Red Mist King Of Rings (Imported Serbia) Ataxia Clear (BIS BISS Serb Ch. Ukr Ch. Cy Ch. Md Ch. Phil Ch. Bg Ch. Aze Ch. Mtn Ch. Aus. Ch) (J & A Martiniello)
QLD Ozmyte The Deeds Done ((BIS, Multi RUBIS) Aust. Supreme Ch.) (N Keedle)
WA Pawtucket Sudden Impact (BISS Aust. Ch.) (Brad Hutchinson)
NSW Pirouettes Sorcery Of Fire (Imp USA) (Craig and Tracy Phillips)
QLD PNX Cimar Champion Of Rings (Imp USA) DNA, OFA Hips (E), Cardiac, Patellas, Thyroid, Ataxia Clear (AM CH) (AmstarFX - Kelly McBride)
NSW Portizon Chisled From Stone (AI) (Mrs R Harrison)
NSW Portizon Shadow of Sterling (Rob Clay)
NSW Prorap Thunder Boy (Tracy & Craig Phillips)
NSW Quatroniko Black Ice (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (L & L Nikolovski)
NSW Quatroniko Maximum Turbulance (BIS. MBIG. Aust Ch.) (S.Linek)
NT Ravinboutya Split Decision (Aust Ch) (M. Boucher)
NSW Rebbull Weekend Warrior (Tracy & Craig Phillips)
VIC RedPlatinum I Shot The Sherriff (ai) (Aust Ch) (Anthony Marinos)
NSW Redplatinum Let There Be Rock (AI) WPD JC (BIS MBISS AUS SUP CH) (Cassie Caple)
VIC Rythmnblu Lil Gold Rock (A.I.) (RuBIS BISS Aust Ch) (Rythmnblu Kennels)
VIC Rythmnblu Lil Hawaiian Hilbily (A.I.) (Rythmnblu Kennels & A. Cummings)
VIC Rythmnblu Lil Hawaiian Kuma (A.I.) (RuBIS MultiBISS MultiRuBISS Aust Ch.) (Rythmnblu Kennels)
VIC SaintSoldier High Voltage (Anthony Marinos)
NSW Saintsoldier Optimus Prime (Derek McRandal)
VIC SaintSoldier War Lord (Anthony Marinos)
QLD Shanandel Ajax (Deborah New)
VIC Sierra's Land Rover (imp Usa) (AM CH) (T Thomson)
NSW Skylarulz Hemi Fully Blown (Aust Ch) (Hera Manihera)
QLD Staffwild Iron Horse (Ch.) (K. Gordon)
QLD Staffwild Stonecoldcrazy (Aust Ch) (Staffwild Kennels)
VIC Stardust Fistfull Of Dollars Of Pawtucket (imp itly) (Aust CH phil gr ch multi int ch) (Barry Wickers)
VIC Tarandu Endofdiscussion (BIS.BISS. GR CH) (J Thomson)
VIC Tarandu Maximum Impact (CH) (J Thomson)
NSW Tittan Windstorm (Aust Ch) (Hera Manihera)
NZ TopShelf Whiskey n Rye (NZ CH) (Thomas Turbitt)
QLD Tredanky Blaze N Hot Rocker (Ch) (J. Guild)
QLD Tredanky Cee Me Roc N Hot (Ch) (Simmons/Davies)
QLD Tredanky Keeper Of The Key (Tredanky)
QLD Tredanky Octane N Power (Aust Ch) (Tredanky Stafs)
VIC Tremaine Champion Of Rings (imp Rou) (Mr Paolo Gibilisco)
NSW Vollblutig Demon (Warren Thompson)
NSW Vollblutig Raiders Edge (Warren Thompson)
NZ Zaliamstaff Thrill O Th Chase (ai) (BISS RBISS NZ CH) (Zeta Jordan/Jordan Klenner)

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