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Aust Ch Reynosa Triffic Trev
(Allison Rhodes - Reynosa Chihuahuas)

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NSW Adrahil Geez Shes A Spitfire (Australian Champion) (Rick Carter)
NSW Adrahil Mr Firefox (Australian Champion) (Rick Carter)
NZ Amara Little Charm of Trouble (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ AmigoReal Louis Vuitton (NZ Ch) (Mark Stone)
NZ Arizona Star Of Heathcote (NZ Ch:) (Mr Tony Gibson & Kathy Morton)
VIC Bendonichi Chilli Cha Cha (Australian Champion) (Ms. G. Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Hedy Lemarr (Australian Champion) (Glen Donnan)
QLD Bramver's European Gentle Man (IMP JPN) (Aust Ch) (Ann Parker)
NZ Bramver's Twilight (Imp-Japan) (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NSW Cairford Better Thdevil Uknow (Ch) (David & Rebecca Byrne)
NSW Cairford Stars and Stripes (Australian champion) (Paige howes)
VIC Caliya Flash Of Ash (Miss C Bull)
VIC Caliya Maybe Its Maybeline (Miss C Bull)
NSW Calysta Forever Glory (C 7 S locke)
QLD Calysta Send My Love (Ch) (Melissa Sticklen)
NZ Celtic Rose of Heathcote (Petra Sims)
SA Chaniekan Show Me Ya Money (Aust. CH.) (Mrs. Irene Nicholls)
VIC Cheekychi Sweet Talker (BISS RUBISS Aust Ch) (Tracey Wright)
VIC Chidolls Glitzy Glam ((MULTI) BISS, RUBIS Australian Champion) (Leonie Bohm)
NSW Dazzles Texas Tribute (imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Miss V Morse)
VIC Dearchi Dash Of Class (Ch   ) (Mrs Allison Rhodes)
VIC Dearchi Winx Washington (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Mrs K M Dearness)
SA Dreistleigh Chocolate Chip (Ozstar Kennels)
NSW Efectivo Fifty Shades Darker (Jane Flowers)
WA El Toro Chips Off Old Block (AUST CH/NZ CH) (P & E Chandler)
NZ El-Toro George Alexander (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NSW El-Toro Hobos Sweet Melody (IMP NZL) (Jane Flowers)
VIC El-Toro Kiwis Billy The Kid (Imp NZ) (Australian Champion) (Glen Donnan)
NZ El-toro Lucky Bonita (NZ CH:) (Pat McDonald Kathy Morton)
NZ Eldivino Hocus Pocus (NZ CH, RBISS) (Susan Galbraith)
NZ Eldivino Maestro Boston (NZ Ch) (Kathy Morton)
NZ Eldivino Señorita Nikita (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NSW Elluje Mafia Kingpin (Julie and Erin Henville)
NSW Espero Merci Beaucoup (Aust Ch) (V Morse)
NSW Espero Onceinalifetime (Aust Ch) (V Morse)
NSW Espero u know u love me (Paige howes)
QLD Fayrelyn Moselle (F. Snell)
SA Fureverchi Numero Uno Tengo (Ch.) (Angela Mindis)
NSW Grandimage go your own way (Paige howes)
NSW Grandimage Should Be A Cowboy (Aust Ch) (Mrs P Howes and Mrs C Dobson)
NSW Grandimage Summers Little Angel (Paige howes)
WA Grandimage The One That I Want (Mrs V McKelvie)
VIC Grandimage Windsor (Miss C Bull)
VIC Hollychi Sweet Magnolia (Champion) (Karen McCabe)
QLD Jaja Bare Confessions (Janelle Mannell)
QLD Jaja Xiucaquic Prinz (Janelle Mannell)
QLD JenniChis Big Boss Man (CISS MCIG Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
QLD JenniChis Stand By Me DD (MCIG Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
QLD JenniChis Tiffany's Legacy (MCIG Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
NSW Johgra Holy Toledo (J & M Grant)
NZ Kitaco Briar Rose (Ms C E Walters)
NZ Kitaco Jappy Jalapeño (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco Smashed Avacado (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco's Divine Miss T At Eldivino (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco's Valkyrie Warrior (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
QLD Maraschino Barney-Boy (Imp NZ) (MCIG Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
QLD Mexicatl Quillie (F. Snell)
VIC Montollie Bobby Dazzler (Australian Champion) (Ms. Glen Donnan)
VIC Montollie Ice Lily (Monica Scott)
SA Mordosa Dainty Lady (Mrs G Keley)
NZ Mystic Legion Narcissus (Imp Greece) (GR CH, GR JNR CH, CACIB, NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Mystic Legion Prince at MadraChi (Imp Greece) (JCh GR) (Junell Moss)
QLD Pacorro Delta Force Yuki (John Paterson & Bill Horwell)
QLD Pacorro From Koals to Ashes (Dianne Horwell)
VIC Pacorro Nixons on Fire (Australian Champion) (Mrs C Varley)
NZ Payco’s Lady Florence (Belinda Stone)
WA Pelischa Piccolo Principe (CH.) (Mr D Cappello & Mrs E Chandler)
QLD Poochiekoo Deja Vu (Ch) (Melissa Sticklen)
QLD Poochiekoo Long Awaited (Australian Champion) (Amanda Thompson)
QLD Poochiekoo Obi One Kenobi (Aust Champion) (AMANDA Thompson)
QLD Poochiekoo Putting On The Ritz (Australian Champion) (Amanda Thompson)
NSW Rayvale A Million Dreams (Aust Ch) (Miss V Morse)
NSW Rayvale Dare to Dazzle (Aust Grand Ch) (V Morse)
NSW Rayvale Ima One In A Million (Aust Ch) (V Morse & J & E Henville)
NSW Rayvale Million Dollar Baby (Miss V Morse)
VIC Rayvale Naughty Little Thing (NEUT. CH.) (Jennifer Clancey)
VIC Reynosa Calling Tokyo (Aust Ch) (Mrs Allison Rhodes (Reynosa))
WA Salinacruz Let's Go Tokyo (IMP NZL) (H Cusato)
NZ Salinacruz Royal News (Belinda Stone)
VIC Sanrita Ruff N Tuff At Elston (Aust. Ch.) (Sanrita)
VIC Sanrita Written In The Stars (Sanrita)
NSW Sharlea California Chrome (AUST CH.) (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Sharlea Happy Clapper (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Sharlea Rachel Valentina (AUST CH.) (Sharon Jeffries)
QLD Sianjo Mistie Blue (RUBIS/CIS/BIG/RUBIG/MCIG Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
VIC Sparklchi Charlotte Hornets RN (Neut. Ch.) (Jennifer Clancey)
NSW Sparklchi Grand Finale (Australian & Neuter Champion) (E.Scott)
SA Staplech. Proud Mary (Grand Champion) (M Fisher)
SA Staplechi Love And War (Robyn Stapleton & Jenifer Nichols)
SA Staplechi Persephone (Robyn Stapleton & Jenifer Nichols)
NSW Stepkova Zenyatta (AUST CH) (Sharon Jeffries)
QLD Tarquila If I Can Dream (Jennifer McKell)
QLD Tarquila Never Stop The Rhythm (Jennifer McKell)
QLD Tarquila Rocket Man (Kim Shelton)
QLD Tarquila Singing The Blues (CISS MCIG Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
QLD Tarquila Wolf Whistle (Ann Parker)
VIC Tonichi The Last Samurai (Aust) (E M Crabb)
VIC Tonichi Tokyo Rose (E M Crabb)
VIC Tonichi Yanaka Ginza (E M Crabb)
QLD Triangel Joy Un Sorriso (Imp EST) - BISS (A & CIB.EE.CH. EE. JR CH. FIN. CH. LTU. CH. LTU JR CH. LUX . JR CH LVA. CH. LVA.) (Mrs Jennifer Watt)
NZ Tullana Summer Star (NZ CH:) (Kathy Morton & Mr A J Gibson)
WA Valenchino Troublemaker (IMP UK) (Aust Ch) (Mrs V McKelvie)
WA Vittorioso Brutus Maximus (Mr D Cappello)
SA Voncronan Toil N Trouble (Aust. Ch) (Kylie Sunman)
QLD Wachowa 00 Seven (Australian Champion) (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
QLD Wachowa Angelica Pickles (BISS RUBISS Australian GRAND Champion) (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
QLD Wachowa Ella Fitzgerald (Aust Ch) (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
QLD Wachowa Emily Jane (Australian Champion) (Mrs Jennifer Watt)
QLD Wachowa Sorriso Felica (Mrs Jennifer Watt)
QLD Wachowa Sorriso Sonny (Mrs Jennifer Watt)

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