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Sunspark Banjo Blue
(Melissa Powell)

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QLD Allbush Lady Isabella (Mrs Cheryl Payne)
NSW Allrounders Baby Steps (S.Sanders)
QLD Austrax In Your Honour (Aust Ch) (K M Williamson)
NSW Avonpark Coalminers Daughter (AI) (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Just Cruizin (BIS, MBISS, MBIG Supreme Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Avonpark Master Mariner (Aust & Neut Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Avonpark Pure Steele (Grand Ch) (Y Rolfe)
NSW Avonpark Rough Diamond (Ch & Neut Ch) (K.Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Steele Diamond (AI) (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Sweet As Sugar (Aust Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
VIC Beauvest Kentucky Blu (P Yamine)
QLD Blucalypt Esoteric Blue (Australian Champion) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Gold As Ice (AI) (Australian Champion) (Greg & Sharon Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Pagan Gold (Australian Champion) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Quintessence (Australian Champion) (Greg & Sharon Pinsent)
VIC Bluenip Matong (Australian Champion) (Mrs M A Nelson)
QLD Bluglades Shades Of Blue Ivy (Melissa Powell)
NT Bluverado Royal Discovery (Caroline Camilleri)
VIC Bluverado Royal Rampage (Aust Ch) (Alan & Robyn Spargo)
VIC Bluverado Royal Tyson (Sue Ford)
NSW Busheela Akinda Magic (Grand Ch) (C & G Arkell)
VIC Carrawarn Royalreload (Ch) (D. Miller)
VIC Circlebartee Country Cheek (Mrs D Thomas)
VIC Circlebartee Kickin Up Dust (Mrs D Thomas)
VIC Circlebartee Night Train (Aust Ch.) (Mrs Kirstin Erlewein)
VIC Circlebartee Tonka (CH) (Di Thomas)
VIC Cloverdowns Aim High at Landmaster (Mrs J Purcell)
VIC Cloverdowns Beyond The Lyric (J Purcell)
SA Cloverdowns Blue Suede Shoes (Aust Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
SA Cloverdowns Delta Blues (Aust Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
VIC Cloverdowns Fight of His Life (J Purcell)
VIC Cloverdowns Got That Glint (Mrs J Purcell)
VIC Cloverdowns Hello Boys at Landmaster (Mrs J Purcell)
VIC Cloverdowns Lets Rock (Mrs J Purcell)
QLD Cloverdowns Sounds O Australia (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr A.Ziebell)
SA Cloverdowns Viva Los Vegas (Aust Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
VIC Cloverdowns Walking in Memphis (Mrs Jean Purcell)
QLD Cloverdowns Woodstock (Australian Champion) (Greg & Sharon Pinsent)
NT Cooroorah Catchmeifyoucan JDM GDX SDX ADM SPD RAE ADO2 JDO2 (RUBIS Multi BIG Multi RUBIG Aust CH) (Tanya Reichstein)
NT Cooroorah Cozican RN JDX ADX SPDX GDX SDX ADM3 JDO CCD (Australian Champion) (Tanya Reichstein)
QLD Countryglen Aussie Fury (Aust Grand) (Mr A. Ziebell)
NSW Darshu Red Diva (Ch & Neut.Ch) (Nicky Hale)
QLD Dewregal Abby Gale (Aust Ch) (Mark and Glenys)
QLD Dewregal Red G (Aust Grand Ch) (Mark and Glenys)
VIC Dirranlodge Royal Diamond (CH) (Mr A & Mrs R Spargo)
NZ Eastaussie One Eyed Bandit (Imp AUST) (NZ CH) (Jane Taylor)
NT Echomidi Struttin His Stuff GD SD (Australian Champion) (Tanya Reichstein)
NSW Embrooke Kings Will Dream (AI) (Emily Clark)
NSW Embrooke She Will Reign AI (Jarrad Worboyes)
VIC Erudite Esmeralda (AI) RN HNAs (Aust Ch) (Hannah Barry)
QLD Erudite Jake PT( AI) (Aust Ch) (Belinda Carter & Jane Harper)
NSW Erudite Magic Meg (AI) (Ch.) (N.Hale & B.Carter)
NSW Erudite Straight Shooter (Sophia Fitzgerald)
NSW Ferona Fear Th Walking Dead (Aust Ch) (Mel Chisholm & Murray Rolfe)
NSW Ferona Lonesome Cowgirl (Aust Champion) (Mr and Mrs S and A Curran)
NSW Ferona Th Devil Woman (AUST CH) (Amy Curran & Yvette Rolfe)
NSW Ferona Tru Blu Aussie (Aust Ch) (Yvette Rolfe)
NSW Ferona Won Better Thana Berg (M and Y Rolfe and A Curran)
QLD Gesdaheelers Red Satin (Vera Bamblett)
NSW Heelersridge Coopers Ale (Heelersridge Kennels)
NSW Heelersridge Good Lookin Sort (Heelersridge Kennels)
NSW Heelersridge Gympie Stinger (AI) (Heelersridge Kennels)
NSW Heelersridge Wild Colonial Boy T.D.X. E.T. (RUBIG, Multi Class in Group Aust Ch) (Heelersridge Kennels)
NSW Heelersridge Wombat Stew (Heelersridge Kennels)
NSW Itsozi Blue With A Dash (BISS/RUBISS Grand Ch) (C & G Arkell)
QLD Jayblue Country Brooke (Aust Ch) (Jan Bradley)
QLD Jayblue Country Destiny (Aust Ch) (Mr A. Ziebell)
QLD Jayblue Country Rumour (Aust Ch) (Mr A.Ziebell)
QLD Jayblue Country Spirit (Aust Ch) (Mr A.Ziebell)
VIC Jindawan Rapt in Dreamtime (Australian Champion/Neuter Champion) (Vicki Duncan)
VIC Jindawan Red Hot Cinders (Vicki Duncan)
NSW Kadinze Mystic Lady (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Kelprin Heez Just Grand (Multi R/U BIG Aust Grand Ch) (Melissa Powell)
NSW Kombinalong Super in Champagne (Multi BIS/BISS Neuter Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
QLD Kombinalong Super Wallaby (Mrs S Ironmonger)
NSW Kombinalong Supercalifragilist (Aust Ch) (S. Sanders)
NSW Kombinalong The Age of Super (BIS/BISS Aust Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong To Super with Love (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Truly Madly Super (Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
VIC Kyanyte Lido Shuffle (Mrs T. O'Mahoney)
NSW Lanbart Make Mine Buzz (AI) (Multi BIS/RUBIS/BISS/RUBISS Aust.Supreme Ch) (Hessenberger / Oakey)
SA Landmaster Brown Sugar (AI) (RB & CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster Edge Of Reality (Aust Ch) (G Davies)
SA Landmaster Golden Gate of Cloverdowns (RB & CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster I Did It My Way (Ch) (R.B.& C.J.Redhead)
SA Landmaster Jumpin Jack Flash (AI) (RB & CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster Memphis Blues ( Multi BIG/Multi RUBIG/Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS/Multi BISS) (Am / Aust Supreme Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster Mississippi Blues of Cloverdowns (RB & CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster Mustang Sally Of Cloverdowns (Aust Ch) (RB &CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster Show No Mercy (Aust Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
SA Landmaster Tupelo Blues (RB & CJ Redhead)
NSW Littlewaco Best Kept Lies ( Multi Class In Group and In Show/ Best in Group Winner) (Aust Ch) (MH & AJ Goodman)
NSW Littlewaco Lucia ( Multi Class in Group and Class In Show Winner) (Aust Ch) (A Goodman)
SA Lonerun Paint Me A Country (Aust Ch) (T Gardiner)
VIC Lonerun Paint Me Alkira (Australian Champion) (Vicki Duncan)
NSW Maehonehe The Love Of Vic RN (Sue Pearson)
NSW Melcathra Ace High (Aust Ch) (J Worboyes)
NSW Melcathra Drovers Run (Aust Ch) (Stephen Nicholas)
NSW Melcathra King ofthMountain (Aust Sup Ch) (J Worboyes)
NSW Melcathra Man In The Mirror (Aust Ch) (N Kendall)
NSW Melcathra More Joyous (Aust Ch) (J Worboyes)
QLD Morview Thunderstruck (M D & W M Burgess)
QLD Morview A New Leaf (BIG RUBIG Aust Ch) (Melissa Powell)
QLD Morview Cattle Baron (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Lets Rock N Roll (AUST CH) (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Outback Shadow (Jacqui Connolly)
QLD Morview Red Hot Chilli Peppa (Aust Ch) (Jacqui Connolly)
NSW Myheela Austin (Miss Emily Clark)
VIC Nerralee Silver Sensation (Australian Champion) (W. & L. Greasley)
VIC Nerralee Surfer Girl (Aust Ch) (W. & L. Greasley)
NSW Nuwarra All Eyez On Me (Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Bush Master (Aust Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Diamond Kisses For You (Judy Small)
NSW Nuwarra Flying High (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Pretti Chikhi (Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Pretti Strykinglee (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Pretti To Sea (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Pure Angel (Aust. Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Nuwarra Strike A Light (Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
VIC Pavesi Blue Winx (A. & J. Park)
VIC Pavesi Bold As Brass (W. & L. Greasley)
VIC Pavesi Kiss This (W. & L. Greasley)
VIC Pureheel Jack Frost (Alan & Robyn Spargo)
NSW Pureheel Royal Adventure (Aust Ch) (Jarrad Worboyes)
QLD Pureheel Royal Commando (Simon Lawrence)
NSW Pureheel Royal Mojo (Aust Gr Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
VIC Pureheel Royal Rainstorm (Ch) (Mr A & Mrs R Spargo)
VIC Pureheel Royal Starlight (Ch) (Alan & Robyn Spargo)
QLD Pureheel Royal Triton (Wayne Carter)
NSW Queblue Jaffa HIC (BISS Aust. Ch) (Tracey Canciani)
NSW Queblue Karri (Flora McKeown)
NSW Queblue Rhinestone (Hessenberger/ Oakey)
NSW Queblue Riaa (Flora Mckeown)
NSW Riverlight Affogato (MH AJ Goodman)
NSW Seaberwyn James Bond At Ferona IMP NZ (Murray Rolfe)
NSW Seaberwyn Time After Time IMP NZ (Aust Ch) (Y Rolfe)
QLD Stockaway Blue Eve (Aust Ch) (Simon Lawrence)
NSW Tablerock Heez Goin To Jackson (S and A Curran)
NSW Tablerock Sheeza Heartbreaker (S and A Curran)
NSW Tablerock Sheeza Ripper (Scott & Amy Curran)
NT Tagetarl Alice In Wonderand (Champion) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Baby Got Blue Genes (Ch. Neut Ch) (Jessica Clarke)
NT Tagetarl Bring Down The Thunder (RBIS MBIG CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Fire In The sky (retired) (Multi BIS, Multi R/BIS, BIG, SUPREME CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Hey Soul Sister (BIS & RBIS CH) (JS & CM Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Idoleyes (Multi BIG CH) (Js & Cm Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Red Right Hand (MULTI BIS Supreme CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Trail Boss (CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)

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