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Anduril Usquabae Barleycorn
(Rob McDougal/Avril Stoffels)

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SA Anduril Culzean Caledonia (Avril Stoffels)
NSW Ardtalamcu Skaga (Mr D & Mrs D Matthews)
VIC Bhealaich Prettyprecosus (Aust Ch) (Aisha Bierman)
VIC Caberfei Caithris (K&E Airens)
QLD Caberfei Cortana (Kit Simmons)
VIC Caberfei Eachtrach Storin (Melissa Kirkham)
VIC Caberfei Eilean Ban Mora JC (Aust Ch.) (K & E Airens)
VIC Caberfei Eilean Ealaidh (Aust Ch.) (K & E Airens)
VIC Caberfei Endar Eishken (Ch) (Cameron Kirkham)
VIC Caberfei Indibhan (Aust Ch.) (K & E Airens)
NSW Eilrig Galena (Aust Grand Champion) (Sandra Waugh)
ACT Eilrig Speed Bonnie Boat (AI) (Ms Melanie Crossley & Miss Aeryn Stehr)
ACT Fyrth Herding Cats (MULTI BIS/BISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Ms Melanie Crossley)
VIC Kahner Lady Annan (Mrs K CURRELL)
VIC Kahner Lord Killiecrankie (Mrs K CURRELL)
VIC Kahner Zena (Mrs K CURRELL)
VIC Lainnir Anyolite (Melissa Kirkham)
NSW Lainnir Kunzite (Aust. Ch) (Sandra Waugh)
VIC Lainnir Serefina (Melissa Kirkham)
NZ Lochbrowan Daione Sidhe (CH) (Dr Jenny Nelson)
VIC Luvadeer A Beautiful Mirrahcle (Aust Ch) (Miss A Bierman)
ACT Necesse’s Dira Domina (IMP SWE) (Ms Melanie Crossley)
NSW Nelungaloo Cullen (Aust Ch) (J M Kernot)
QLD Nelungaloo Damhsealgair ET JC (Aust Ch) (Kit Simmons)
NSW Nelungaloo Tearlach (J M Kernot)
NSW Nelungaloo Uilleam (Aust Ch) (J M Kernot)
NSW Sallytree Puist Dhealain (Australian Champion) (W and E Mathieson and Dee)
NSW Weirskints Roighnach (@ & S Gendle)

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