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Ch Mistcroft Meribel
(Mr & Mrs G Wombwell)

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QLD Paceaway Winter in Vegas (Aust Supreme Champion) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Xpensive Liason (Aust. Supreme Ch) (F Darling,)
VIC Paceaway Zaballero (BIS RUBIS RUBISS Aust Sup CH) (Jenni Oconnor)
QLD Paceaway Zazzino (Champion) (C Graham)
QLD Paceaway Ztardust (Fran Darling)
VIC Pampard Pillage N Plunder (Australian Champion) (Mr J, Mrs S & Miss E Marshall)
VIC Promisar Spirit of Spring (Alisha Regan)
TAS Sarasota Act of Valour (Supreme Champion) (Alison Tabrett)
NSW Sprintaway Chief Cheroke (BISS, BIS SUP CH) (Dr M & Mrs L Donald)
NSW Sprintaway Rimfire Red (Ch) (Dr M& Mrs L Donald)
NSW Sprintaway Saint or Sinner (Dr M & Mrs LDonald)
NSW Sprintaway Secretariat (Dr M & Mrs L Donald)
NSW Sprintaway Shakiera (Aust Ch, Multiple RUBISS, BIS) (Dr M & Mrs L Donald)
NSW Sprintaway Victoria's Secret (Dr M & Mrs LDonald)
NSW Starswept Black Onyx (Michelle Bower)
ACT Starswept Siri (Ch) (Ms K Britten and Mr M Morrissey)
NSW Starswept Siriusly On Fire (Aust Ch) (Michelle Bower)
VIC Telde First Special Envoy(AI) (Dimadal Knls)
NSW Thunderspot I see the light (M Obrien)
NSW Thunderspot Right Kindof Wrong (Aust Grand) (Melissa)
NSW Thunderspot take it to the sky (Melissa O’Brien)
NSW Trudals Absolutely Fabulous ET (Aust Ch) (S & B Barr)
NSW Trudals Black Harley ET (Aust Ch) (S & B Barr)
VIC Trudals Dark Shadow (Ch) (Caroche Knls)
VIC Trudals Midnitetrain ToGeorgia (Aust. Champion) (Jenny Clark-Pearman)
VIC Trudals Perdita RN TD ET WWPD WPD (Aust Ch) (M. Kiel and J. Lodington)
WA Underfoot Disco Inferno (Aus Ch) (Tyne Palmer)
VIC Underfoot Secret Kisses (Alisa Renda)
QLD Varewell Crystal Bloom JC CA (BIS BISS Aust Sup Ch) (Dr Julie Beeby)
VIC Whytewood Bronson In Blak (Aust.Ch.) (Whytewood Kennels)
VIC Whytewood James Golden Ellie(AI) (Whytewood Kennels)
VIC Whytewood James Golden Girl(AI) (Whytewood Kennels)
QLD Whytewood Mr.Darcys Ozi Gold(AI) (Ch.) (Michelle Little)
VIC Whytewood Mr.Darcys Ozi Pearl(AI) (Ch.) (Whytewood Kennels)
VIC Whytewood Mr.Darcys Ozi Rose(AI) (Ch.) (Whytewood Kennels)
ACT Whytewood Obi Wan Kenobi (Ch) (Sacha Morrissey)
WA Winterfalls Singin In The Rain (CH) (Michelle Roberts)
VIC Wonderdal All of the Lights (M. Kiel, J. Lodington & K. Clifford)
VIC Wonderdal First and Sassy (M. Kiel, J Lodington & J Economou)
VIC Wonderdal First Avenger RA TD JC (Aust Ch) (M. Kiel and J. Lodington)
QLD Zamashom Box Office Billy (AI) (Ch) (Mrs E Pickles)
QLD Zamashom Red hot Rebel (AI) (Mrs E Pickles)
NZ Zolandia Wat'avidun (Pam Norman)
NZ Zolandia Zenith (Pam Norman)

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