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QLD Absoluut Boogie Wonderland (Chelsea Brown)
VIC Acappelia Cat Got Your Tongue (Acappelia Kennels)
SA Amerahnn Flash The Cash At Windybrae NBT (Helen & Graeme Simpson)
NSW Aolani Maisilva Firefly (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (D Puttock)
NSW Aolani's Mai Silva Treasure E.T. (Imp USA) (RBISS Grand Ch.) (Donna Puttock)
SA Aolani's Maisilva Bullet (IMP USA) (BIG Ch) (Silvaghost Knls)
NSW Aolani's Maisilva Defender of the Lords (Imp USA) (MBIS/BISS Supreme Ch.) (Donna Puttock)
QLD Aolani's Maisilva Gunpowder (IMP USA) (Multi BIS RUBIS BISS Supreme Ch) (Mrs Kellie Vardy & Ms D Puttock)
NSW Aolani's Maisilva Sonic Boom (Imp USA) (BIS/RBIS Supreme Ch.) (Donna Puttock)
NSW Artisan's Excalibur - Imp USA (Am Silver Grand Ch) (Rozate Kennels & Natalie Riddick)
NSW BarkingPines Garden Of Eden (RUBISS RUBIS CH) (Miss M Moore)
NSW BarkingPines Standn Proud (CH) (Miss M Moore)
NSW Blueamble Back in Black (Mrs A Lamberton & Ms B Potter)
NSW Blueamble It Happened One Night (A & J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble Juzfor The Hell Ofit (MULTI BIS, RUBIS, MULTI BIG Aust CH) (A J Lamberton K Cotton)
NSW Blueamble Leisure Suit Larry (Supreme Champion (BIS BISS)) (A & J Lamberton & D & V Collins)
NSW Blueamble Mr President (CH) (D & V Collins/A & J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble My Toyboy Is Black (BISS, Multi RuBISS, RuBIS, BIS GRAND CH) (A & J Lamberton & Dr Beth Tillman)
NSW Blueamble No Strings On Me (CH.Neut.CH) (A Thompson & A Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble Puppet Master (BIS RUBIS AUST CH) (A J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble Putyour Red Dress On (SUPREME CH) (A & J Lamberton & D & V Collins)
NSW Blueamble Racy Red Knickers (RUBIS Aust CH) (Ann Lamberton & Beth Tillman)
TAS Blueamble Red Satin Sinner (RUBIS Australian Ch) (A & J Lamberton, B Tillman and K Baker)
NSW Blueamble Returntothe Darkside (A Lamberton / K Cotton)
WA Blueamble Run Silent Run Deep (J & A Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble Stelaluna (BISS,Multi BIS, MultiRUBISS & Multi RUBIS Supreme CH) (Ann &John Lamberton ,Veronica Royston)
NSW Blueamble Such A Flirt (AI) (Mrs A Lamberton & Dr B Tillman)
NSW Blueamble Swipe Right (AI) (Mrs Ann Lamberton & Dr Beth Tillman)
NSW Blueamble Take The Stage RA CD ED (Aust Ch & Neut Ch) (Mrs A Lamberton & Ms B Potter)
NSW Blueamble The Flower Child (A&J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble The Glass Slipper (RUBISS AUST CH) (A Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble The Pied Piper RN (BIS Aust Ch) (Mrs A Lamberton & Ms B Potter)
NSW Blueamble True Loves Kiss (Multi BISS Multi RuBIS Supreme Champion) (A & J Lamberton & Dr Beth Tillman)
SA Blulight Xaviers apprentice (Mrs C Pilven)
WA Borderton Coloured Numbers (Borderton)
WA Borderton Flambeaux (Ch) (Borderton)
WA Borderton Law Enforcement (Aust Ch) (Borderton Kennels)
WA Borderton Man In Blue (MBIS Aust Supreme CH) (Borderton Kennels)
WA Borderton Promise Me Fire (AI) (Borderton Kennels)
WA Borderton Strip Search (Aust Ch) (Borderton Kennels)
NSW Brake The Wheel Diamond Rush (Imp CZE) (Miss T Simpson)
NSW Brandyark Waitin OnA Sunny Day (Mrs D & Mr G O'Donnell)
WA Bursirius Cant Wait To Be King (AUST CH) (Jessica Burren)
WA Bursirius Hakuna Matata RM JC ADX JDX ET TK.S (Aust Ch) (Jessica Burren)
QLD Chamshep Billie B Brown (Aust Ch) (Kerry McNamara)
VIC Copperridges Under Surveillance (Imp USA) (Am Gr ASCA Ch Aus Sup Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
NSW Crystaleye Dark N Stormy (Cathy Nugent)
NSW Crystaleye Hearts On Fire (Ch) (Cathy Nugent)
NSW Crystaleye Love Me Like You Do (Cathy Nugent)
NSW Cuebiyar For The Fallen (AI) (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Cuebiyar Poker Face (AI) (A Thompson)
NZ Cuebiyar Powder Monkey (BIS, BISS, NZ CH) (Diana Falconer)
NSW Cuebiyar The Hitchhikers Guide (RUBISS, Multi RUBIG, Aust Ch) (Karen Milinkovic)
VIC Cuebiyar Upping the Ante (AI) (Ahlia Smith)
NSW D'Azumoon A Love Affair (IMP PRT) (MULTI CH.SPA. JR CH.PRT. JR CH.PRT.CH.INT.CH.) (Paulene Andrews)
NSW D'Azumoon Al-Azhar Mi Amor (IMP PRT) (MULTI CH.GBZ.CH. PRT. JR CH. INT.CH.) (Paulene Andrews)
NSW D'Azumoon Casanova Giacomo (IMP PRT) (PRT.JR CH. PRT. CH.) (Paulene Andrews)
VIC Dapsen R U Ready For It At Cloverdowns (AI) (Kaitlyn Bennett & Aimee Petersen)
NSW Delchoksky Littleraven (CH) (D.Whyburn)
SA Delchoksky My Little Tea Cup NBT (Mr G & Mrs H Simpson & Miss D Whyburn)
NSW Delchoksky Scorchin Summer Day (Margaret Grahame & Delwyn Whyburn)
NSW Delchoksky The Electra (CH) (Delwyn Whyburn)
NZ Dreamstreets American Pharaoh (NZ GR Ch) (Bronwyn Falconer)
NZ Dreamstreets Aurora Australis (imp USA) (NZ Ch) (Bronwyn Falconer)
NZ Dreamstreets Where's Wally (imp USA) (Am Gr Ch B) (Bronwyn Falconer)
NSW Dykinta Dr No (AI) (Ch) (W.Atkins&SHoskins)
NSW Dykinta Forever in Tune (AI) (Wendy Atkins)
VIC Dykinta Man Around Town (Wendy Atkins)
SA Dykinta Stand By Your Man (AI) (V Spangler Spangler)
ACT Dykinta Twist Of Light RN (Ch) (R and R McKeeveer)
NSW Edensundown Dancing Diva (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Midnight Runner (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Moonstone (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Skys The Limit (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Strike Force (D & L Meagher)
VIC Eliteview Catching Fire (Ross & Renee Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Dream To Achieve RN JD HT (Ch) (Mr Ross Carlson & Mr Dale Saultry)
VIC Eliteview Dream To Succeed RN (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Dreams Come True RA (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Startd Witha Whisper (Ch) (Renee Carlson)
VIC Ellagant All Rhythm At Mysql (CH) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant All The Right Moves CCD RE (Ch) (Renee Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Capture The Moment (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Covert Surveillance (Ch) (A Richardson & K McKinnon)
VIC Ellagant Enchanting Rhythm (MBIS BISS Sup. Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Flirtn With The Boys CD HT RAE (Ch Neut Ch) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Great Expectations CDX RM HT (Tri Ch (T) (RO) Grand Ch) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Legally Blonde (RUBIS RUBISS Gr Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
SA Ellagant Most Wanted (Ch) (Sarah McInerney/Ana Richardson)
TAS Ellagant Positive Thinking (Ch) (Troy Richardson & Wendy Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Rhythm N Blue PT (Multi BIS & BISS Sup Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
NSW Ellagant Rich N Smooth (H & P Biffin & A Richardson)
QLD Ellagant Shes A Rich Girl (Miss Chelsea Brown & Mrs Ana Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Sparks Fly (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Special Agent (Aust Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Top Gun CCD RAE (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
NSW Goldmaid Piece Of The Puzzle (Australian Champion) (D & L Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Spectacular Bid (Ch) (D & L Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid What R The Odds (Ch) (D & L Meagher)
VIC Grandpeak Mumma Knows Best (ai) (Brooke Trotter)
VIC Grandpeak The Mechanic (AI) (Brooke Trotter)
QLD Impact's Pop Rocks GCG (Imp) (HK/US Grand & Aust Supreme Ch    ) (T Thomas, B West, H Cong)
QLD Impact’s Teddy Ruxpin (Imp USA) (Am Ch) (Belinda West, Judy VanDerSteen, Kelton Hatton)
SA Inddara Rockin Graceland (Ch) (Sarah McInerney)
VIC Jadziah Born to be Wild (Ms NK Janetzki)
NSW Jedabun Everlasting Temptation (Aust Ch) (Mr D Gilson & Miss T Simpson)
NSW Jedabun I Will Always Love You (Aust Ch) (Miss Tracey Simpson)
NSW Jedabun Ray Of Hope (Miss Tracey Simpson)
NSW Jedabun Reflection Inthe Water (Miss M Moore & Miss T Simpson)
NSW Jedabun The Entourage (Grand CH) (Miss T Simpson)
NSW Jedabun The Snow Queen (Tracey Simpson)
NSW Kinbrace Take Your Best Shot RN ADX JDX GD SD SPDX ET (IMP NZ) (Aust & Neuter Grand Ch) (S Betts)
QLD Kytui Warrior Princess (ALally)
VIC Lamadabell Funky Baby Doll (A Green & B Trotter)
WA Lamadabell Funky Spunk (Lisa Willis)
SA Lamadabell Streets Ahead HT (Ch) (L Willis/S Baillie)
WA Lamadabell The Odyssey (L Willis/ L Farkas)
SA Lamadabell The Tempest (L Willis)
NSW Lanbart Black On Ice (AI) (Aust.Ch) (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Captain America (Multi BIS/RUBIS Australian / N.Z.Ch) (Hessenberger)
NSW Lanbart Cherokee Chief (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Lanbart Cherokee Cowgirl (Hessenberger/ Oakey)
QLD Lanbart Easter Rebelle (H & P Biffin)
NSW Lanbart Jet Black Heart (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Ready Set Go (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Salted Candy Crush (M.Brown)
NSW Lanbart Sure Shot (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Watermelon Sugar (Hessenberger / Oakey)
VIC Linwood Breath of Snow N Ashes (CH) (Leslie Mathieson)
VIC Linwood Dragonfly In Amber (Australian Chanpion) (Leslie Mathieson)
NSW Mahteek Caramel Cobber (Champion) (Deidre Masters)
NSW Mahteek Eversoclever (K Lynch & D Masters)
VIC Mainstreet All Dressed Up (Aust Ch) (Gayle Knowles)
VIC Mainstreet Original Sin (Aust Ch) (Gayle Knowles)
VIC Mainstreet The Colour of Money (Aust Ch) (Gayle Knowles)
NSW Maisilva Aolani Of Spacetime (Michelle Bower & Donna Puttock)
NSW Maisilva Aolani Sonic Resonant (MBIS/ MRBIS SUPREME Ch) (D. Puttock)
WA Maisilva Funky Cole Medina (AI) HT (Sup Ch) (Lisa Willis)
QLD Maisilva Promise Of The Cosmos (D Puttock & G Braithwaite)
QLD Maisilva Rising Empire (Aust Ch) (G Braithwaite/D Puttock)
QLD Maisilva Secret Empire (Sally Puglisi)
QLD Maisilva Solar Flare (AI) (Aust. Ch) (G. Braithwaite/D. Puttock)
NSW Melvada After All This Time (Melissa Kozaruk)
NSW Melvada Eclipse ofthe BlackSun (Rachel McKeever & Melissa Kozaruk)
NSW Melvada Siriusly Magic (Melissa Kozaruk)
WA Mysql All For The Legend (BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Leanne Irvine)
VIC Mysql Genuine Risk (iid USA) (RUBISS Gr Ch) (M da Silva/L Willis)
QLD Mysql Im On Fire (MBIS Sup Ch) (D Finlay & A Richardson)
QLD Mysql Strike It Rich (AI) (Multi BIS Multi RUBIS Aust Sup Ch) (D Finlay & A Richardson)
NSW Nuthinbutt Obvious Class (Australian Champion) (Nicole Solomons)

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