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Vidlynn Quarter Pint (Imp NZ)
(A Mckinnon & C Ribarits)

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QLD Adadach Buttons N Bows (Gr. Ch) (BK and YJ Shaw)
NSW Austbritz Bonnies Opal (Ch) (R M Lehmann & R Easton)
NSW Austbritz Negasonic Flame (R Lehmann & R Easton)
NSW Austbritz Tekahasonof Junior (Judith Phillips)
NSW Beedashie Brown Eyed Girl (Miss K Smith)
ACT Briala Bourne Supremacy (GRAND CH) (LK Stevens)
VIC Caradee Bewitching In Black (Ch) (Caradee Kennels)
NSW Chipal Goldeneye (A/Ch) (Annette Mckinnon and Cherie Ribarits)
QLD Chipal The Summer Breeze (Aust Ch) (L Dorr/J Meharry)
ACT Dachchimac Fast N Furious (SUPREME CH) (Linda Stevens)
NSW Dachchimac Mighty Hercules (Aust Ch) (A I & P M McMaster)
SA Dachchimac Real Son Of Zeus JE. (Ch) (M Enright & Mr A & Mrs P McMaster)
NSW Dachchimac Stella Blue (Aust Ch) (J Gledhill)
NSW Dacville Kiwi Temtation (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Laraine Wasson)
NSW Dacville Leads Th’Way (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Laraine Wasson)
NSW Fluermack Divine Force (Aust Ch) (A Mckinnon & C Ribarits)
NSW Fluermack Golden Boy (AI) (A Mckinnon & C Ribarits)
NSW Fluermack Golden Glow (Anette Mckinnon & Cherie Ribarits)
NSW Fluermack Jett Black (Annette Mckinnon and Cherie Ribarits)
NSW Fluermack Regal Illusion (Annette Mckinnon & Cherie Ribarits)
VIC Gegreny Chewy Mint (Aust Ch) (Mr Tony Maddern)
NSW Jackndach Miss Money Penny (P & A Jones)
NZ Janarki Page Major Wolfe At LaEchelon (Nz Ch) (Donna Scragg)
QLD Kajmytt Cheeky Chinta (Aust. Champion) (C Farley)
NSW Kajmytt Classic Hunter (Ch.) (Mrs K L Glanford)
QLD Kajmytt Miss Rahni (Aust Ch) (Cheryl Farley)
NSW Kimscott Black Hunter (Mrs K Nilsen)
QLD Kimscott Blak Majik (Aust. Ch) (C Farley)
NSW Kimscott Magic Rubee (Aust Ch   ) (K L Glanford)
NT Kinchville Anarsel (IMP RUS) (Megan Enright)
NSW LaEchelon Artist's Palette (Imp. NZ) (Australian Champion) (K L Glanford)
NSW Laechelon Justa Touch Of Kiwi (IMP-NZ) (Karen Glanford)
NSW LaEchelon Silva Dapple Kiwi (imp NZL) (Cherie Ribarits)
NZ LaEchelon What I Call Sexy Lex (Nz Ch) (Ms D Scragg)
NSW Lemaison Aussie Temptation (Aust Ch) (Laraine Wasson)
NSW Lemaison Gold Image (Laraine Wasson)
NSW Lemaison Luv N Desire (Laraine Wasson)
NSW Lemaison Red Clouds At Lou Lou (Taj Jones)
NSW Lemaison Shaded Lady Rose (Aust Ch) (Laraine Wasson)
VIC Maharlikah Dreamin To Succeed (Edgardo P. Sison)
VIC Maharlikah Fear Me Not (Aus Ch,Int Ch,SEA Ch,APAC Ch, Ph Gr Ch) (Edgar Sison)
QLD Maharlikah Tru Succesor (Aust Ch.) (BK & YJ Shaw)
NSW Maralya Blue Illusion (Mrs K L Glanford)
NSW Maralya Chocolat Eclare (Karen Glanford)
NSW Maralya Rave On Buddy (CH) (Karen Smith)
NZ Maxred Ginger Kisses (Elaine J Ingram)
NZ Maxred Prince Siegfried (NZ CH) (Elaine J Ingram)
NZ Maxred Queenbee (NZ Ch) (Elaine J Ingram)
NZ Maxred Secret Addiction (NZ CH) (Elaine J Ingram)
NZ Maxred Sweet-Addiction (NZ Ch) (Elaine J Ingram)
NSW Midaka Jersey Girl (Aust. CH.) (Mrs K L Glanford)
NSW Midaka Little Lord Silver (Mrs K L Glanford)
QLD Midaka Mischief Maker (Mrs K L Glanford)
NSW Midaka Mouse All Mighty (K L Glanford)
NSW Midaka Rags Of Silver (Mrs K L Glanford)
NSW Midaka Where is Wally (Aust. CH.) (Miss J C Gledhill)
NSW Midaka Zipadee Doodah (Aust Ch) (Jemma Gledhill)
NSW Nicholyev You Lil Bewdy (S Kelly & J Bower)
NSW Rhone Starwars Chewbacca (Mrs R Privett)
NSW Saradach Daddiesgirl (Jan Gardiner)
NSW Saradach Sugarand spice (Ch) (Jan Gardiner)
VIC Sarsica Royal Imagination (CH) (V Pettigrove)
VIC Schlau Royal Tiara (ai) (Ch) (V Pettigrove)
NSW Selkris Amber Jade (L & K Brown)
ACT Selkris Dakota Knight (Supreme Champion) (Linda Stevens)
NSW Selkris Midsomer Magic (L & K Brown)
VIC Spieldack Den Vilda (Aust Ch) (Tony Maddern)
SA Spieldack I Need A Dollar (Megan Enright)
NSW Spieldack Walk This Way (Export Czech Republic) (Ch) (Eva Harper & Megan Enright)
QLD Splendak First Chapter (Gr Ch.) (BK & YJ Shaw)
QLD Tarlou Electric Dreams (Taj Jones)
NSW Trutori Phoenixx Magic (Ruby)
NSW Vidlynn Quarter Pint (Imp NZ) (A Mckinnon & C Ribarits)
NSW Westpriors Jungle Drums (Laraine Wasson)
NSW Westpriors On The Wild Side (Ch) (Mrs A Bugges & Ms M Bugges)
VIC Westpriors Winds of Time (Aust Ch) (W Watts)
NSW Xildas Anzac Alliance (Ch) (Judy Phillips)
NSW Xildas Kokoda kid (Ch) (Judy phillips)
SA Zyzeal Charge of Taurus (Ch) (Megan Enright)
VIC Zyzeal Lootah Baron (Aust Ch) (Hesketh / McMaster)
NSW Zyzeal Miss Marble (Aust CH) (P & A Jones, A & P McMaster, L & C Moore)
NSW Zyzeal Wrathofhades (Aust Ch) (McMaster/Moore)
NSW Zyzemup Spuderoony (Kerry M Beckhaus)
NSW Zyzemup Tiny Takkar (Kerry M Beckhaus)

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