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QLD Aronaw Blue Suede Shoes (A & L Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Drops of Jupiter (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
NSW Atrigema When You Dare (M Cook)
TAS Ausgrove Gold Digger (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Brazendor Touch Of Class (Ch) (Jean Lemon.)
QLD Cliftop Bets Are In (A & L Lobegeiger)
NSW Cliftop Blue Times Two (CH) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Blue Rebel (Aust Ch) (K.Heald & K Simpson & S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Dashin for the Finish (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
QLD Cliftop Dreamed a Star (Aust Ch) (Wanora Kennels)
ACT Cliftop Gunna Be A Star (Ch) (Mr S. P Mills & Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Iconic Destiny (Aust Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Isle of Oban (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Penny Dazzler (Aust Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Red Dazzler (Aust and Fin Ch) (Kirsi Ola)
SA Cliftop Shady Sky (Aust Ch) (Henry Jewiss)
QLD Cliftop Star Surprise (Aust Ch) (Mrs T Kimber)
VIC Coppahed Casanova (Aust Ch.) (Mick Snelders.)
VIC Coppahed Catch Me If U Can (Aust Ch.) (Mrs. Margaret Snelders)
QLD Cumalong Milos chioce (Peter Briggs and Sharon)
QLD Cumalong Spinner Toss (Peter Briggs and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Cumalong Wonderful Kazu (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
VIC Cynamin Spice Reign Of Fire (IMP NZL) (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
NSW Enomis Bobby Boy (Aust Ch) (Burey/Nicholson)
QLD Fordaisi George (Mick taylor)
VIC Forestal Devil in Disguise (Ebony Warren)
TAS Gumtree Lyns Lil Man (Tod & Katerina Thomas)
NSW Heatherglen Stormyweatha (Ch) (Mrs SM Massey)
NSW Horrieglen Turbo Charged (Mr T & Mrs D Fenton)
NSW Irrawang Ace Adventura (Jill Mcdougall)
NSW Irrawang Blaze and Glory (CH) (A&L Boote)
NT Jaskarin Rise Like A Phoenix (imp Swe) (DK CH/ FIN CH/ SE CH/SEV /JEUW /JWW/JMV /EUJV /BENELUXJV /SEW /CH /NO CH /INT CH) (JS & CM Beckett)
VIC Kylott Had Me At Hello (CH) (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
VIC Kylott I Walk On By (Aust CH) (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
VIC Kylott Onlythelonely (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
SA Laspamas Native Warrior (Ch. Neut.Ch) (Peter Oswald)
QLD Laspamas Reilleys Rocky (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
TAS Lemonlee Butch Cassidy. (Jean Lemon)
TAS Lemonlee Little Touch of Class (Ch) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Lemonlee Lone Ryder (Ch) (Jean Lemon)
TAS Littlemac Singin D Blues (Ch) (Jean Lemon)
VIC Madoggee Baileys Cream (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
QLD Maymuru Mighty Mouse (Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
NSW MittleSista Smarty Pants (Ch.) (Peter Oswald)
VIC Oziruff Ruffl N Feathers (Ch.) (Mrs Leanne Bywater)
SA Paxterr Aces High at Tainquest (C Gower)
SA Paxterr Shoodbe a Star (Ian Watts)
SA Paxterr True Blue Mate (Ch) (Peter Oswald)
SA Paxterr True Blue Mate (Ch.) (Peter Oswald)
SA Paxterr Willbee a Star (Aust Ch.) (Barbara & Quentin McIntyre)
NZ Rahnas Outbackred Lightnin (IMP-USA) (Cynthia Muir)
VIC Rebelglen Dancinthdark (Aust Ch) (J Davidson & K Wright)
NSW Rebelglen Blue Vagabond (Aust Grand Champion) (Kevin Heald)
VIC Rebelglen Catmandoo (Aust. Grand Ch) (John Davidson)
VIC Rebelglen Danny La rue (Aust Ch) (John Davidson)
VIC Rebelglen Gungadin (SUP CH) (John Davidson)
VIC Rebelglen Ink Master (Aust Ch) (John Davidson)
VIC Rebelglen Inya Dreams (Aust Gr Ch) (K Wright J Davidson)
VIC Rebelglen Moonlighting (Aust. Ch) (John Davidson)
VIC Rebelglen Poker Face (Aust Ch) (J Davidson)
VIC Rebelglen Slice Of Heaven (CH) (J Davidson)
SA Regisvista Good Behaviour Bond (AUST GRAND CH.) (Regisvista Kennels)
SA Regisvista Hit The Road Jack (Regisvista Kennels)
SA Regisvista Shout N Make Noise (Aust Ch.) (Regisvista Kennels)
SA Regisvista Showdown At Dusk (Aust Ch.) (Regisvista Kennels)
NSW Shandez Thunder Rising (Aust Neuter Ch) (Mrs SM Massey)
NZ Shandrys Im A Shadow At Boomtown (Ch) (Judeen Foreman)
NSW Spalpeen Supa Troopa Ohorriglen (MBIS. MBIG. Supreme Ch) (Mr T and Mrs D Fenton)
NT Tagetarl Aussie Anarchy (retired) (BIG CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
QLD Tagetarl Aussie JB Baloo (retired) (MBISS, R/BIS, CHAMPION) (CAROL BECKETT & R Wilkins)
NT Tagetarl Aussie JB Shere Kahn (retired) (BIG, RBIG Champion) (JS & CM Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Aussie Lone Ranger (JS & CM Beckett)
SA Tainquest The Joker. ( DNA tested Clear) (Aust CH) (C Gower)
WA Tasdale Boo Guess Who (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch NZ Ch) (N Sharrett)
QLD Tasdale Heads I Win Tail U Lose (Ch) (Allan and Christine Barrow)
NZ Tasdale Male Order (Diane Riley)
NSW Tasdale Sam I Am (NZ CH) (D.Riley M.Withers D.Freshwater)
NZ Tasdale Tophat N Tails (Ch) (Diane Riley)
SA Tasdale What Ever (IMP NZL) (CH) (Cerrie gower)
QLD Taufield Anzac Bluey (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Taufield Anzac Hero (CH) (Ms C L Sweeney)
SA Taufield Golden Edition (Aust Ch) (Karin Dressler)
QLD Taufield Golden Edition (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Kiwi Warrior (Aus Ch) (Dot Burrows)
QLD Taufield Last Warrior (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Mighty Mouse (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
VIC Taufield Rebel Digger (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
QLD Taufield Rustys Gold (Ch) (Melanie Moore)
QLD Taufield Scallywag (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
QLD Taufield Space Warrior (Aus Ch) (Kathleen O'Donnell)
VIC Temora High Voltage (American Champion) (Stephanie Nicholson)
SA Temora I Walk The Walk (Imp USA) (American Ch.) (Regisvista Kennels)
NSW Temora Remember Me (Imp USA) (AM CH AUST CH) (Leanne & Allen Boote)
VIC Teritopaz Ruff N Tuff (Grand Ch. Neuter Ch.) (Mrs Leanne Bywater)
VIC Terraozzi Twilights Jasper (Nicole Korczynski)
NSW TineeTown Thatsnotall (Australian Supreme Champion) (Mr Michael Jordan)
VIC TineeTown Tizz Sirius (Ch) (Lesley & Rod Winning)
VIC Tineetown Topper (Ms M. Scott)
NSW TineeTown Turnitupp (Mr Michael Jordan)
VIC Tryaterror Hunter (Aust Ch) (Greg Bradshaw)
QLD Wanora Golden Dreams (Mrs T Kimber)
QLD Wanora High N Dry (Debbie Schaeller)
QLD Wanora La Big N Rich (Lauren Schaeller)
QLD Wanora La Rough n Ready (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora La Walkin On Sunshine (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora La Walkin On Sunshine (Sup Ch) (ARONAW KENNELS -Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Wanora Outback Jack (Aust Ch) (Wanora Kennels)
QLD Wanora Outback Wrangler (Aust Ch) (Wanora Kennels)
VIC Wismiss Aussome Sturt Pea (imp USA) (Am. Ch.) (John Davidson , C Sazama & K Bryan)

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