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Aust Ch Waikikamukau Red Hot Rumour
(Rebecca Manning)

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VIC Dykinta Man Around Town (Wendy Atkins)
QLD Dykinta Man Of The Hour (Mrs Wendy Atkins & Mrs Emma Fahey)
QLD Dykinta My Way ET (Aust CH) (Gail Reilly)
NSW Dykinta Night Music (Grand Champion) (Debbie & Laura Meagher)
NSW Dykinta Sea Shepherd (Supreme & Neuter Ch) (L Meagher)
NSW Dykinta Shadow Blue Bella (Aust Ch) (Wendy Atkins)
SA Dykinta Stand By Your Man (AI) (V Spangler Spangler)
NSW Dykinta Take a Bow (Australian Champion) (Nicole Griffiths)
NSW Dykinta Take A Good Look (Ch) (Wendy Atkins)
ACT Dykinta Twist Of Light RN (Ch) (R and R McKeeveer)
NSW Edednsundown Star Dancer (Paulene Andrews)
VIC Edensundown Blue Moon (Nicole Lincoln)
NSW Edensundown Dancing Diva (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Midnight Runner (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Moonsprite (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Moonstone (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Skys The Limit (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Edensundown Strike Force (D & L Meagher)
VIC Eliteview Catching Fire (Ross & Renee Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Diamond In The Rough (Ross & Renee Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Dream Design (Mr Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Dream To Achieve RN JD HT (Ch) (Mr Ross Carlson & Mr Dale Saultry)
VIC Eliteview Dream To Succeed RN (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Dreams Come True RA (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Startd Witha Whisper (Ch) (Renee Carlson)
VIC Ellagant All Rhythm At Mysql (CH) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant All The Right Moves CCD RE (Ch) (Renee Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Capture The Moment (Ellagant Kennels)
NSW Ellagant Cassiopeia (A. Richardson and C. Thompson)
VIC Ellagant Covert Surveillance (Ch) (A Richardson & K McKinnon)
VIC Ellagant Delta Blues HIC (BIS & RUBISS GR CH) (Ana Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Designer Edition (MULTI BIS & BIG Sup. Ch.) (Brooke Pilkington)
VIC Ellagant Enchanting Rhythm (MBIS BISS Sup. Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
QLD Ellagant Flirting With Danger (RUBIS Sup Ch) (Dominic Finlay & A Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Flirtn With The Boys CD HT RAE (Ch Neut Ch) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Great Expectations CDX RM HT (Tri Ch (T) (RO) Grand Ch) (Ross Carlson)
NSW Ellagant Harmony N Blue (RUBIS, Multi BIG Ch) (Thomas Pearson & Ana Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Legally Blonde (RUBIS RUBISS Gr Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Life Oth Party PT (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Memphis Blues HIC (Multi BIS Ch) (A Richardson & T Fry)
VIC Ellagant Mischevious Gal HT (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Mischief Maker (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
SA Ellagant Most Wanted (Ch) (Sarah McInerney/Ana Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Party Girl HIC (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
TAS Ellagant Positive Thinking (Ch) (Troy Richardson & Wendy Richardson)
NSW Ellagant Pretty N Blue (Multi BIS & BISS Sup Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
NSW Ellagant Rhapsody N Blue (Sup Ch) (T Pearson)
VIC Ellagant Rhythm N Blue PT (Multi BIS & BISS Sup Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
NSW Ellagant Rich N Smooth (H & P Biffin & A Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Rumours At Mysql (Ch) (Ellagant Knls)
QLD Ellagant Shes A Rich Girl (Miss Chelsea Brown & Mrs Ana Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Shes Got The Moves (Ch) (Brooke Pilkington)
VIC Ellagant Sparks Fly (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Special Agent (Aust Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Spice It Up (Michelle Doe and Ana Richardson)
NSW Ellagant Strategic Moves (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant thelma (Carol Thompson)
VIC Ellagant Top Gun CCD RAE (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Two Minute (Ana Richardson & Ahlia Smith)
VIC Ellagant Venture In Paris (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Elzscot Galloway Pippin AD JD (Julija Kinghorn)
VIC Elzscot Tantalizin Tango ADM ADO JDM JDO SPD HT (Ch) (Tracey Weaver)
WA Fiddlespring Jilikin Oceansong (Dr Monika Tschochner)
NT Gaitmaster Boaz Rio (Kathryn Jacob)
NSW Gemmells Seabiscuit (imp USA) (Aust/NZ Ch) (B & A Helps)
NSW Goldmaid Designer Label (Aust Champion) (D&L Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Double Agent (Debbie & Laura Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Piece Of The Puzzle (Australian Champion) (D & L Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Spectacular Bid (Ch) (D & L Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid What R The Odds (Ch) (D & L Meagher)
VIC Grandpeak Mumma Knows Best (ai) (Brooke Trotter)
VIC Grandpeak The Mechanic (AI) (Brooke Trotter)
NSW Hamilton's Darlin of Flatrock (imp USA) (RUBISS CH) (Linda Keogh)
VIC Hat Creek's Hitch'n A Ride To Oz (Imp USA) HT (Ch) (Rozate Kennels)
VIC HevnSent ButShesNo Angel ADM JDM JDO SPD (Ch) (Tracey Weaver)
WA Hotnote Caught Ya Noise (D Sprigg)
NT Hotnote Thyme Well Spent (Kathryn Jacob)
VIC Hotoz Summer Sizzler (Hotoz Kennels)
VIC Hotoz Summer Thyme (Hotoz Kennels)
VIC Hotoz Timeless CDX RM JD GD PT (Lydia Whiteway)
NSW Hytop Darlin O Ironhorse (P West)
NSW Hytop Heart O Underworld (A Aspinall)
QLD Impact's Pop Rocks GCG (Imp) (HK/US Grand & Aust Supreme Ch    ) (T Thomas, B West, H Cong)
QLD Impact’s Teddy Ruxpin (Imp USA) (Am Ch) (Belinda West, Judy VanDerSteen, Kelton Hatton)
SA Inddara Rockin Graceland (Ch) (Sarah McInerney)
NSW Indigoeye Legacy in Black (Sabine Bischkopf)
VIC Indyridge bulldozer (Nicole lincoln)
VIC Jadziah Born to be Wild (Ms NK Janetzki)
VIC Jadziah Here Comes The Sun (Ms NK Janetzki)
VIC Jadziah Shine Bright (Nikki Janetzki)
VIC Jadziah Super Sleuth (S&J Lindley / N Janetzki)
VIC Jadziah Super Sonic ADM JDM ADO SPDX HT (Ag Ch 500) (Nikki Janetzki)
VIC Jadziah Walking on Sunshine (Ms K Nicholls & Ms NK Janetzki)
NSW Jedabun Bundy N Cola (Aust Ch) (Miss T Simpson)
QLD Jedabun Everlasting Grace (Aust Ch) (Miss T Simpson Mr P & Mrs K Vardy)
NSW Jedabun Everlasting Temptation (Aust Ch) (Mr D Gilson & Miss T Simpson)
NSW Jedabun I Will Always Love You (Aust Ch) (Miss Tracey Simpson)
NSW Jedabun Ray Of Hope (Miss Tracey Simpson)
NSW Jedabun Reflection Inthe Water (Miss M Moore & Miss T Simpson)
NSW Jedabun The Entourage (Grand CH) (Miss T Simpson)
NSW Jedabun The Snow Queen (Tracey Simpson)
NSW Keelinga Fair Play (iid USA) (Linda Keogh)
NZ Kinbrace All That And More (Ch) (C Jones)
NSW Kinbrace Take Your Best Shot RN ADX JDX GD SD SPDX ET (IMP NZ) (Aust & Neuter Grand Ch) (S Betts)
TAS Koala-T's Georgia On My Mind (Imp USA) HT (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb)
VIC Koral Elvikam (Imp Pol) (Alfoxton Kennels)
NSW Kyambel Benz The Rulz (Rebecca Manning)
QLD Kyambel Do You Think Im Sexy (Belinda West)
WA Kyambel Final Edition (Margaret Harding)
QLD Kyambel Top Deck (Tim Butcher & Marie Bounds)
QLD Kytui Black Warrior (A Lally)
QLD Kytui Warrior Princess (ALally)
VIC Lamadabell Funky Baby Doll (A Green & B Trotter)
WA Lamadabell Funky Spunk (Lisa Willis)
VIC Lamadabell Kiss My Starz (M da Silva/L Willis)
SA Lamadabell Streets Ahead HT (Ch) (L Willis/S Baillie)
WA Lamadabell The Odyssey (L Willis/ L Farkas)
SA Lamadabell The Tempest (L Willis)
QLD Lanbart Black Is The New Blue (Aust.Ch) (Kerry McNamara / Bryanna Ryan)
NSW Lanbart Arctic Bonfire (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Black Daquari (Hessenberger/ Oakey/Chisholm)
NSW Lanbart Black On Ice (AI) (Aust.Ch) (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Blackberry Swirl (Hessenberger/ Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Captain America (Multi BIS/RUBIS Australian / N.Z.Ch) (Hessenberger)
NSW Lanbart Cherokee Chief (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Lanbart Cherokee Cowgirl (Hessenberger/ Oakey)
QLD Lanbart Easter Rebelle (H & P Biffin)
NSW Lanbart Game Changer (Hessenberger/ Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Hugo Boss HT ET (Aust & Neuter Grand Ch) (S Betts)
NSW Lanbart Jet Black Heart (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart King Of Diamonds (Hessenberger / Oakey)
QLD Lanbart Music City Blues (Aust CH) (Kerry McNamara (Bryanna Ryan))
NSW Lanbart No Shame (Hessenberger/ Oakey)
VIC Lanbart peaches n cream (Nicole lincoln)
NSW Lanbart Rainbow Crush (Hessenberger/ Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Ready Set Go (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Salted Candy Crush (M.Brown)
NSW Lanbart Sure Shot (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lanbart Watermelon Sugar (Hessenberger / Oakey)
NSW Lascardie Rumour Has It (Rebecca Manning)
NSW Lascardie Some Like It Hot (R.Wallbank)
NSW Lascardie Under My Spell (R.Wallbank)
NSW Leesway Harmony In Blue (Australian Champion) (Cathy Nugent)
WA Leesway Levi Blues (Aust Ch) (Hayley Lamb)
NSW Leesway She Is A Sequel (Australian Champion) (Cathy Nugent)
VIC Linwood Breath of Snow N Ashes (CH) (Leslie Mathieson)
VIC Linwood Dragonfly In Amber (Australian Chanpion) (Leslie Mathieson)
VIC Los Pinos Spotlight In Paris (Imp USA) (Aust / Am & NZ Ch) (Leslie Mathieson)
NSW Mahteek Caramel Cobber (Champion) (Deidre Masters)
NSW Mahteek Docs Keepa (Deidre Masters)

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