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Whytewood Jacks Juliette (AI) ET
(Alisha Van Vliet)

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VIC Edelevlek Duke of Verona (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek First Lady of Hope ET RN CA (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek Gypsy Warrior ET JC (Ellenah Anders)
VIC Edelevlek La Princesa Grace RN CA (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek Ministry of Mystery (AI) (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek Past Present Future RN JC (Aust Ch) (Miss Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek Soul and Spirit (AI) (Ellenah Anders)
VIC Edelevlek Tried N Terrific (Alisha Van Vliet)
TAS Edinglen Foolish Games (Aust Ch) (Alison Tabrett)
NSW Emerly Deja vu (Aust Ch) (Patrick Chadwick and Lilian Blair)
NSW Emerlyn Tommy Hilfiger (Aust Ch) (Patrick Chadwick and Lilian Blair)
QLD Firebrook Ebony At Lotzadotz (Mrs T Bale)
QLD Firebrook Khaleesi (Mr R & Mrs S Hessling)
ACT Gemcourt Anadot Regal ET TT (Ch & Neut Ch) (Patricia Williams & Rebecca Woiwade)
ACT Gemcourt Luv Lust N Lies (Aust Ch) (Baker / Hurst / Woiwade)
TAS Gemcourt Majorjack Atadstaff (AI) (BIS RUBISS MBIG Aust Supreme Ch.) (Mr Adam C Booth)
SA Gemcourt Shezabymbo (Ch) (A & J Janonis)
TAS Gemcourt Yellow Brick Road (MBIG Aust. Ch.) (Michelle A. Booth)
NSW Gentry Justa Rockstar (Ch) (Anne-Marie Godyn)
VIC Grandalton Pussy Galore (AI) (Caroche Kennels)
VIC Harpersrd Pamz Dream (Ch) (Jendally Kennels)
VIC Heavenscandy My Sassy Vixen (Casey O'Callaghan)
NSW Hillofsilver Quantum of Solace (Ch) (Tabrett/Smith/Luttrell)
NSW Hillosilver Paparazzi (BIS/BISS Aust Supreme CH) (Rob & Deborah Harbin)
QLD Huebrook Liquid Amber (Ch) (T Bale)
SA Ibadan Crowned Prince Of Crime (Ch) (A & J Janonis, L Edmonds)
SA Ibadan Game Changer (Aust Ch) (A&J Janonis)
SA Ibadan Harley Quinn (A & J Janonis, L Edmonds)
SA Ibadan It Aint Personal (Ch) (A & J Janonis, L Edmonds)
ACT Icspots Gotta Catch Em All (Sacha Morrissey)
ACT Icspots In The Sky At Night (Ch) (K Britten & M Morrissey)
ACT Icspots run to paradise (Aust Ch) (K/M Britten/Morrissey)
ACT Icspots Son ofa Gigolo (Ch) (K Britten & M Morrissey)
ACT Icspots Under My Umbrella (Ch) (Rachel Morrissey)
SA Instride Awsum Speed (Aust Ch.) (K Harvey & K Ricketts)
SA Instride Bollinger Please (Aust. Ch.) (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Dont Tell Devil (Multi BIS RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Fast In My Ferrari (AUST. CH.) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride First Past the Post (Kerryn Harvey)
VIC Instride French Connexun (R W & J A Harrison)
SA Instride French Revolutn (Aust Ch) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Haute Couture (Aust Ch) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Im A Rock Star (AUST. CH.) (Kerryn Harvey & Kyra Ricketts)
SA Instride Im Addicted to Love (AUST.CH.) (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Is There Life On Mars (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Legend Has It (Aust Ch) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Piper Heidsiek (Aust.Ch.) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride The Hot Favourite (AUST.CH.) (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride The Prettiest Star (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Thunda Nlitenin (Multi BIS & RUBIS BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Thunda Struck (BIS RUBIS Multi RUBISS Aust. Grand Ch.) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Wish Upon A Star (AUST.CH.) (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Xceptional (AI) (AUST.CH.) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
VIC Jaidee Princess Pirate RA ET WPD (M. Kiel and J. Lodington)
VIC Jalorca Britenshine (RUBIS CH) (Jalorca Kennels)
VIC Jalorca Dallas Dubois (Australian Champion) (Jalorca Kennels (Carol Brady))
NSW Jalorca Dangerous Diva CDX. RA. (Aust Ch) (Mrs Karen Landon)
VIC Jalorca Darcy Devereaux (Jalorca Kennels (Carol Brady))
VIC Jalorca Firemans Spekld Shadow (Jalorca Kennels-Carol Brady)
VIC Jalorca Firemans Spekld Squire (Jalorca Kennels-Carol Brady)
VIC Jalorca French Fire Chaser (Aust Champion) (Carol Brady)
VIC Jalorca La Copa De La Vida (Aust Grand Ch) (Carol Brady)
VIC Jalorca La Nina La Copa (Jalorca Kennels (Carol Brady))
VIC Jalorca La Vida Loca Reina ET (Ch) (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Jalorca Mademoiselle Moonbeam (Nicole Smith)
VIC Jalorca Moonlite Messr ET (Aust & Neuter Ch) (Nicole Smith)
VIC Jalorca Moonlite Messr ET (CH, NEUT CH) (Jalorca Kennels & Nicole Smith)
VIC Jalorca Takin Care Of Business (RUBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Jalorca Kennels)
SA Jazzanda Lethal Weapon (Aust. CH) (Sheree John)
SA Jazzanda Made In Heaven (Aust Ch) (Sheree John)
SA Jazzanda Out In Spots (Aust. Ch) (Sheree John)
VIC Jendally Age of Aquarius (Aust Ch) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC Jendally Extra Special ET (A) (Z) (Aust Ch) (Jendally Kennels)
VIC Jendally Impossible Princess (RUBIS AUST Ch / Neuter Ch) (Jenny Delmenico)
VIC Jendally Jewel In The Crown ET (A) (Z) (Imp NZ) (RUBIS Aust & NZ Ch) (Jendally Kennels)
VIC Jendally King Of Wolfcubs ( Exp Germany ) (A) (Z) (Aust Ch) (Jendally Kennels)
VIC Jendally Luv In The Mist (CH) (Mr & Mrs G Wombwell)
VIC Jendally Magic Mist ET (Aust Ch & Neuter Ch) (Jendally Kennels)
VIC Jendally Never Say Never (MRUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Jendally Kennels)
VIC Jendally Paris In Spring (Australian Champion) (Jendally Kennels)
VIC Jendally Perfect Princess T.D (Jenny Delmenico)
VIC Jendally Return Of The King (Aust Ch) (Jenny Delmenico, Jendally Kennels)
VIC Jendally Shakespeare In Love ET TDX TSD (Aust Ch) (Jenny Delmenico)
VIC Jendally Stars N Stripes (BIS RUBIS AUST SUPREME CH) (Jenny & Tara Delmenico)
VIC Jendally The Power Of Love (Australian Champion) (Jendally Kennels)
QLD Jilloc's Xpensive Ticket (imp Swe) (Aust Ch BISS Nordic JW 10) (Fran Darling)
NSW Kamea Just Like Fire (S. Lovett-Laverty)
NSW Kamea Let Em Talk (Aust Ch.) (S. Lovett-Laverty)
NSW Kamea Sheza Hot Attraction (S. Lovett-Laverty)
NSW Kamea Thyme After Time (S Lovett-Laverty)
VIC Kandyspot Kasandrah (BISS.Ch.) (Whytewood Kennels)
VIC Kandyspot Tizz Magic (HeavensCandy Dalmatians)
ACT Kirindal Fancy Free (A/Ch) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
QLD Kirindal Golden Legend (Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand Ch) (Wal & Irene McCrindle)
ACT Kirindal Happy Jester (Australian Champion) (Mrs Jan kirin)
ACT Kirindal Happy Jester (Australian Champion) (Mrs Jan kirin)
ACT Kirindal Just Spot on (Ch) (Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal King Leopard (BIS & MULTI RUBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal King Pin (BIS.RUBIS, RU BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal King's Gift (Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand CH) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal Klassique (Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand CH) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal Leopard Magic (Mrs Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal Leopard's Moon (Multi RUBIS A/Grand Champion) (Jan Kirin)
NSW Kirindal Living Legend (A/Ch) (Jane & Greg Pringle)
NSW Kirindal Magical Gift (A/Grand Ch) (A & H Treen)
ACT Kirindal Sumthin Special (A/Grand CH) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
NZ Kissed ZeDevil of Kalesha (BIS/RIS CH.) (Carla Walsh & Suzanne McKandry)
NSW Krystaway All That Glitters (Aust Ch) (Emma Allen Baker)
NSW Krystaway Bling It On (Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Dot Com (BISS RUBIS/RUBISS Aust Gr Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Glitterati (BIS BISS AUS SUPREME Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Glitz N Glamour (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Gloria Glamour (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Hit Me With Ur Best Spot (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Imagine Dragons (Ch) (R & D Harbin2100474567)
WA Krystaway Instafamous (Aust Ch) (T Palmer)
WA Krystaway InstaFamous (Aust Ch) (R & D Harbin & T Palmer)
NSW Krystaway Knock Your Spots Off (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Lets Take A Selfie (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Make Me Yr Toyboy (AUST CH) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Moet Chandon (BISS Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Nikita La Femme (BIS RUBIS Aust GR CH) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Polka Dot Bikini JC (BIS BISS SUP CH) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Remote Access (Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Screen Shot (BIS Aust Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Show Bling (CH) (Rob & Deborah Harbin)
VIC Krystaway Splash Of Class (A S Gallo & R D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Weekend Hustler (BIS BISS Aus Supreme Ch) (R & D Harbin)
VIC Krystaway Wicked in Silk (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC Lendalbas Black Pharamir ET (Aust Ch) (S & A Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Black River (Aust Ch    ) (S & A Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Black Serenity (Ch) (A Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Blk Ur My Mackenzie (Ch   & Neut Ch ) (A Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Gold Tygalily (Anne Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Goldn White Tyga (Ch) (A Lenne)
QLD Likadyce Secret Rebel Rose (Mrs E. Pickles)
QLD Liteflite Betty Blue (David Staines)
QLD Liteflite Buckshot Blue (Aust. CH) (L&D Blumel & D Staines)
QLD Liteflite Just Juno (Brian Taylor & David Staines)
QLD Liteflite Red Rag (Multi BIS/BISS Aust Ch) (David & Marilyn Staines)
QLD Liteflite Texas Tea (Aust Ch) (David Staines)
QLD Lotzadotz Aperfekt Optimist (AI) (Australian Champion) (Toni Bale)
QLD Lotzadotz Aphancy Brand (AI) (Ch) (Mrs TL Bale)
TAS Lotzadotz Dropsov Jupiter (Ch) (Mrs M Bennett)
QLD Lotzadotz Luminous Diva (Mrs T L Bale)
QLD Lotzadotz Phancy That (Aust Ch) (Mrs T Bale)
QLD Lotzadotz Truth About Love (AI) (Ch) (Mrs TL Bale)
ACT Lukius Above Nbeyond (Neuter Ch) (Philippa Hurst)
ACT Lukius Beam Me Up ET FME (Dual Ch (AF)) (Ms R Woiwade)
ACT Lukius Draco Malfoy ET CGC TT (AUST CH) (Rebecca Woiwade)

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