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Lanbart Ready Set Go
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VIC Alfoxton Ichabod Crane RN CD (Jenny Crapper)
NSW Aolani's Mai Silva Treasure E.T. (Imp USA) (RBISS Grand Ch.) (Donna Puttock)
VIC AusFX Sea Change CDX RAE RM TSDX PT (T Ch) (Lina Morgante)
VIC AusFX Thru the Fire N Flames RN PT ET (AusFX Knls)
VIC Bellamarnie Torquem Up ADM JDM ADO JDO SPD SD HT (Ch) (Nikki Janetzki)
NSW Blueamble Take The Stage RA CD ED (Aust Ch & Neut Ch) (Mrs A Lamberton & Ms B Potter)
NSW Blueamble The Pied Piper RN (BIS Aust Ch) (Mrs A Lamberton & Ms B Potter)
QLD Brishet Sam I Am CCD. RN (Ms A Lally)
WA Bursirius Hakuna Matata RM JC ADX JDX ET TK.S (Aust Ch) (Jessica Burren)
SA Cuebiyar NoPlaceLikeHome CD RN ADX JD PT (Karen Davis)
NSW Delchoksky My Santana (D. Whyburn & C Benge)
ACT Dykinta Twist Of Light RN (Ch) (R and R McKeeveer)
VIC Eliteview Dream To Achieve RN JD HT (Ch) (Mr Ross Carlson & Mr Dale Saultry)
VIC Eliteview Dream To Succeed RN (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Dreams Come True RA (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant All The Right Moves CCD RE (Ch) (Renee Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Flirtn With The Boys CD HT RAE (Ch Neut Ch) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Great Expectations CDX RM HT (Tri Ch (T) (RO) Grand Ch) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Rhythm N Blue PT (Multi BIS & BISS Sup Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Top Gun CCD RAE (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Hotoz Timeless CDX RM JD GD PT (Lydia Whiteway)
NSW Kinbrace Take Your Best Shot RN ADX JDX GD SD SPDX ET (IMP NZ) (Aust & Neuter Grand Ch) (S Betts)
SA Lamadabell Streets Ahead HT (Ch) (L Willis/S Baillie)
NSW Lanbart Hugo Boss HT ET (Aust & Neuter Grand Ch) (S Betts)
WA Maisilva Funky Cole Medina (AI) HT (Sup Ch) (Lisa Willis)
NSW Nuthinbutt A Candy Crush (AI) (Australian Champion) (Lisa Hagelstein/ Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt Cowboy Blues (CCD, CD, RN) (Obedience) (Monica Smith)
NSW Nuthinbutt Miss American Pie (Aust Ch and Agility Ch) (Lisa Hagelstein/ Nicole Solomons)
VIC Owjedoo Rugged Ranger HT (Ch) (Renee Carlson)
VIC Regal Reign Hightide Hit The Jackpot HT (Imp USA) (Sup Ch & Am Ch) (A Petersen, J Karras & B Moore)
VIC Rozate Brewed By Moonlite RN PT ET (AusFX Knls)
VIC Rozate Calamity Jane CD RE HSAs JDX GD (Gr CH (TS), Dual CH. (Neut)(T)) (Miss T A Edgell)
VIC Rozate Enigma ET (Aust Ch) (AusFX Knls)
VIC Rozate Jackhammer HXAc HXBsd ET TSDX (VHCH, GR H CH, TRI CH (T) (H)) (Rozate Kennels)
VIC Rozate Jamaican Blue RN PT (Dual Ch (T) TS Grand Ch.) (Miss T Edgell)
VIC Rozate One Shot At Fame RN HSAs ET (Aust & (T) Ch) (Rozate Kennels)
VIC Rozate Return Of The Jedi RA. HSAs (Aust Ch) (Miss L Cini & Mrs K Dourley)
VIC Rozate Sledgehammer HSAs ADX JDX SPD SD CCD RN ET (BISS Neuter Ch) (AusFX Knls)
VIC Rozate Slide Guitar Legend TSD HT (T.Ch) (Tracey Edgell (Hailshine Kennels))
VIC Rozate Smokin Hot Kiss HSAs (Aust Ch) (Rozate Kennels)
VIC Rozate So What HSAs CCD RA (Ch) (Jan Anderson)
NSW Rozate What Do You Wish For RN (Melissa Kozaruk)
NSW Sarbinma Lucky Madoc Ccd Rn (CH) (G.m.grahame)
SA Senturian Hershey RA. (V Spangler)
SA Shartooz A Knights Tale CD RN ADX JDX GD SD PT (Australian Champion) (Karen Davis)
SA Shartooz Navy Seal RN (Australian & Neuter Champion) (Graeme & Helen Simpson & Sharyn Baillie)
VIC Silvanwood A New Force AD JD (Aust Ch) (AusFX Knls)
VIC Sugargum Power N Panache CD ET HIT (FCH) (Lydia Whiteway)
VIC Sugargum Texas Cowboy CD ADX JD ET HIT (AUST CH) (Lydia Whiteway)
SA Sutter's Special Edition RN (IMP NZ) (Multi RUBIS Australian Grand Champion) (Karen Davis)
SA Thistledust Black Shadow JC (B Ryan & K Davis)
SA Thistledust Hennessy Black FDCh CA (K Davis & R Knapp)
SA Thistledust In the Spotlight RN ET CA (A Stapleton & K Davis)
SA Thistledust Sapphireintherust (AI) JC (Karen Davis)
QLD Tuscamada Ive Got The Magic HIT CCD (Aust. Ch) (Chelsea Brown)
QLD Wlkabout Dazzling Blu Eyes RN (Ch.) (Ms A Lally)
QLD Wlkabout Entertainer CD, RM (Ch.) (Ms A Lally)

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