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NZ CH Tasdale Sam I Am
(D.Riley M.Withers D.Freshwater)

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NT Tagetarl Aussie Lone Ranger (JS & CM Beckett)
SA Tainquest Dare T Dream (Aust Ch    ) (Cerrie Gower)
SA Tainquest Etched N Gold (Aust CH) (C Gower)
SA Tainquest Rich N Uff (Aust CH) (C Gower)
SA Tainquest The Joker. ( DNA tested Clear) (Aust CH) (C Gower)
SA Tainquest Verry Elleegant (C Gower)
NZ Tasdale Style Envy (Diane Riley)
WA Tasdale Boo Guess Who (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch NZ Ch) (N Sharrett)
NZ Tasdale Glad Rags (Ch) (Diane Riley)
QLD Tasdale Heads I Win Tail U Lose (Ch) (Allan and Christine Barrow)
VIC Tasdale Heres Hoping (Aust CH) (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
NZ Tasdale Male Order (Diane Riley)
NSW Tasdale Sam I Am (NZ CH) (D.Riley M.Withers D.Freshwater)
NZ Tasdale Thirst F' First (ai) (Aimee Pycroft & Diane Riley)
NZ Tasdale Tophat N Tails (Ch) (Diane Riley)
SA Tasdale What Ever (IMP NZL) (CH) (Cerrie gower)
QLD Taufield Warrior Princess (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Anzac Bluey (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Taufield Anzac Hero (CH) (Ms C L Sweeney)
VIC Taufield Dream Edition (Grand Ch) (Mrs. Leanne Bywater)
QLD Taufield Golden Edition (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
SA Taufield Golden Edition (Aust Ch) (Karin Dressler)
QLD Taufield Golden Rusty Star (Mrs T Kimber)
QLD Taufield Kiwi Warrior (Aus Ch) (Dot Burrows)
QLD Taufield Last Warrior (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Last Wart (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Mighty Mouse (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Mischievous Wart (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Our Good Forturne (Peter Briggs and Sharon Briggs)
VIC Taufield Rebel Digger (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
QLD Taufield Rustys Gold (Ch) (Melanie Moore)
QLD Taufield Scallywag (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Scarlett Rendezvous (Ch Neuter Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnel)
VIC Taufield Short N Sweet (Ch) (Mrs Leanne Bywater)
QLD Taufield Space Warrior (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Tail Tella (Imp NZ) (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Warts Gift (Aus Ch Neuter Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
VIC Temora High Voltage (American Champion) (Stephanie Nicholson)
SA Temora I Walk The Walk (Imp USA) (American & Australian Ch.) (Regisvista Kennels)
VIC Teritopaz Ruff N Tuff (Grand Ch. Neuter Ch.) (Mrs Leanne Bywater)
TAS Terraozzi Golden Jewel (Australian Ch) (Ms Erica Norgrove)
TAS Terraozzi Golden Jewel (Ch) (Erica Norgrove)
VIC Terraozzi Ice Princess (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
VIC Terraozzi Sheez On Fire (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
VIC Terraozzi Sheeza Gem (Mrs N Korczynski)
VIC Terraozzi Starry Night (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
VIC Terraozzi Twilights Jasper (Nicole Korczynski)
NSW Teschi Waitnsee (ch) (Michelle Cook)
NSW TineeTown Thatsnotall (Australian Supreme Champion) (Mr Michael Jordan)
TAS Tineetown Honey Bee (Tod & Katerina Thomas)
VIC Tineetown Takeabitofun. (Aust Ch.) (John & Margaret Snelders.)
NSW TineeTown Tales Of Dreams (Michael Jordan)
VIC TineeTown Tizz Sirius (Ch) (Lesley & Rod Winning)
TAS Tineetown Tizza Dream (Tod & Katerina THomas)
NSW TineeTown TizzaKissa (Australian Grand Champion) (Mr Michael Jordan)
VIC Tineetown Tizzmylady (Margaret Snelders)
VIC Tineetown Topper (Ms M. Scott)
NSW TineeTown Turnitupp (Mr Michael Jordan)
VIC Tryaterror Hunter (Aust Ch) (Greg Bradshaw)
QLD Wanora Above And Beyond (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora Angie Gurl (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora Drovers Dream (Aust Ch) (Debbie Schaeller)
QLD Wanora Golden Dreams (Mrs T Kimber)
QLD Wanora High N Dry (Debbie Schaeller)
QLD Wanora La Big N Rich (Lauren Schaeller)
QLD Wanora La Im Callin Dibs (Ch) (Aronaw Kennels)
QLD Wanora La Out Of the Shadows (Dec'd) (Ch) (ARONAW KENNELS -L & A Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora La Rough n Ready (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora La Walkin On Sunshine (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora La Walkin On Sunshine (Sup Ch) (ARONAW KENNELS -Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora La Wish Upon a Star (Wanora Kennels)
QLD Wanora NV (Mrs Debbie Schaeller)
QLD Wanora Outback Jack (Aust Ch) (Wanora Kennels)
QLD Wanora Outback Wart (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Wanora Outback Wrangler (Aust Ch) (Wanora Kennels)
QLD Wanora Something Special (Mrs Debbie Schaeller)
QLD Wanora Starlett (Aust Ch) (Debbie Schaeller)
VIC Wismiss Aussome Sturt Pea (imp USA) (Am. Ch.) (John Davidson , C Sazama & K Bryan)

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