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Susmiks Kian v Tiene (IMP DEN) ADX JDM ADO JDO SD GD SPD
(Mette Corell)

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VIC Astabron Sneaky Miss Zeeba (Ms B J Durran)
NZ Belgenbeau aka Reflection at Quivera (imp Aus) (NZ Ch) (Christie Mckennie)
SA Beljekali Cast in Neon at Delaroche (Mr C, Mrs J & Miss J Fynmore / Ms C Russell)
NSW Beljekali I Go Where Hugo (Supreme Ch) (J Fynmore)
NSW Beljekali Ring My Belle AI (T) (Australian Champion) (C & J Fynmore)
TAS Beljekali Year of the Asher (Aust Ch) (C & J Fynmore and K Truman)
NSW Beljekali Yelaina (C & J Fynmore)
VIC Deviebelle E T Elle (Ch) (Ms Bronwyn Durran)
NSW Deviebelle PS Cinnamon Girl (Tracy A Glawson)
VIC Deviebelle PS Rockin Astabron (Ch) (Ms B J Durran)
QLD Heroeswit Aphrodite (Aust Ch) (Danika Wilds)
VIC JohDam The Wizard at Astabron (Ms B J Durran)
VIC Lumineux Great Southern Wolf (Ch) (Lumineux Belgians)
QLD Mirribandi Merveilleux HT RN CAX5 (Ch) (Kathryn Winton)
QLD Mirribandi Shampagne On Ice PT (AI) (Ch) (Kathryn Winton)
QLD Mirribandi Tarantella PT (Ch) (Kathryn Winton)
QLD Mirribandi Warlock (AI) HSAs RN CAX5 (CH) (Roger Winton - Mirribandi Belgians)
NT Mirribandi Yisreal (Aust Ch) (Michael Bratchell)
NSW Moonshadow Graecious Winterain CCD, RN, ADX, JDM, GD, SPDX, SDX (Aust Ch) (Elspeth Robertson & Michael Meany)
NSW Moonshadow Russett Lysander (Aust Ch) (MM Meany & E K Robertson)
NSW Moonshadow Zephyr Dream CDX, RAE (Michele Martin)
NSW Tervailles Grimm Faerie Tale (Aust Ch.) (B & M Borg)
VIC Tervailles J J Jackpot (Mrs Johanna Lynch)
WA Toujour Creme De La Creme JD (Ch) (Mr A and Mrs M McEwen)
NSW Toujour Kiss Me Noble Knight (AI) JC WPD (Aust Ch) (B & M Borg)
WA Toujour Nuit Nice Novel HT JD (Mrs A and Mr M McEwen)
VIC Toujour Quick Go For Love (Ch) (Ms B Durran & Mrs M Borg)
NSW Toujour Quick Gogo Gadget Paws (B & M Borg)
VIC Vlashaard Diamond (Mrs L Longmuir)
NSW Weedram T Serendipity (Aust Ch) (Fay Philp)

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