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Alcance A Moment In Milan
(Jill McGrath-Berra & Frank Berra)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

QLD 1-Jan-1990Kadence Elusive Encounter ( Imp-nz) (SUPREME CH) (Jody Gibson & Heather Gibson)
VIC 1-Jan-1990Tyeanbo Doing The Time Walk (AI) (BISS RUBIS Aust SUPREME CH) (S F Crooks & G Munro)
WA 1-Jul-2012Taswest Jewel Inth Crown (AUST SUPREME CH) (Michelle Roberts)
QLD 13-Jul-2012Saxonee Take No Prisners (Aust Supreme CH) (Paul McArthur & Cathryn Murdoch)
NSW 11-Sep-2014The Fonejacker At Surfstone (Imp UK) SOM HT1 CC DMN (Multi BISS, Multi RUBISS, Multi RUBIS Aust SUPREME Ch) (Mr DW & Mrs JW Halliday)
QLD 8-Nov-2014Laykoda Leading Lady (AUST CH SUP) (Mrs H & Miss J Gibson)
NSW 10-Jun-2017Valeska Big Easy (Imp NZ) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Sylvia Choca)

Australian GRAND Champions

VIC 15-Mar-1998Tyeanbo Gold n Bold (Grand Ch) (David & Faye Crooks)
SA 16-Aug-2000Yookay Steal A Kiss (Aus Grand Ch) (Brizegar Kennels)
VIC 2-Feb-2002Sjecoin Keeping Secrets (Gr Ch) (Rosina Brace)
NSW 18-Nov-2003Belvurn Too Hot T'Handle (Imp UK) SOM HT0 (Multi BIS & RUBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mr Darryl & Mrs Janet Halliday)
WA 28-Sep-2005Taswest Reggie In Red (AUST GRAND CH) (Michelle Roberts)
QLD 16-May-2007Saxonee Fuel The Fire (Deceased) (Aust Gr Ch) (Paul McArthur)
VIC 19-Nov-2007Kesdar High Society (BISS RUBISS RUBIS Grand Ch) (Jennifer Davis & Helen Keele)
NSW 21-Jul-2008Jimbren Sun Seeker Tovineen Imp UK SOM (BISS Gr Ch) (Gavin & Eileen Custance)
VIC 9-Oct-2008Sjecoin American Express (Gr Ch) (Mrs R J Brace & Ms M Olifent)
NZ 3-Jan-2009Quasar Is Contagious At Blueprint (AI) HTO (BISS BIS Aust Gr Ch) (E de Boer)
NSW 11-Nov-2009Kabova Scent Ova Woman HT0 AC (RUBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Mr DW & Mrs JW Halliday)
SA 21-Aug-2010Phoenix Tom Hanks (Multi BIG Aust Gr Ch) (Maxine Carter)
VIC 28-Jul-2011Kesdar Royal Ascot (Grand Champion) (Jennifer Davis & Helen Keele)
QLD 1-Jan-2012Boxvale Rockingupa Strom (Ch) (I Campbell & D Bastin)
SA 26-Jul-2012Taswest Yanky Doodle Dandie (AI) (Aust. Supreme Ch..) (Maxine Carter/Liz Lee/Kym Barnett)
VIC 23-Jan-2015Sjecoin Spies And Lies (Gr Ch) (Rosina Brace)
NSW 30-Jul-2016Boxberry Surfing Superstar HT0 CC DMN (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs JW Halliday & Mrs SJ Badman)
VIC 30-May-2018Sjecoin Sweet Georgia Brown (Aust Gr Ch) (Rosina Brace)

New Zealand SUPREME Champions

NZ 21-Mar-2014Kadence Luv At First Sight (NZ SUPREME CH/ NZ GRAND SPECIALIST CH/ AUST SUPREME CH) (Aynsley Downie)

New Zealand GRAND Champions

NZ 19-Oct-2003Quasar Highly Contagious HTO (NZ GR CH) (Erik de Boer)
NZ 11-Mar-2007Zmontalk Dundee Lass AT Mavquade (NZ GR CH) (Terry & Helen Yeoman, Colin Bradley)

New Zealand Specialist GRAND Champions

NZ 2-Mar-2014Glenmorne justa Globe Trotta (NZ Ch) (Betty Parker)

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