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Ferona Lonesome Cowgirl
(Mr and Mrs S and A Curran)

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QLD Kelprin Heez Just Grand (Multi R/U BIG Aust Grand Ch) (Melissa Powell)
QLD Kelprin Magic Entry RN (Au Ch) (Corinne Chandler)
NSW Kombinalong Absolutely Super (Mutli Class In Group Aust Ch) (M H & A J Goodman)
NSW Kombinalong OO Super (Am CH and BISS Aust Ch) (Narelle Hammond-Robertson)
NSW Kombinalong Stairway to Super (Aust Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Super 'K' (Multi BIS/BISS Aust Ch    ) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Super Highway HIC (Multi BIS/BISS Aust Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Super in Champagne (Multi BIS/BISS Neuter Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Super Octane (B) (Multi BIS/BISS Aust Gr Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Super Power ET (Ch, Am Ch,Can Ch) (Prof Bill Ballard)
TAS Kombinalong Super Roo (BIS Ch) (Kristy Pearcey)
QLD Kombinalong Super Synchro (Neil & Cindie Schulz)
NSW Kombinalong Super Tramp (Multi Royal BOB/Group placement Aust Ch) (Narelle Hammond-Robertson)
QLD Kombinalong Super Wallaby (Mrs S Ironmonger)
NSW Kombinalong Supercalifragilist (Aust Ch) (S. Sanders)
TAS Kombinalong Sweeter Than Super (Ch) (Kristy Pearcey / Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong The Age of Super (BIS/BISS Aust Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong The Edge of Super (BISS Aust Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Truly Madly Super (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Truly Super (BISS Aust Ch) (Narelle Hammond-Robertson)
QLD Koolanahill Dynamo Magic RN ET (Ch) (C & L Chandler)
QLD Koolanahill He's True Blue (BIS/Aust CH) (Mr Joe & Cheryl Payne)
QLD Koolanahill Queen of Hearts (CH) (Mr J.a. & Mrs C.k. Payne)
QLD Koolanahill Touch Of Frost (Mark Milton)
VIC Korawunbi Cattle Yard Crush (Geoff & Linda FRY)
VIC Kyanyte Lido Shuffle (Mrs T. O'Mahoney)
NSW Lanbart Buzz Liteyear (Grand Ch) (Annemarie gardner)
NSW Lanbart Apache Frost (BISS Aust.Ch) (H & R Hessenberger)
NSW Lanbart Blue Apache (BISS/BIS Aust.Ch) (H & R Hessenberger)
QLD Lanbart Blue Dakota (AUST.GRAND.CH) (Mark Milton)
NSW Lanbart Blue Jumbuck (Multi RUBISS Aust.Ch) (Tracy Hessenberger)
NSW Lanbart Frosted Blaze (BISS Aust.Ch) (H & R Hessenberger)
NSW Lanbart Icee Blue ( Exp USA) (AOM BISS American Ch) (K.Read & M.Stetller)
NSW Lanbart Jileroo (Aust.Ch) (R & H Hessenberger)
NSW Lanbart Just Blue In (Ch) (Itsozi Kennels)
NSW Lanbart Lika Lily (RUBISS Aust.Ch) (Hessenberger/Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Logans Run (Aust.Ch) (T.Hessenberger)
NSW Lanbart Make Mine Buzz (AI) (Multi BIS/RUBIS/BISS/RUBISS Aust.Supreme Ch) (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Miss Frosty (BISS Aust.Ch) (H & R Hessenberger)
NSW Lanbart Ossi Tugga Waugh (BISS/RUBISS/RUBIS/BIG Grand Ch) (Colin & Gail Arkell)
QLD Lanbart Shake The Blues (Ch.) (Mr. N. Riley & Mrs D.Riley)
NSW Lanbart Stormwarnin (Aust.Ch) (T.Hessenberger)
QLD Lanbart Winter Snowflake (Mark Milton)
NT Landmaster Blue Meridian CCD ADX JDX ADO SD GD SPD RN (Ms Tanya Reichstein)
VIC Landmaster Blue Moonofkentucky (Mrs Judy Thomas)
QLD Landmaster Blueberry Hill (CH) (Jacqui Connolly)
QLD Landmaster Don't Ask ME WHY (Mr J.a. & Mrs C.k. Payne)
SA Landmaster Edge Of Reality (Aust Ch) (G Lee)
VIC Landmaster Girl Happy (Mrs J Purcell)
SA Landmaster Golden Gate of Cloverdowns (Mr RB & Mrs CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster Hollwood Blues of Cloverdowns (Mr RB & Mrs CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster How Great Thou Art (Ch) (R.B.& C.J.Redhead)
SA Landmaster I Did It My Way (Ch) (R.B.& C.J.Redhead)
SA Landmaster Memphis Blues ( Multi BIG/Multi RUBIG/Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS/Multi BISS) (Am / Aust Supreme Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
VIC Landmaster Memphis Marfia (Judy Thomas)
SA Landmaster Mississippi Blues of Cloverdowns (Mr RB & Mrs CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster Mustang Sally Of Cloverdowns (RB &CJ Redhead)
QLD Landmaster Only Believe (Julia Leivers)
QLD Landmaster Prescilla (J Connolly)
NSW Landmaster Proud Mary (Aust Ch) (D Gunn)
QLD Landmaster River Pheonix (AUST CH) (J Connolly)
VIC Landmaster Tell Me Why HT (CH) (Jean Purcell)
SA Landmaster Tupelo Blues (R.B. & C.J Redhead)
SA Landmaster Woodenhart (Aust Ch) (Connie & Bob Redhead - Landmaster)
QLD Linklowe Renee (BISS/ Multi BIG / Multi R/U BIG / Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
NSW Littlewaco Best Kept Lies ( Multi Class In Group and In Show/ Best in Group Winner) (Aust Ch) (MH & AJ Goodman)
QLD Littlewaco Dust Storm (David Raabe)
QLD Littlewaco Lady Mondegreen (Mr Joe & Mrs Cheryl Payne)
NSW Littlewaco Lucia ( Multi Class in Group and Class In Show Winner) (Aust Ch) (A Goodman)
QLD Littlewaco Rosetattoo (Suzi Ironmonger)
SA Lonerun Awesome (Aust Ch) (Toni Gardiner)
SA Lonerun Chardonnay Crow (Aust Ch) (Toni Gardiner)
SA Lonerun Its Game On (Toni Gardiner)
SA Lonerun Law O The Land (Aust Ch) (Toni Gardiner)
SA Lonerun Paint Me A Country (T Gardiner)
SA Lonerun Paint Me A Halo (Ch) (Toni Gardiner)
SA Lonerun Paint Me Wicked (U-CH /American Grand Champion) (Mari Bailey - Villanueva ( USA ))
SA Lonerun Paint Me Wild (Grand Ch) (Toni Gardiner)
NSW Longridge Sally (Michael Brown)
NSW Maehonehe Cherokee Princess (Mrs C Crump)
VIC Maryheather Ariat Kisses (Mrs D Thomas)
VIC Maryheather Blue Pepsi (Jenni Hogan)
VIC Maryheather Makita Country (CH) (Mrs D Thomas)
VIC Maryheather Wolfman (CH) (Mrs D Thomas)
NSW Melcathra Ace High (J Worboyes)
NSW Melcathra Drovers Run (Aust Ch) (Stephen Nicholas)
NSW Melcathra King ofthMountain (Aust Sup Ch) (J Worboyes)
NSW Melcathra Man In The Mirror (Aust Ch) (N Kendall)
NSW Melcathra More Joyous (N Kendall)
WA Melcathra Red Pepper (Mrs C Bush)
QLD Morview Thunderstruck (M D & W M Burgess)
QLD Morview A New Leaf (BIG RUBIG Aust Ch) (Melissa Powell)
QLD Morview Aussie Opal (AUST CH) (J Connolly)
VIC Morview Blu Memphis (Aust Ch) (Jo Eades)
QLD Morview Cosmo's Divine Dolly (AI) (CH) (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Lets Rock N Roll (AUST CH) (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Magic Merlin (Jacqui Connolly)
QLD Morview Memphis Belle (AI) (Aust Ch) (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Mirror Image (J Connolly)
TAS Morview Mountain Cattleman (K and B Bailey)
NSW Morview Not On Your Nellie (Scott and Amy Curran)
QLD Morview Outback Aussie (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Outback Mala (AUST CH) (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Outback Red Rebel (Jacqui Connolly)
QLD Morview Outback Shadow (Jacqui Connolly)
WA Morview Solid Rock (Mrs C Bush)
NSW Mystar Lady Lillie Divine (M Price)
NSW Mystar Miss Bossy Boots (Margaret Price)
VIC Nerralee Blue Steel (W. & L. Greasley)
VIC Nerralee Kiss My Asset (AI) (W. & L. Greasley)
NSW Nerralee Show And Tell (Aust Ch) (K Fisher)
NSW Nerralee Silver Mystique (A & J Park)
VIC Nerralee Silver Sensation (Australian Champion) (W. & L. Greasley)
VIC Nerralee Silver Surfer (BIS MBIG MRUPBIG AUST SUPREME CHAMPION) (W. & L. Greasley)
VIC Nerralee Surfer Girl (Aust Ch) (W. & L. Greasley)
NSW Newblah Jessies Girl (D & W Coyte)
NSW Newblah Two Timer (D & W Coyte)
VIC Niwri Blue Tiger (Aust Ch) (Mrs Judy Thomas)
NSW Nuwarra Bush Master (Aust Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Diamond Dust (Aust Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Diamond Kisses For You (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Flying High (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Pretti Chikhi (Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Pure Angel (Aust. Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Sky High (Aust Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Strike A Light (Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Sydney (Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
QLD Nyinyikay Min Min (Suzi Ironmonger)
QLD Ozzimoomut Moola Rex (N & C Schulz)
QLD Ozzyheelers Rocky (C & V Stonehouse)
NSW Pagesview Lillian Elizabeth (Paul and Jessica Taylor)
QLD Pangatta Blue Thor (Aust Ch) (S & K Whyatt)
NSW Pavesi Ace Of Spades (BISS. RUBISS. AUST. CH.) (S Park)
NSW Pavesi All Bets On (S Park)
NSW Pavesi Blue Jelena (BISS. CH.) (S Park)
NSW Pavesi Blue Jemma (RUBIS RUBISS CH) (S Park)
NSW Pavesi Blue Jenderra (Multi BIS BISS CH) (S Park)
NSW Pavesi Blue Jezabelle (RUBISS RUBIS CH) (S Park)
VIC Pavesi Bold As Brass (W. & L. Greasley)
NSW Pavesi Brittany (S Park)
QLD Pavesi Bush Magic (Maureen Carr)
NSW Pavesi Five Card Stud (S Park)
NSW Pavesi Glamour Girl (CH.) (S Park)
NSW Pavesi High Stakes (BIS.) (S Park)
NSW Pavesi Lady Blue (Ms S McDonald)
VIC Pavesi Malucky Day (CH) (Mrs J Purcell)
NSW Pavesi Queen Of Hearts (Aust. CH.) (S Park)
VIC Pavesi Quicksilver (BISS. AUST CHAMPION) (W. & L. Greasley)
NSW Pavesi Skys The Limit (BISS. CH.) (S Park)

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