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Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand CH Kirindal Klassique
(Mrs Jan Kirin)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

NSW 10-Jul-2012Krystaway Weekend Hustler (BIS BISS Aus Supreme Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW 11-Jul-2012Hillosilver Paparazzi (BIS/BISS Aust Supreme CH) (Rob & Deborah Harbin)
VIC 30-Jul-2012Jendally Never Say Never (MRUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Jendally Kennels)
QLD 30-Jul-2012Paceaway Nite Fire (BIS Aust Sup Ch) (Fran Darling)
WA 30-Jul-2012Paceaway Kiwi Konexon (IID) (MULTI BIS BISS SUPREME CH) (Tony Mallia & Fran Darling)
NSW 10-Aug-2012Paceaway At Rosemount (Multi BIS/BISS AM CH. ARG GR CH. URU CH. Aust Supreme Ch) (Darling / Vernon / Besoff)
SA 20-Aug-2012Instride Dont Tell Devil (Multi BIS RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
VIC 12-Apr-2013Topspott Firebrand (Multi BISS/Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS/RUBISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Outlook Kennels)
QLD 17-May-2013Paceaway Xtreme Impact (Aust Supreme Ch) (Paul Gough & Tamarin Chandler)
VIC 25-Aug-2014Whytewood Jacks Journey To Oz (AI) (BISS, RUISS, Multi RUBIS, Aust Supreme Ch) (Dimadal Knls)
NSW 28-Aug-2014Krystaway Glitterati (BIS BISS AUS SUPREME Ch) (R & D Harbin)
QLD 10-Dec-2014Varewell White Topaz (Sup Ch) (Dr Julie Beeby)
TAS 28-May-2015Sarasota Act of Valour (Supreme Champion) (Alison Tabrett)
TAS 3-Dec-2015Gemcourt Majorjack Atadstaff (AI) (BIS RUBISS MBIG Aust Supreme Ch.) (Mr Adam C Booth)
TAS 8-May-2017Paceaway Ticket To The Starz (Aust Sup Ch) (Yanina & Katelyn Smith)
QLD 21-Jul-2017Varewell Crystal Bloom ET JC CA (BIS BISS Aust Sup Ch) (Dr Julie Beeby)
VIC 11-Oct-2017Paceaway Zaballero (BIS RUBIS RUBISS Aust Sup CH) (Jenni Oconnor)
SA 11-Jan-2018Paceaway Skys The Limit (SUPREME CH) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
SA 22-Jun-2018Paceaway Coffee Beanz (SUPREME CH) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
VIC 29-Aug-2018CCDals CalvinKlein Iconic Fame RN TDX ET CA WPD (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr A & Mrs S Gallo)
QLD 14-May-2019Paceaway Starz in the Sky (Aust Supreme Ch) (Fran Darling)
NSW 26-Sep-2019Krystaway Polka Dot Bikini JC (BIS BISS SUP CH) (R & D Harbin)

Australian GRAND Champions

ACT 12-Jan-1998Kirindal King's Gift (Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand CH) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
NSW 26-Jun-1998Kirindal Magical Gift (A/Grand Ch) (A & H Treen)
VIC 12-Dec-1998Dimadal Ima Knockout CD ET (Aust Grand Ch) (Jendally Kennels)
ACT 10-Feb-2000Kirindal Klassique (Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand CH) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
QLD 15-May-2001Paceaway Greased Litenin (Multi BIS BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Fran Matthews)
NSW 19-Oct-2002Starswept Mocha Motion (Grand CH) (PJ Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright)
VIC 3-Nov-2002Belnova Sovereign King (GRAND CHAMPION) (Garry & Janis Wombwell)
ACT 17-Feb-2003Kirindal Sumthin Special (A/Grand CH) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
ACT 18-May-2003Kirindal Leopard's Moon (Multi RUBIS A/Grand Champion) (Jan Kirin)
QLD 17-Jun-2003Ozzispot Wicked T Xtreme CDX ET SDX GDX SPDX JDO ADO ADM2 JDM4 (Multi BIS, BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Terry & Sandra Irving)
SA 21-Feb-2004Instride Thunda Nlitenin (Multi BIS & RUBIS BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
QLD 5-Apr-2004Kirindal Golden Legend (Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand Ch) (Wal & Irene McCrindle)
NSW 17-Sep-2005Starswept Balenciaga (GRAND CHAMPION) (Davies/Wright)
ACT 28-Sep-2005Kirindal King Leopard (BIS & MULTI RUBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Jan Kirin)
NSW 5-Nov-2005Starswept Canada Holiday (AI) (GRAND CHAMPION) (PJ Davies & D&J Wright)
NSW 21-Dec-2005Krystaway Dot Com (BISS RUBIS/RUBISS Aust Gr Ch) (R & D Harbin)
SA 16-Apr-2006Instride Thunda Struck (BIS RUBIS Multi RUBISS Aust. Grand Ch.) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
NSW 1-Jul-2007Krystaway Nikita La Femme (BIS RUBIS Aust GR CH) (R & D Harbin)
ACT 10-Oct-2010Kirindal King Pin (BIS.RUBIS, RU BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
WA 10-Jan-2012Paceaway Justa Gold Star (Grand Champion) (Mrs Lee Harris)
ACT 24-Apr-2012Lukius Solar Flare RN ET (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Rebecca Woiwade)
VIC 25-Jun-2017Jalorca La Copa De La Vida (Aust Grand Ch) (Carol Brady)

New Zealand SUPREME Champions

NZ 1-Nov-2017Cristabo Tails By Candlelite (NZ SUP CH.) (C Peck & S McKandry)

New Zealand GRAND Champions

NZ 16-Apr-2013Cristabo Xmas Cracka (BIS/BISS NZ GR CH) (CWalsh (Cristabo))

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