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AUST CH Bulahku Dora Th Explora
(Mark Milton)

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NSW Adavale Im No illusion (Phillip Adams)
NSW Adavale Red Excellence (P. Adams)
VIC Austcatalia Ripon Yaloak (Neville McLeod)
QLD Beauvest Ace of Spades (Mark Milton)
VIC Beauvest Jack Daniels (D. Thorne, J. Purcell & J.Thomas)
QLD Blucalypt Gold As Ice (AI) (Australian Champion) (Greg & Sharon Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Wild Child (Aust. Champion) (Mrs S Ironmonger)
VIC Bluenip Matong (Australian Champion) (Mrs M A Nelson)
SA Bluenip Yogi Bear (Aust Ch) (R. Day)
QLD Bulahku Jack ofall Trades (Ch) (J & K Kuhn)
QLD Bulahku Blue Jackaroo (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku Blue Stockman (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku Iron Mike (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku The Riff Raff (Mark Milton)
VIC Carrawarn Royalreload (CH) (Mrs J. James)
VIC Carrawarn Royalreload (D. Miller)
NSW Clearidge Ozzie Stuna (Mrs HM Kelly)
VIC Cloverdowns Aim High at Landmaster (Mrs J Purcell)
VIC Cloverdowns Lets Rock (Mrs J Purcell)
QLD Cloverdowns Woodstock (Australian Champion) (Greg & Sharon Pinsent)
VIC Colonydane Just Rapt in Red (Vicki Duncan)
NSW Darshu Storm Herald (S. Himsley)
VIC Dymatan Southern Star Digga (Gary Harding)
QLD Eastaussie Buck N Spin Clyde (Mrs Tiffany Stokes)
NSW Embrooke Kings Will Dream (AI) (Emily Clark)
QLD Erudite Jake PT( AI) (Aust Ch) (Belinda Carter & Jane Harper)
VIC HallsHeeler RedEndy Bon (Mr. B & Mrs. K Lord)
NSW Heelersridge Wild Colonial Boy T.D.X. E.T. (RUBIG, Multi Class in Group Aust Ch) (Heelersridge Kennels)
NSW Heelersridge Wombat Stew (Heelersridge Kennels)
NSW Itsozi Blue With A Dash (BISS/RUBISS Grand Ch) (C & G Arkell)
NSW Itsozi Out of the Blue (Aust Ch) (Sandra Himsley)
VIC Jindawan Kuparr Rising (Australian Champion) (Vicki Duncan)
QLD Kadinze Flaming Star (Geoff Noble)
QLD Kelprin Heez Just Grand (Multi R/U BIG Aust Grand Ch) (Melissa Powell)
NSW Kombinalong Life of Super (AI) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong Super Highway HIC (Multi BIS/BISS Aust Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
NSW Kombinalong The Age of Super (BIS/BISS Aust Ch) (Kombinalong Kennels)
VIC Korawunbi Cattle Yard Crush (Geoff & Linda FRY)
NSW Lanbart Buzz Liteyear (Grand Ch) (Annemarie gardner)
SA Landmaster Edge Of Reality (Aust Ch) (G Davies)
SA Landmaster Memphis Blues ( Multi BIG/Multi RUBIG/Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS/Multi BISS) (Am / Aust Supreme Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
VIC Landmaster Memphis Marfia (Judy Thomas)
QLD Landmaster Only Believe (Julia Leivers)
NSW Landmaster Only Believe (Julia Leivers)
VIC Landmaster Tell Me Why HT (CH) (Jean Purcell)
NSW Littlewaco Best Kept Lies ( Multi Class In Group and In Show/ Best in Group Winner) (Aust Ch) (MH & AJ Goodman)
VIC Longyard Barkly (Gary Harding)
VIC Maryheather Wolfman (CH) (Mrs D Thomas)
NSW Melcathra Drovers Run (Aust Ch) (Stephen Nicholas)
NSW Melcathra King ofthMountain (Aust Sup Ch) (J Worboyes)
NSW Melcathra Man In The Mirror (Aust Ch) (N Kendall)
QLD Morview Cattle Baron (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Lets Rock N Roll (AUST CH) (J Connolly)
QLD Morview Outback Max (Ch) (Mrs M & Miss W Burgess)
NSW Myheela Austin (Miss Emily Clark)
QLD Ozzyheelers Rocky (C & V Stonehouse)
NSW Pavesi Ace Of Spades (BISS. RUBISS. AUST. CH.) (S Park)
NSW Pavesi Five Card Stud (S Park)
VIC Pavesi Red Lord (Mr. B & Mrs. K Lord)
VIC Pureheel My Guy (Grand. CH.) (Tanya Barker)
NSW Pureheel Royal Adventure (Aust Ch) (Jarrad Nicholas & Jennalea Gunn)
QLD Pureheel Royal Titan ET (Grand Ch) (Mark Milton)
QLD Pureheel Royal Turbo E.T. (Multi BIS / BISS Sup Ch) (Simon Lawrence)
NSW Queblue Jaffa HIC (BISS Aust. Ch) (Tracey Canciani)
NSW Seaberwyn James Bond At Ferona IMP NZ (Murray Rolfe)
SA Strathblue Soul Music (R. Day)
VIC Sunnyacres The Joker (champion) (Jmr&mrs J&e Rayner)
NT Tagetarl Bring Down The Thunder (RBIS MBIG CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Fire In The sky (retired) (Multi BIS, Multi R/BIS, BIG, SUPREME CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Red Right Hand (MULTI BIS Supreme CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
VIC Tallawong Snow Patrol (Geoff FRY and Linda FRY)
VIC Tallawong Snow Thyme (Geoff & Linda FRY)
NSW Turrella Blue Spanish Panther HIC (AUST CH) (Cheryl Edwards)
NSW Turrella Red Custer (BISS/ R/UP BISS/MULTI R/UP BIS AUST CH) (Cheryl Edwards)
NSW Turrella Red Flaming Tiger HIC (Aust CH:) (Cheryl Edwards)
QLD Wallaby Smokin' Bundaberg Blu Australian RA & American CD BN RE OA OAJ NF CL2 HIC CGC VQWX (BIG UCD UWPCH U-CH UAGI URO2 Am CH Aust CH) (Mrs S Ironmonger)
NSW Wazwallaby Brumby Jack (CH) (Glen and Julie Hogan)
QLD Wazwallaby Damage Control (Aust, Champion) (Suzi Ironmonger)

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