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Aust CH Wolfonyx Justice Crew
(Richard Clarke)

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QLD Belgenbeau Dare tobe Bare (Lynda Trotter)
SA Belgenbeau Dont Blink (AI) JC. PT. ET. (Aust CH) (L Bingham)
QLD Belgenbeau K C Pumbaa (Aust Ch) (Lynda Trotter & Sarah Hill-Murray)
VIC JohDam Jaspers Treasure Eh (Shaz)
QLD Nordenstamm Heat IGP3 (2019 Australian Grand National IGP3 Champion) (Cheryl Chaffey)
QLD Nordenstamm Panko IPO3 (2x National Protection Champion) (Lyle SLINGSBY)
VIC Paximus Aanubis (Michelle Minardi)
QLD Superhund Aheathen (Lyle SLINGSBY)

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